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    In a feild with the rest of my freinds, timmy, shirley and the rest of the flock
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    First thing first, i hate football with a passion! I hate it sooooo much, infact look at it this way: Think of a time when you have hated somebody really bad. Times that hatred by the biggest number you can think of, and you are still no where near to how much i detest the "sport" that is football. PM me all you like about me hating football so much, but you'll never in a million years change my mind about it. Infact, i have changed the word football to the word crap.<br /><br />Next, from hating, to loving. I absoloutly love cars and motorsport, i have loved them since i was born, my dad introduced me to them, and now, i know more about some of the stuff than him! I could talk about motorsport for ages, but i've only got 50000 to fill this, so i'll spare you.<br /><br />I also like animals and birds. I eat meat, but i support things like RSPCA and RSPB,and i like watching all the birds that come to my big garden. My favorite animal would be....well, i like all big cats, but tigers in particular. Birds, well, i like all of them.<br /><br />Of course, i like lego otherwise i would not be here, my favorite ranges are racers, bionicle, creator, space, and i sort of like star wars...abit....now. I like MOCing, making lego racers, and you can see all of my creations on my brickshelf.<br /><br />In my spare time you'll find me playing with my model cars, playing with my racers, MOCing, playing computer games, playing in my garden, watching motorsport or go-karting<br /><br />I have some very good freinds, brainbox, exo attack, cyclone titan to name afew, thanks guys!


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  1. Sorry, hated to sound rude, but you can't be to careful, geting your hopes up, only to come crashing back down again! Appologies.
  2. Optimax X

    Ferrari 599 GTB 8145

    Well if you look, they are quite small on the actual car
  3. Optimax X

    Another F1 garage

    Well after seeing this set in my shop at home magazine that dropped onto my mat one morning, and my mum dissmissing me from getting it because of the price and size of the set (she is very picky like that) So, after getting inspiration from the picture, my knowlage of racing, and some good pictures from internet, i made my own! As you would have seen, in my previous garage, i used my massive grey base plate, but after starting on my ferrari garage on the giant base plat, i realised i had not got enough bricks. So i changed my plan to 2 traditional green base plates and joined them together in the middle. Also, i did it in the true ferrari colours, red and white, which lego (shame on you!) didn't do. Oh, and before you say anything, the cars are hotwheels not matchbox. I had the comment "use proper lego cars instead of matchbox" I have made a fleet of tiny F1 cars (which you can see in my gallery, and i have made more since then) but none of them resemble ferrari, so i didn't bother with that. Okay, without futher ado, here is the gallery: clicky! I tried to make a HQ on top on the garage, but i did not look right, so i did not bother. Please comment, i would like to improve it and add futher things, but i can't if people don't give me suggestions.
  4. Optimax X

    Brickshelf Find: Wasp

    Bee, wasp, does it really matter? Well i guess it does :-$ I second that Put it nicely why don't you? I actuly like this design, ignenious some parts, but i find the comments about "too much yellow" silly as that is what colour they are suposed to be! ;-)
  5. Optimax X

    Anyone know this guy??

    Oh and he is not going to be freaked out by someone who he has never talked to before and probably does not speak the same language as? Logically speaking, i think it would be best to stop waisting your time because he could be on any site on the net and it could be ages before you find him. Just best to admire his gallery.
  6. Optimax X

    Toyfair 2007 Bionicle Set Images

    How much time did you spend on BZP, i can only last 5 mins on the boards because i get frustrated with alot of people. I'm really looking to the mahri, quite afew new peices, and Hewkii and Jaller are very impressive, i think i am right in saying that they are the most impressive toa up to date.
  7. Optimax X

    "Take off your sandals..."

    I second that, a nice simple MOC, but i am not to keen on the whole text underneath each of your MOCs
  8. That sounds suprisingly fishy to me, no offence but either 1. You are lying 2. The retailer (who could be fake) is lying. What sounds fishy is that you can't name the retailer, and could not name how many peices it would have :-/ I'm not holding up much hope for this peice of "news" (or a late april fools!)
  9. Optimax X

    Karma Payback for Z'Nap?

    Another one? My, why can't these stupid companies come up with THERE OWN ideas instead of ripping off another company?! I used to like K'nex, but after seeing this, i feel quite angry >:-(
  10. Optimax X


    A new welcome to these boards, though i guess you are not that new anymore. :-D This place is getting more and more scary with every SW and city fan, i can see them having a big war!
  11. Optimax X


    Hello and welcome, you certanly picked the best lego forum to come and join. Ahhh! Another city fan? Soon they will be taking over eurobricks! 8-
  12. Optimax X

    Ferrari 599 GTB 8145

    I look forward to your review of this set, as you know i am a very big ferrari fan. I envy you right now. :-D Happy building!
  13. Optimax X

    Joyous Pesakh!

    I have no idea what the lego bricks you are on about. :-D Gather it is some holiday
  14. That is the one. Obiously people don't have a brick in every single colour lego made, so were un-aware about if they were or not proper lego brick colours.
  15. Na, no offence, but that's getting slightly weird and paranoid. If your scared about someone breaking in and nicking it, a good lock, a burgalar alarm and CCTV (all that i have) would work fine. Of course, the mine feild, vicious dog and robot with missile launcher are all optinal extras. :-D