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  1. Here's my late Category B entry. I'm so busy that I only was able to make some quick shots. archers arriving von krono111 auf Flickr archers arriving von krono111 auf Flickr archers arriving von krono111 auf Flickr CC is always welcome
  2. krono111

    MOC: Japanese Garden Ambush

    The bridge is awesome! Great irregular base.
  3. krono111

    People of Mitgardia - lesson I

    A very nice built house
  4. I think that I'm not part of my respective thread.
  5. krono111

    [GNAR] The Smiling Phantom

    Lovely ship. My favorite detail is the smiling phantom.
  6. krono111

    Black Swan Tavern on Market Day

    Lovely house roof! I love that the hole thing is so clean. Great tree design (tutorial?) Another awesome build from you.
  7. krono111

    Urgent News

    Beautiful little build! I love the tree.
  8. Z you're so funny. I always have to laugh For those who haven't seen it yet here is my Category A entry:
  9. krono111

    Black Lance Guildhouse

    It's huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! (good English I know ) The floors and the buildings are just awesome! The garden is nice. The flowers are a great detail! I suggest to add there some more plates to make differences in height. I like to post that that link here: and I always tell that it's helpful. So I do now: It's a helpful link and it helped me very much.
  10. krono111

    Ch II: Team Simon: Cat A: The Drow Attack

    I love your MOCs so thank you for your feedback!
  11. krono111

    [GNAR] Barqan Dromon

    Wow, absolutely stunning! I love most how you made the shields and the water.
  12. What a beautiful build! My favorite details are the strain glass windows, the candle and the book.
  13. Great entrys of everyone and congratulations to the winners! Alfadas the best thing in a contest is to participate not to win.