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  1. xnanx

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    All this hype.. LEGO better have enough ready on-hand on September 14th
  2. stunning technique! you really have that keen artistic eye :)
  3. xnanx

    Comic-Con minifigures

    That's exactly what resellers or people wanting to get a quick buck are meaning to say..
  4. xnanx

    Fake CMF Series

    These are being sold at toy stores located at major malls here in Los Angeles (i.e. West Field) for a few months now. They also have the accompanying sets. If you're not looking closely there's not much difference except for the LEGO logo (replaced with the bootleg logo).
  5. xnanx

    Comic-Con minifigures

    After the "supposed" rigged LEGO raffle tickets fiasco of the Spider-Woman and Spider-Man exclusive minifigs at the San Diego Comic Con last year, any news of any offerings this year? I hope I'm not reviving an old thread.. Read: http://www.fbtb.net/2013/07/29/sdcc-marvel-and-dc-minifigure-giveaways-how-lego-gamed-the-system-part-1/ http://www.fbtb.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=9584
  6. xnanx

    Modular little village house

    it has that nice and clean feel
  7. xnanx

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Merits recognition just for the effort! An awesome build nonetheless!! You can still display it on some event or through your local lug :)
  8. xnanx

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    Not bad. I guess they made the printed proton pack to offset the lack of striped tile on the ghost trap and also the missing pke meter. The fins on Brent Waller's ecto are way cooler though!
  9. Thanks (again) for the piece by piece photos of each parts. Been using them as a guide with 100% success rate! Looking forward for the next thumb numbing touch & feel sorting I have CTS so this helps a lot
  10. dig that vader micro fig..
  11. very nicely done. can't see basil though, what is he? a dog? lol
  12. xnanx

    [MOC] The Tumbler v2

    cool! with matching bat emblem :) (last photo)
  13. xnanx

    What is your latest Licensed purchase?

    been on a hunt lately: batcave, funhouse, bat vs bane, batwing, two-face chase, riddler chase, penguin face off, dark knight tumbler polybags, millenium falcon 7965, all 6 star wars microfighters still on my wishlist: joker steam roller, arkham asylum, man-bat attack
  14. xnanx

    76012 Batmobile V2

  15. xnanx

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    keep it up! can't wait to see the complete batwing :D
  16. xnanx

    review 30300 Batman Tumbler polybag

    Great review. Been looking for this polybag since last week.. Hope to snag a couple of these ahead of the resellers :)
  17. xnanx

    What is your favourite Super Heroes set?

    DC here. ALL Batman sets.
  18. xnanx

    [MOC] the Bat and the Batpod

    awesome job on this. so cool! by any chance, do you have a 66 batmobile moc?
  19. xnanx

    Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO set Discussion

    Will be at Wondercon & San Diego Comic-Con I hope this will be shown (or released). Can't wait for this!