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  1. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @ivanlan9, Thanks and no apologies needed Yes in fact these are two sets, there are not enough bricks in one set. My modification has a doubled width, so there are alot bricks needed to widen the bridge. And you also need bricks not included in the set if you'd like to recreate the river and rock foundation of the bridge (and the street across it). if you are interesetd in more detail you can find additional images of the bridge in my bricksafe folder: If you'd like to recreate the bridge, you can find the LDD files for it in my brickshelf folder: BR, Guenther
  2. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    That is unfortunatly very true
  3. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Feuer Zug, thanks! Yes lets see how it will progress in the future. I have som plans in my mind already, but for these I need to make some space for it ...
  4. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Chiaroscuro hopefully now more frequent now ...
  5. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi, wow my last post in this topic was 2019 ... ok so well, I guess an update is necessary. In 2020 and 2021 the layout was mainly used as intended - as playground. But lately I found some time to work on the layout again. This update focuses soley on the light update. I managed to light up a huge portion of the city. But I started to order bricks for further building updates as well. I hope I can complete some of the brick walls seperating the individual layers. I have created a short video which shows the changes: Here are some images of the current state of the layout: I hopeyou enjoyed the update and I am now curious what you think about it. And I also hope I can post updates more regulary in the future. BR, Guenther
  6. Thanks! This is what I was searching for ... I had a quick look and I think this solution is possible to implement for manual activation.
  7. Hi, thanks guys, this will help alot.
  8. Hi, does anybody know if there is a mode to replace the two fake actuators at the back with two real ones (manual articulation) without redesigning the whole thing? I think it should be possible to fit two normal length actuators (plus gears to drive them) in the space availiable which are driven manually. Most of the replacements for those two actuators are also coupled with motorizing this function which needs extensive redesign of the whole dozer. A simple fast attachable manual solution would be also great. Thanks!
  9. tmctiger

    Train ramp?

    Hi @Feng-huang0296, yes the inclines are way too steep for a PF/PU train (even a new one). You absolutely have to stick with one plate per straight track. You maybe can expand this to 2 plates per straight track for very light weight trains, but steeper inclines won't work (except for 12V trains and tracks). You have also take another point into consideration: The transition from flat tracks to inclined tracks. This have to be very subtle and gradual to prevent trains with a huge nose overhang to get stuck (espcially steam locomotives with a pilot). So long story short: to get up 7 to eight bricks in just 5 straight track pieces won't work. Here can you see how I have done it: I have a little over one plate per straight track on the steepest incline in my layout, and this works fine with my trains, although I had to use two motors for my extremely heavy Horizon Express. I also had to adjust the gradual incline during the transition from straight track to inclined track for my Emerald Night. But now it works like a charm for all of my trains. BR, Guenther P.s.: Thanks @Chiaroscuro for mentioning my layout ... [Edit]Added some additional things[/Edit]
  10. tmctiger

    Modular 2.0

    Hi all, this solution seems to bit quite over engineered and uses a lot of bricks. As @peedeejay remarked, why is this system over 2 bricks high? For my town I have invented a SNOT road system which is only one brick + tile high and which is fully modular compatible. It is a combination of the Lego road baseplates and a SNOT road laid on top of the road baseplates. You can find the images with higher resolution in my bricksafe folder. This system works quite well for me. It is still parts-consuming, but far more efficient than the "MultiRoad Roadway System". A clear disadvantage is: it is not compatible with any used standard for exhibitions, but that’s anyway not my intention. I just came up with this system for my stationary layout. BR, Guenther
  11. Actually 1800 points are >10€. You can get 2x 5€ discount, you can use multiple discounts on one order. Anyway I got 3750 points which is worth >20€ ... So at first I do think this this is a very generous gift, for just a damaged inside-box. At second, the VIP points return of investment is the same as before, just the scaling of the points is different (And of course, the ease of use, thats the only negative point I see so far).
  12. Hi Folks, I got mail from Lego regarding my issue with the packaging of the 42100 (see above). The told me, that tey will look into the issue and try to prevent this in the future (and thanked me for the photos). So far so good, but now the real surprise happend: they granted me a whole bunch of VIP points to compensate for my inconvenience! That is really a great service! It was my concern to tell this story in a time where it looks like everybody (at least in germany, due to some events) kicks against Lego. I am not sure if any arbitrary clone brand would react the same in such a case ... BR, Guenther
  13. Why should I, nothing was damaged. Ok the box, but I am quite shure they won't send me an empty replacement box. I agree, requesting replacements when you actually do not need one, is quite a dumb idea and makes the stuff more expansive for all of us - or the worst: they stop the quite relexed replacement part handling ... Anyway, I wrote an email to Lego informing them of the issue. I am curious what they will reply to me.
  14. Hi Folks, today finally my R 9800 arraived, but I was quite surprised as I noticed that my Excavator started excavating already in the box. It seems that Lego is heading towards a packaging problem again (remember the Porsche, another premium set) : At least nothing except the box was damaged. But for a 450€ Set, this is unaccaptable! Imagine the bucket got another oriantation in the box: it would be definitly be bent or worse... BR, Guenther
  15. tmctiger

    Beginnings of my modular city

    Hi Dave, nice to see one starting with his own Lego City / Lego Layout. I am curious how your city will turn out at the end. However, to make a complete train-track turn (with standard LEGO curves, R40) you need at least 88 Studs from one side to the other, this is more than 70cm, and it did not account to the additinoal space you need to prevent trains hitting the wall when running through the curve - so to be save you need to add an additional 4cm on each side. So your table is to small with just only 60cm in depth. I think R24 is a too harsh turn, and I think not all trains can handle such a turn - so I would not consider R24 a way to go. But it would of course fit you space constraints. I recommend to drop the idea with the train and instead focus on a row of modulars with a street in front of them. BR, Guenther