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    My Ghostbuster MINIFIGS

    A few characters i have been working on. I used Brents firehouse building as a background for them just re-textured it and added the ghostbuster symbol, got all the refrences from the new Ghostbuster set thats going to be released also thanks to yellost for helping with the parts for the pack. All textures done from scratch :) Thanks for looking.
  2. MrHush2

    Ghostbuster pack help

    yeah using maya heres my work in progress, unrendered
  3. MrHush2

    Ghostbuster pack help

    thanks for your help i managed to find them by going through all the parts in the end lol just need to texture my character now :)
  4. MrHush2

    Ghostbuster pack help

    Thanks yellost could you tell me the part names please
  5. MrHush2

    Ghostbuster pack help

    hi could anyone tell me what parts make up the ghostbusters back pack please the only ones i dont know are the side ones thats straight with a round bit at the top and the slanted shape one, also what bracket is holding it onto their necks, and the disc on the back thanks
  6. MrHush2

    My First Lego Scene

    my latest character :) EDIT: changed file size
  7. Just made a gingerbreaman minifig so decided to do a quick scene[/urk]
  8. MrHush2

    My First Lego Scene

    hi im new to this site, ive just finished a few characters ive been making and decided to do a quick render to share with everyone, any tips would be appreciated, the only thing i didnt model was the house. all minifigs modeled and textured by myself. Thanks