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  1. Hi @sed6, thats the best version so far! I am surprised how much play value you packed in such a small layout - incredible work! BR
  2. How to make a fun/interesting railway?

    Hi @sort1796, thanks! Yes inclinations are possible, even with PF-trains; you just have to obey two rules: 1. never make the inclination steeper then one plate per track element and avoid curves (I know, I know, I didn't obey the one with curves ), and 2. try to do a soft smooth transition from the even track part to the inclination part. For heavy trains (like the full blown Horizon Express) you might need two (in my case) or even more motors. But as you can see on my various videos, it just works fine, even with the Emerald night, which is not quite "inclination friendly" ... BTW: all trains, except the Horizon Express (because it is so heavy) and the Maersk (because I simply can ), are single motorized. BR.
  3. How to make a fun/interesting railway?

    Hi, on my multi layer layout I have focused on running lots of trains simultainiously on independet loops and of course on shunting. So I have four independet loops, one (the main loop) is actually a single track with two terminal loops on each end of the track. The other three loops are more the conventional ones (two standard oval ones, and one triangle shaped one) and are connected to the main line. I also have five sidings for shunting action. Here are some BlueBrick track layout plans of my layout: Level 1 (the red track part is the inclination from level 1 to 2): Level 2 (the red track part is the inclination from level 1 to 2): You can find alot more images/photos (and in better resolutions) of my layout in my bricksafe folder (and im my brickshelf folder). And last but not least a WIP video: For me the layout has a lot of play value, and once the main part of the layout is finished, I already have plans to add a cargo terminal for even mor shunting action: But the main point here is, we can only show you what we or in this case I find funny and interesting. This necessarly might not be the case for you. BR
  4. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi @Alban Nanty, I'll also join with a big thank you here. I have used BlueBrick heavily in planning my layout and it would have been alot more difficult without your great software. Since my Layout is "finished", I don't use BlueBrick this often anymore, but I always recommend the software to starters in layouting a Lego-Railway-Layout. So Thank you and keep up the good work! BR
  5. Hi @sed6, very nice little technical layout! I guess it is alot of fun to play with it and shunt some trains on it ... I see you have also modified the switches. I also did this for my layout, but only with the twist to preserve the standard track connections points: some images. I do not understand, why Lego wasn't doing this in the first place, the switches are way more versatile this way and building compact layouts is also easier. BR

    Hi Guys, I am active here on Eurobricks quite some time, but I just not realized that there is such a cool introduction thread targeting the train addicts here . Now I have found it, I'd like to introduced me here also. I was always addicetd somehow to trains. As far as I can remember, my first Legoset I got when I was a child, was this great train set: 7720 After that, I got some additional train set, but unfortunatly never a 12V set. This may have resulted in the fact that I had quite a big H0 Model railway. After my dark ages I started with Technic, Star Wars and the Modular buildings. And it was quite obivious, I needed some City for the Modulars to display them. And you know, a real Lego City needs a train, point! So it dind't take long to come up with my first Layout. But this layout was just a poor try and I wanted a more sofisticated and eleborated one. So I teared the whole thing down and startet in a new room from scratch. At the time writing this post, the layout is in a WIP state and quite far from being finished (is such a thing ever finished? ). But it is fun every day I find the time to work on it. I also have a thread here on Eurobricks, where I let you know the status of the Layout and on what I am currently working: Linkt to the Thread. I'd like to also show you some Pictures and a Video directly here in this thread (you can find way more pictures of the layout in my bricksafe folder and some additional videos in my youtube channel): If youre interesetd in some detailed informations on the layout, please look into my thread about it. Please also feel free to leave comment there. BR, Guenther
  7. What tracks should I use - grey or blue?

    Hi Bart, it mainly dependends on where you want to go with your layout. If you'd like to reasamble a nostalgic layout, then go with the blue ones or the gray ones (I prefer the gray ones). If you'd like to build a more realistic layout stick to the 9V metal rails, since they best reasamble a real track. But keep in mind that the points/switches of the 9V area need alot more space and 75cm x 120cm will not be enough to build a interesting layout. Therefore the old 12V gray area is maybe a better choice. For my layout, I used the new PF tracks with modified switches: BR, Guenther
  8. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @LegoMonorailFan, thanks for your kind words! Especially Interesting for you : I have started experimenting with my Tram-Monorail conversion I presented earlier. To be precise, with the track layout. Currently I still have some issues to solve, but I am confident to have some material to show off in the next major WIP update. BR, Guenther
  9. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Guys, I am back with a small update on my WIP Layout. I have done some minor changes and one major change. The first minor change is the shortened road to the small pond. It looked quite odd when the road directly ends only 3 studs beside the water. I reduced the length of the street about 16 studs and fitted a small park/forrest area in the free spot so that the road did not end as close to the water as before: The second minor change is related to the Model Town House 4954: as I showed earlier, I have moved the garage directly inside the house and therefore I had to shift some windows, which resulted in a misalignment btween the windows in the roof and the windows in the first floor. This is now corrected, I moved the windows in the roof also two studs to the left: The third minor change, was the placement of the Ninjago City: The area in front of the Ninjago City is reserved to the Old Fishing Store. The whole left area in this corner will become a water area and both, the Ninjago City and the Old Fishing Store, will be surrounded by water more or less. The fourth minor change was the temporal placement of the Haunted House. It will stay at this spot more or less, but I am not sure about the exact alignment. I have also improved the stone wall with fence and entrance door, so that it now looks more weathered then before and it is now integrated in the building itself: The main change to my previous update however was the creation of a small modern city train station with three platforms. This station will be the smaller one of two stations I planned for the layout (the main station will be placed on the lower level). As you can see, the station is quite strongly architectural linked to two train station released by Lego some time ago: "Train Station" 7937 "Train Station" 60050 A major issue, when building the station, were the switches in the station area. I had to narrow the platform there, to make it possible for trains who need a extremely wide clearance to travel to all switch directions. Last but not least, I have also created a new update video, where I explain the layout in detail, give some insights in my MOCs and MODs, show you some trains moving along the layout and at last I'll give you some outlook what I have planned for the layout in the future. Therefore the video is rather long: If you would like to see the images shown in their original resolution, follow this link to my Bricksafe-Folder: click me. As always, I would like to hear your comments, suggestions and critics about my layout. BR, Guenther
  10. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @ElectroDiva, I am glad that you like my layout. Tanks for your kind words. It is indeed fun to figure out how to place and do stuff with limited space available, though sometimes quite time consuming ... BR, Guenther
  11. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @bricksnator, I am very glad that you like the conversion of the tram. The conversion though, was quite simple. It took me just an evening to figure it out. For me it nearly seemed that the designer had such a conversion in mind ... I can strongly encourage you to do your own conversion - it is really fun, but a monorail with overhang below the tracks unfortunately wont work. The reason are the start/stop rails and the points. BR, Guenther
  12. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @patje, thanks for your kind feedback! It is nice to hear that you like my layout. Yes you are right, you'll always find great things built (not only layouts) with Lego. I think this is the magic behind Lego. BR, Guenther
  13. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Christian, thanks for your kind feedback! It is nice to hear that you like my layout. Yes the dead end is indeed an issue, and was also addressed already in a German speaking forum. But I already have a solution: the road will get shortened of about 8 to 10 studs and replaced by some green and a wider pavement. The road itself becomes a precinct more or less like the one I did beside the town hall. Perhaps with some small green lane separation. Unfortunately there is no space for a turning area. I consider the water leaves the pond in a hidden cave behind the waterfall. So the drainage of the pond is invisible without scuba diving ... BR, G√ľnther
  14. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Brickviller V2, thanks for your nice feedback! I hope the Minifigs are happy, I try my best that they are ... Hi @M_slug357, thank you too for your nice feedback! I am now curious on your home layout. Do you like to share it (or did you have it shared already and I missed it?!). I always like watching others layouts, you can find new and interesting things every time on every layout. Hi @Man with a hat, thank you too for your nice feedback! The most important thing to consider prior starting a layout is: do I have enough space. This question nearly killed my layout project, but fortunately with some furniture shifting around the house I found a place. I hope you can start your layout soon and of course I am looking forward to see pictures of it ... BR, Guenther
  15. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Guys, I am back with an update on my WIP-Layout. I have now managed to build the previously shown digital LDD waterfall and added it to my layout. the layout currently looks like follows: The landscape around the pond in detail: You can see that I have fitted a slightly modified "5766 Log Cabin" and a "31048 Lakeside Lodge" beside the pond. The 31048 though was more unintentional, I though it fits well there. Beside the pond I have removed the GB HG and replaced it with a way better fitting modified "4954 Model Town House". The GB HQ was anyway to tall to be placed in on a lower level and so close to the viewer. It would have obstructed to much of the scene on trhe third level when it stayed in this position. I have also made some changes to the street-tunnel-portal: the gap between "10251 Brick Bank" and the tunnel on the right side is now closed, and I have also covered the plywood plate from the third level. I have also started closing the gap behind the town house, but ran out of bricks unfortunately ... so time for the next brick link order ... I have also some impressions of the layout changes from the minifig view and also a video: Please feel free to leave some comments on what you think about it so far. BR, Guenther