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  1. tmctiger

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Actually 1800 points are >10€. You can get 2x 5€ discount, you can use multiple discounts on one order. Anyway I got 3750 points which is worth >20€ ... So at first I do think this this is a very generous gift, for just a damaged inside-box. At second, the VIP points return of investment is the same as before, just the scaling of the points is different (And of course, the ease of use, thats the only negative point I see so far).
  2. tmctiger

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Hi Folks, I got mail from Lego regarding my issue with the packaging of the 42100 (see above). The told me, that tey will look into the issue and try to prevent this in the future (and thanked me for the photos). So far so good, but now the real surprise happend: they granted me a whole bunch of VIP points to compensate for my inconvenience! That is really a great service! It was my concern to tell this story in a time where it looks like everybody (at least in germany, due to some events) kicks against Lego. I am not sure if any arbitrary clone brand would react the same in such a case ... BR, Guenther
  3. tmctiger

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Why should I, nothing was damaged. Ok the box, but I am quite shure they won't send me an empty replacement box. I agree, requesting replacements when you actually do not need one, is quite a dumb idea and makes the stuff more expansive for all of us - or the worst: they stop the quite relexed replacement part handling ... Anyway, I wrote an email to Lego informing them of the issue. I am curious what they will reply to me.
  4. tmctiger

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Hi Folks, today finally my R 9800 arraived, but I was quite surprised as I noticed that my Excavator started excavating already in the box. It seems that Lego is heading towards a packaging problem again (remember the Porsche, another premium set) : At least nothing except the box was damaged. But for a 450€ Set, this is unaccaptable! Imagine the bucket got another oriantation in the box: it would be definitly be bent or worse... BR, Guenther
  5. tmctiger

    Beginnings of my modular city

    Hi Dave, nice to see one starting with his own Lego City / Lego Layout. I am curious how your city will turn out at the end. However, to make a complete train-track turn (with standard LEGO curves, R40) you need at least 88 Studs from one side to the other, this is more than 70cm, and it did not account to the additinoal space you need to prevent trains hitting the wall when running through the curve - so to be save you need to add an additional 4cm on each side. So your table is to small with just only 60cm in depth. I think R24 is a too harsh turn, and I think not all trains can handle such a turn - so I would not consider R24 a way to go. But it would of course fit you space constraints. I recommend to drop the idea with the train and instead focus on a row of modulars with a street in front of them. BR, Guenther
  6. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Chiaroscuro, yes creating a Lego city layout is somwhat time consuming, but I think rewarding and actually the process of building it, is what makes the most fun! So hopefully we all have a long way until we are really finished. I am now quite curious about your city - let me know when you have something to show. BR, Guenther
  7. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hello guys, some time passed by since my last WIP Lego Layout update. But better later then never ... so here you go: The updates in all details can be found here in this Video: And here is a short an quick descriptin in text: I moved the Haunted House from its former position to a new elevated position behind the Town Hall, Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade. For this, I built a small wooden table which I can place behind the other buildings. This table will later be covered by a Lego rock wall to reasamble a mountain region: On the old spot of the Haunted House I placed my new set addition - the new Ideas set "Tree House" 21318. I think it fits alot better there than the Haunted House: I not only added and moved some sets, I also added a new MOC - a tunnel portal (again - but I need alot of them in my layout configuration): You can find all images in higher original resolution in my bricksafe folder. I hope you enjoied my newest update and what I had done on the layout. I would be quite happy to get some feedback from you guys! BR, Guenther
  8. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hello, again some time passed since my last update, but in the meanwhile I managed to add some little things to the layout. Mainly the new 2019 Modular, the Corner Garage (10264) and an additional light kit from Brickloot for the Town Hall (10224) set. Finding a spot to put the garage was quit easy. As shown in an previous post, I already had a section for the motorists in my town: the car dealer ship (from the City Square set (60097)), with the Octan gas station (60132) and the Lady Liberty 21042). So I just reworked this area, meaning rebuilding the car dealer into a "half" modular with the statue of liberty on top. I was quite pleased with the outcome and I think it fits really well beside the Corner Garage. The service station moved nearly unmodified to the back of the garage. I just added some additional parking lots (as there are always to few for my citizens). The reworked area now looks like this: (Images in better resolution can be found in my bricksafe folder) The newly lit Town Hall now looks like this in darkness: (image in original resolution and uncut) (image in original resolution and uncut) And as always, I have also created a youtube video, showing the and discussing the latest WIP update to my city. So I hope you enjoied my latest update and additions to my city. As always I am curious to hear what you think about it. BR, Guenther
  9. tmctiger

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    Hi, Actually I think you do not have any chioce here, lighting up your city makes it so much more immersive! So I recommend to go with lighting. I made this decission also some month ago: (look at the second half of the video, showcasing my current state of lighting my city) BR, Guenther
  10. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @Vilhelm22, thanks for your feedback! I am glad that you like my layout. Indeed, lighting up the modulars adds alot to a layout. Thanks for the suggestion of 70751, but this one is definitly way to large to fit in the availiable corner. I am searching for a set (or MOC) with a footprint not bigger than 16x16 studs. BR, Guenther
  11. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @ElectroDiva, thanks for your suggestions! Both sets are really interesting an nice, but quite big I think. I have to check on the layout what amount of space is really availiable. I am often out in my estimations in this regard . I'll keep both sets in mind, the would aesthetically fit really well with the scenery. Thanks and BR, Guenther
  12. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @ElectroDiva, first of all thanks for your kind feedback. I am glad that you like my solution for the Ninjago City and City Docks and the Layout in general. Your idea with continuing the path is great! Thre is really some space (not much though) but perhaps enough. I have to think in detail about this. One question (not only to @ElectroDiva but also to all others): What set can I use as temple/shrine on top? I am not so into Ninjago at all, or do anyone have an idea for a small MOC? The amount of space is limited and I think should not exeed 16x16 studs. Next time working on the layout I have to measure in detail... BR, Guenther
  13. tmctiger

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Hi @antp, a very nice city you have built here. And with 12V - what a joy! I wish I had a 12V train back in the days, but I had "only" the 4,5V train (my most favourite set I own is 7720). BUt back to your city: you also built some really nice MOCs with blend great into the city. I also like the Ninjago district with its rock shore and brigde over the lake. Very funny: I have also the set 21110 and coverted it into a museum: but I didn't built a MOC for it, my city museum is placed in the upper stories of the Green Grocer. The astronomer however can get a great night sky view from the Grand Emporium in my city. Sop keep up the great work and I am now curious how your city grow ... BR, Guenther
  14. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi @antp, thanks for your kind feedback! Yes, it is indeed not really straight forward to find space for the City and City Docks, since they are together 2 and 1/2 basplates long when displayed as intended. I also like your solution with splitting up the City Docks - your Ninjago district in general is really nice! BR, Guenther
  15. tmctiger

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Guys, over the holidays I managed to work on my city layout. I also got the Ninjago City Docks for Christmas, which I also already managed to put into my city. As I showed in my last update, the Ninjago City was placed where now the gas station with car dealership is placed. So the Ninjago City has to be moved away from this position. But where to go now with the building, especially when it should get company from the even bigger Ninjago City Docks. Last time in the update video (WIP update 7) I already mentioned the expansion of the upper level to the far right side of the layout: (Image with full resolution can be found here) Through this increase of space, I gained some construction area with the slight downside of sending the train a little bit earlier into the tunnel as previously. But I can live with this circumstance – and therefore the free area was filled with the new “China Town” immediately: (Image with full resolution can be found here) The rather strange triangular shape of the building area forced me into placing the two sets (Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks) behind each other and not side to side as intended by Lego. The only problem was, that in putting the two sets behind each other, a lot of the Ninjago city would be obstructed. So I found the following solution for it: I elevated the Ninjago City about 10 bricks and introduced a different level. I then blended the both sets into each other with a small rocky path from the lower level of Ninjago City Docks, to the upper level of the Docks and finally to the lower level of the Ninjago City. (Image with full resolution can be found here) (Image with full resolution can be found here) (Image with full resolution can be found here) For me it looks far better this way as when putting the sets on the same level side by side. What do you think about my solution? Another nice side effect was that I also gained some space for the Old Fishing Store. I think it also fits quite well there, since it is now placed beside a “bigger” water area. The blue baseplates will become brick built water like Lego did in the City Docks set. There is also another big improvement of the layout: I have started illuminating the buildings with preconfigured light kits from Brick Loot and Lightailing. I for now torn more towards the solution of Brick Loot than the one of Lightailing. The overall quality was not the issue, both kits are similar in lighting and brick (most time both use genuine Lego bricks) quality. The two main issues against Lightailing are: The instructions: however Lightailing adds a printed instruction booklet (rather a downloadable PDF as Brick Loot does), this booklet is quite small and therefore are the images quite small and it can be difficult to figure out how to route the wires through the building. Brick Loot also adds supportive text to its instructions, making the installation of the lights quit easy. Lightailing deceided to put as many as possible LEDs on one wire which leads to a very difficult installation because lights of different stories of the building are on one wire. And there is even a bigger problem – regarding the Pet Shop: as you know, the Pet Shop is basically two separate 16x32 buildings which can be placed independently in a layout (as I did). Lightailing however, decided to put all story lighting (the main room lights) on ONE single wire for BOTH buildings! So you are forced to put the two Pet Shop buildings side by side or modify the lighting. I did the latter because I am familiar with soldering and this was no big deal for me. Overall the light segmentation is better within the Brick Loot light kits. For now I have lit up four buildings: the Palace Cinema (Brick Loot light kit, animated light kit), Detectives Office (Lightailing light kit, animated light kit), Parisian Restaurant (Lightailing light kit) and the Pet Shop (Lightailing light kit). In the following video you can see how this actually looks like (first half is dedicated to the “China Town”, the second half to the lighting): For 2019 my tasks are now to complete “China Town”, to light up more city buildings and building and placing the new 2019 modular “Corner Garage” on the layout (for this I have already an idea, so stay tuned for a future update. I hope you like my layout so far and as always, I’d like to hear some comments, thoughts and suggestions for improvement from you! BR, Guenther