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  1. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Chiaroscuro, I can only strongly encourage you to build a city, this is allot of fun, although also allot of work, but definitely worth it. If you plan to add a train, I'd like to point you to following software with which you can plan your train an road layout: BlueBrick. (if you have questions don't hesitate to ask, there are also some threads regarding this SW here on Eurobricks.) The top 2x2 plate is in fact on the same level as the side walk tiles on a modular building (the side walk tiles at modular buildings are directly on the baseplate). This is exactly the way I did it. I can very easily move the buildings around due to the fact that they are not fixed. They are currently held only by a frame (with is a always a multiple 32x16 studs) in place and are not really connected to the road itself. The only drawback of my solution is, that the street itself is not modular (at least in my layout, perhaps with some clever modification you can also get the streets modular ... but since my layout is planned as a permanent layout I don't really care about this issue.) My roads are in fact exact as wide as the standard Lego ones, so you cant save any space with the driving lanes itself, the only space saving is done due to the fact that the modulars overlap with the road base plates (you can see this in my LDD renderings). Unfortunately you will end up in some dead ends (at least I did) and you have to reconsider some decisions you made along the construction of the layout. But I think this is part of the fun to build and run such a project. In my case, this is already my second layout, the first was such a dead end, and for the current version I have incorporated all lessons learned from the first layout. An I already found some issues in the new layout I'll change if I ever start a third one ... Hi @Vilhelm22, currently I am working on a solution to put the amusement park some where else in the city, I hope I can post some results not too far in the future. So I hope I don't have to sacrifice the cargo terminal since I have some ideas for it by now. BR, Guenther
  2. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Chiaroscuro, first of all many thanks for your kind feedback, and I'm glad that my layout inspired you! Yes you are right, the streets are one (layed) brick thick, the streets rests freely on the studless parts of an original Lego street base plate. The buildings rest on 2 2x2 plates stacked. If you lay a baseplate on the 2 2x2 stacked plates, this evaluates to exactly on brick high. But its rather difficult to describe it by words, so let me show you some pictures how I did it: First of all this is how I secured the Buildings in place: As you can see, laying a baseplate on two plates just evaluates perfectly to the height of one brick. LLD Renderings (if you would like to have the LLD file, just let me know, but since I am currently not at home I can send you file earliest Monday next week). Some real pictures during the construction. I hope this will clarify how I made the streets and will help you to build your own. If you need additional infos don't hesitate to ask me. BR, Guenther
  3. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Chris, yes your guess is quite correct , at least on plan I have in mind will extend the second level on the left side to gain some space for the roller coaster. The second idea is, to build a whole amusementpark on the right side where I previously planned to build a cargo terminal ... BR, Guenther
  4. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Guys, quite some time has passed now since my last layout update, however today I have some news for you. I managed to finalize all roads in the city, especially the right side on the upper level, I also filled the big gap in the rockwall behind the town house, and I created the two tunnel portals in the middle of the layout. Unfortunatly I do not have good pictures, but I have done a video with some comments: The next tasks are, finalizing the rock walls on the left side of the layout and building some surface above the tunnel portals (this should create some space for a park or some smaller buildings) and finding a place for the new roller coaster (Wow what a great and MASSIVE set!), which could become quite "interesting" ... As always, I would like to hear your comments, suggestions and critics about my layout. BR, Guenther
  5. tmctiger

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Hi @LegoMonorailFan, Hi All first af all thanks for your shout-out ! Yes, I also love to see various WIP project, how the project come together, what problems the guys had and how they solved them, etc, etc ... I use Eurobricks mainly for watching others creations (man there are a ton of and they have an overall very good quality), WIP threads and of course asking questions and presenting my own work. On the first page there where some question (and in the middle of the thread), and I try to answer them: Would you like to see more contests? Yes, why not! Although I most certainly will not attend --> I think I am, first of all, not good enough in MOCing, and second, lacking of time... What is your opinion of Tags (those small images on the left <---)? I do not have a real optinion about them, they are just here form me. I have a question though: How can on gather such a tag? Perhaps they the have mor meaning for me?! Do you use, if ever, Eurobricks reference materials (ie. lists of Reviews, lists of MOCS, lists of Forums)? sure, e.g. the town index , the and the town layout index. The list of all Sets built in LDD/LDRAW ... Have you participated in games on Eurobricks (ie. Role-Playing, Mafia, etc.)? no Do you use/visit the Eurobricks Facebook page? Eurobricks on Flickr? etc. no regarding Facebook no regarding Flickr Do you post MOCs online? What hosting platform do you prefer to use? Yes some time ago I hosted my Images on, since the hompage is quite outdated and akward to use I host my Images nowadays on Do you prefer broadly defined threads or multiple specialized threads? definitly specialiced threads I don not like threads where different Sets/MOCs are discussed only due to the fact that they are released in the same year or have the same general theme. I vote for a thread per Set/MOC What is the first page you visit when opening Eurobricks on your browser? LEGO Town LEGO Train Tech What do you believe Eurobricks has too much of? nothing What do you believe Eurobricks does not have enough of? How would you like to see this addressed? also nothing ... although perhaps more WIP threads, but this can only be addressed by the users not by Eurobricks What do you value the most about Eurobricks? the global community What do you value the least? Lego Friends Theme What value would you find in a Eurobricks YouTube channel? What kind of content would you like to see on one? I think there are already alot of very good lego channels out there, I don't think Eurobricks should enter this field. It should concentrate on the forum and improve it... If we place more attention to our Twitter / Facebook, would you value these as a news source? Would you use them more or less than our front page? no, I do not use FB nor Twitter and I will not start to use them. I hope answering these questions will help to improve Eurobricks! BR, tmctiger P.s.: I plan a small WIP update soon ...
  6. tmctiger

    Kingston - my own Lego City

    Hi Kyp, wow very impressive city layout! So much great details! Keep up the good work! BR
  7. tmctiger

    [MOC] Bricklyn (Huskvarna 2018 edition)

    Wow, very nice Layout! I like it! And so much detail in it ...
  8. Hi @sed6, thats the best version so far! I am surprised how much play value you packed in such a small layout - incredible work! BR
  9. tmctiger

    How to make a fun/interesting railway?

    Hi @sort1796, thanks! Yes inclinations are possible, even with PF-trains; you just have to obey two rules: 1. never make the inclination steeper then one plate per track element and avoid curves (I know, I know, I didn't obey the one with curves ), and 2. try to do a soft smooth transition from the even track part to the inclination part. For heavy trains (like the full blown Horizon Express) you might need two (in my case) or even more motors. But as you can see on my various videos, it just works fine, even with the Emerald night, which is not quite "inclination friendly" ... BTW: all trains, except the Horizon Express (because it is so heavy) and the Maersk (because I simply can ), are single motorized. BR.
  10. tmctiger

    How to make a fun/interesting railway?

    Hi, on my multi layer layout I have focused on running lots of trains simultainiously on independet loops and of course on shunting. So I have four independet loops, one (the main loop) is actually a single track with two terminal loops on each end of the track. The other three loops are more the conventional ones (two standard oval ones, and one triangle shaped one) and are connected to the main line. I also have five sidings for shunting action. Here are some BlueBrick track layout plans of my layout: Level 1 (the red track part is the inclination from level 1 to 2): Level 2 (the red track part is the inclination from level 1 to 2): You can find alot more images/photos (and in better resolutions) of my layout in my bricksafe folder (and im my brickshelf folder). And last but not least a WIP video: For me the layout has a lot of play value, and once the main part of the layout is finished, I already have plans to add a cargo terminal for even mor shunting action: But the main point here is, we can only show you what we or in this case I find funny and interesting. This necessarly might not be the case for you. BR
  11. tmctiger

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi @Alban Nanty, I'll also join with a big thank you here. I have used BlueBrick heavily in planning my layout and it would have been alot more difficult without your great software. Since my Layout is "finished", I don't use BlueBrick this often anymore, but I always recommend the software to starters in layouting a Lego-Railway-Layout. So Thank you and keep up the good work! BR
  12. Hi @sed6, very nice little technical layout! I guess it is alot of fun to play with it and shunt some trains on it ... I see you have also modified the switches. I also did this for my layout, but only with the twist to preserve the standard track connections points: some images. I do not understand, why Lego wasn't doing this in the first place, the switches are way more versatile this way and building compact layouts is also easier. BR
  13. tmctiger


    Hi Guys, I am active here on Eurobricks quite some time, but I just not realized that there is such a cool introduction thread targeting the train addicts here . Now I have found it, I'd like to introduced me here also. I was always addicetd somehow to trains. As far as I can remember, my first Legoset I got when I was a child, was this great train set: 7720 After that, I got some additional train set, but unfortunatly never a 12V set. This may have resulted in the fact that I had quite a big H0 Model railway. After my dark ages I started with Technic, Star Wars and the Modular buildings. And it was quite obivious, I needed some City for the Modulars to display them. And you know, a real Lego City needs a train, point! So it dind't take long to come up with my first Layout. But this layout was just a poor try and I wanted a more sofisticated and eleborated one. So I teared the whole thing down and startet in a new room from scratch. At the time writing this post, the layout is in a WIP state and quite far from being finished (is such a thing ever finished? ). But it is fun every day I find the time to work on it. I also have a thread here on Eurobricks, where I let you know the status of the Layout and on what I am currently working: Linkt to the Thread. I'd like to also show you some Pictures and a Video directly here in this thread (you can find way more pictures of the layout in my bricksafe folder and some additional videos in my youtube channel): If youre interesetd in some detailed informations on the layout, please look into my thread about it. Please also feel free to leave comment there. BR, Guenther
  14. tmctiger

    What tracks should I use - grey or blue?

    Hi Bart, it mainly dependends on where you want to go with your layout. If you'd like to reasamble a nostalgic layout, then go with the blue ones or the gray ones (I prefer the gray ones). If you'd like to build a more realistic layout stick to the 9V metal rails, since they best reasamble a real track. But keep in mind that the points/switches of the 9V area need alot more space and 75cm x 120cm will not be enough to build a interesting layout. Therefore the old 12V gray area is maybe a better choice. For my layout, I used the new PF tracks with modified switches: BR, Guenther
  15. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @LegoMonorailFan, thanks for your kind words! Especially Interesting for you : I have started experimenting with my Tram-Monorail conversion I presented earlier. To be precise, with the track layout. Currently I still have some issues to solve, but I am confident to have some material to show off in the next major WIP update. BR, Guenther