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  1. krtwood

    [MOC] Concrete Mixer Truck

    Looks great! So much more pleasing than TLG's cheesy solution.
  2. krtwood

    Please Help 8043

    Is the motor working? If the motor works, does the alternate function of that motor when the lever is flipped work properly? That would help to isolate where the problem is.
  3. krtwood

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I know I am very late to the party, but I finally gave in and purchased this wonderful set. I just finished building the first stage and I was looking at where the fins attached and thought it was a shame the base of it has to straddle the line between the black and white stripes. Then I thought about cutting up some unused stickers I have that have black parts to cover up that side of the base. Then I got to wondering if perhaps that entire side of the tail might also supposed to be black. Well, from what I can find, I think the fin are actually dark gray. The part, 6239, is available in dark bluish gray. So I'm really curious why they chose to make them white! base of apollo 11 saturn v
  4. krtwood

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I didn't buy 8043 for my nieces and nephews, but being able to hand them the set and remote and let them have at it without having to worry about anything is part of the appeal. Those teens have siblings and adults have kids and family.
  5. krtwood

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Okay, I have backed away from the ledge but my tinfoil hat is still on because that kind of stuff has already happened. The lack of a physical and kid-resistant controller is still a big turn off for me though. I'm not going to freak out and assume that one set is the direction they are going, but necessity is the mother of invention. When you can just throw as many motors at the problem and let the app solve the control issues and the sky is the limit on prices, well you get really cool mocs not Lego sets.
  6. krtwood

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    If I understand correctly, there is no handheld remote in the box? The only way to operate the motors is through an app on a smartphone? Count me out of this system. S-brick and buwizz are one thing as it's an optional thing you can do instead of the normal controls. But a system that depends on an app is a system that Lego can decide to no longer support at any time in the future. When technology has moved on eventually they aren't going to want to have to keep updating the software for the hardware they aren't making any money off of, and then eventually you won't be able to install the old app on your new phone and the whole system is bricked.
  7. 18: 10 9: 6 12: 4 15: 3 2: 2 20: 1
  8. krtwood

    [TC11] HammerAxer

    Love it
  9. 3. Regicide Cat B - PF IR Signature Move: Kingslayer - From the mightiest king to the feeblest peasant, they were all brought low when hit hard in exactly the right spot. Dimensions: 45 x 44 x 35 Regicide uses a horizontal spinner directly driven by four XL motors on two battery boxes in the superstructure. The XL motors are geared up 2:1 before reducing down through the turntables. The spinner is supported at the top and bottom by turntables. The spinner has two loaded battery boxes for extra mass. The entire superstructure can be tilted by being raised at the back by two linear actuators driven by an M motor. This allows it to target specific areas of the other bot and reach within 6L of the ground. The bracing at the back pinches the spine of the superstructure so there is not very much more flex at the top of its range than at the bottom. It uses skid steering with four L motors on another two battery boxes in the center of the base. The two motors on each wheel pass through an adder. Regicide has a bulldozer-like blade on its heavily reinforced front with 8lbs/3.6kg of high speed lego and batteries behind it. Link to discussion topic
  10. krtwood

    [TC11] Son of Aminnich

    There has to be some amount of resistance that will make it stop but it's hard to tell how much force you are using to stop it. I would suggest you try removing the gears from 4 of the motors and try the same test to see if takes less force to stop it. If it doesn't then the clutch is too weak to be making any use of the other 4 motors.
  11. krtwood

    [TC11] Regicide

    Ha ha ha! Yes, this is going to happen. I think I have fully addressed the speed issue and now have the opposite problem of it being so fast that it's hard to control. My only experience with RC technic was 8043 and 42030 which are both slow so the bot didn't really seem slow to me before. Now it is fun to play around with. I have been through a few revisions on the chassis. It's hard to do this backwards and change out the guts from the inside rather than build around them. Moved the two battery boxes in the base into the middle which made room for two sets of two L motors for the drive through adders. There was no room for any gear reduction after the adders. The two BBs in the base are now just for the drive and raising of the superstructure. Which means there are now two more battery boxes hanging off the back of the superstructure to power the spinner. It did not turn well until I switched the front wheels to not having tires. The weight is up to just over 8 lbs / 3.7 kg. The back end of the chassis drags slightly on the ground because the drive wheels are moved forward but it does not impair the performance. I moved the spinner up one stud which allowed closing in of the top side and a much better looking bulldozer style front end. The receivers are no longer sticking up at the back. You can't see the two in the base, they are in the opposite corner. There will be one more in the corner that you can see for raising the superstructure. I tried using the small turntables for the superstructure to pivot on but that relied on pin connections to stay together and I had trouble bracing it so it wouldn't come apart. I ended up going back to the pins. I will get proper pictures once I get in my Bricklink order with the extra receiver I needed, that one black #3 connector I was short on, and the skeleton king :) Otherwise I think it's just about done.
  12. 8043 is the only official set I can think of that uses remote control to switch functions. The gearbox takes up more space than the motors do so if space is the problem you are probably better off just using motors directly.
  13. krtwood

    [TC11] Son of Aminnich

    Nah, smoke em if you got em. I've got 9 motors and 6 battery boxes (4 for power) total. I was able to run 4 XLs for the weapon off one battery box but it likes two better. I wasn't able to run 4 Ls off one battery box for the drive. They were under too much load. You may find if you go up to 4 battery boxes that 2 Ls are not enough for the drive anymore without making it slow.
  14. krtwood

    [TC11] Son of Aminnich

    And here I thought I was going over the top using 4 motors :) How many battery boxes is that taking?
  15. One advantage of a battery box is you can adjust the weight inside of it without changing anything else. Also the bigger the weapon is the greater the chances of actually hitting something. While you might mainly be only pushing the other bot away (and your own bot in the opposite direction) you are at least getting in a hit and hopefully keeping them away and not able to get close enough to hit you too. Plus there is the psychological effect to consider. A big weapon looks like it's going to do damage and our bots are not actually going to fight each other. So it's as much a question of how people are going to imagine what the bot can do as what it can actually do.