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  1. The motor case is clued. You can view on pictures that the motor case have opening marks (when I buy it was already opened)
  2. I bought a small amount of 70 'train parts. The 4.5V engine (bb07) was inside, badly it was open I took the opportunity to take pictures. In bonus, the auction picture Can you guess why I clicked buy now for 25 €?
  3. Some old catalogs from my childhood

    Thank you too for scanning catalogues and 7777 I have already sent an email to Huw for sharing in brickset. @all I'm happy that you enjoy looking some old catalogues, i will spend more time to scan my post 2000 catalogues. Note: On service packs, the price "sfr" is for Swiss Francs (CHF)
  4. Hello, I have scanned my childhood LEGO catalogs I already sent an email to brickset for sharing with the community. You can download the catalogs here (some are very large because of 600dpi scanning): ================================================================ The catalog list: c80eu Large European (106181/106281-EU II (D/A/CH/NL/B)) c85eutr3 Medium Train European ((D/A/CH/F/I) 109782/109882) c91ch Large Swiss – (921640-CH) m85eu1 Mini European (109983-EU) c82eutr2 Medium Train European (EU III 117779/117879 UK/I/F) c83eutr2 Medium Train European ((D/A/CH/F/I) 100782/100882) c85eu Small European (109382/109482-EU II (D/A/CH/F/I)) c87eut2 Medium Technic European (150982/151082. EU II – (D/A/CH/F/I)) c91eu4 Medium European (830582/830682 EU-II (D/A/CH/F/I)) c92eu5 Medium European (100782/100882 EU II (D/A/CH/F/I)) c92eutec2 Medium Technic European Foldout (100982/101082 EU-II (D/A/CH/F/I)) c91chdetr Medium Train Swiss-German (921762-CHD) c91chfrtr Medium Train Swiss-French (921762-CHF) m92castle Mini Castle (101683-EU/OS) m92pirate Mini Pirates (101783-EU/OS) s92ch Medium Service Packs Swiss (922044-CH) s93ch Medium Service Packs Swiss (922711-CH) c92ch Large Swiss (922038-CH) c93ch Large Swiss (922710-CH) PS: If you "quote" my message, please to not "quote" the link, it can be changed (If so, I will edit this message)
  5. From Wikipedia: Lego Produktion AG was founded in Switzerland in 1968. At the time, 30% of the world production of Lego was produced in Switzerland. They made LEGO Primo, LEGO Duplo, LEGO Technic, LEGO Bionicle. In 2002 the two factories were closed, the production was transfered to America,Hungary,Germany and Denmark. Source: @Reza My last two motors: Red type 1 23 0 Red type 3 18 4
  6. I'm happy that I can help :-) Sometimes, instructions and box doesn't correspond to LEGO inside. You can also have the same set (same number) with 2 differents instruction and inventory. Looking on catalogs and instructions can be not 100% correct, I think LEGO sets where build as toy and not "collecting Toy" so the look can be the same, but not the inventory. PS: I'm scanning some old catalogs '80 to '90, I will post a new thread when I'm ready to share the PDF, maybe it can help with you research.
  7. The Swiss version of the catalog 921762 is copyrighted as 1991. I've scanned the Swiss -German and the Swiss-French version. Note: price are in CHF Swiss-German: Swiss-French:
  8. need help with adding lights to my trains

    You can use the outer two wires to have GND and +9VDC:
  9. 3th batch black Type 2 24 81 black Type 3 37 3 (not motor from batch #2) Pictures:
  10. How, thank you :-) I updated my post with picture 3
  11. The requested pictures. Black Type 3 49 8: This motor is on 7760, but as second hand, I don't know if it's the correct motor for this set Black Type 3 36 8
  12. Okay. I will post photos next time I'm going to my layout
  13. 2nd batch of my motors: black Type 3 25 6 red Type 1 27 0 red Type 1 16 0 red Type 2 25 2 black Type 3 49 8 black Type 1 29 0 red Type 3 39 3 black Type 4 25 8 black Type 3 44 5 black Type 4 22 8 black Type 3 37 3 red Type 3 34 3 red Type 3 02 3 black Type 1 35 0 black Type 3 36 8
  14. I think the 7750 was also sold in Austria and Switzerland, you can see the country list at the end of the catalog from 1982 On the sticker sheet you have the Swiss Rail logo " <-|-> "
  15. 1st motors batch: Black type 3: 10 4 Black type 4: 23 8 Red type 3: 30 3 I will check other motors next time I'm going to my layout place
  16. I found an ebay auction for the 12V catalog. We cannot see the copyright date on the 3th page, but the seller list as 1992
  17. Lego technic yellow train bridge from 1993 ad

    Hello, I rebuilt the bridge and made 2 new version (v3 and v3.1) For me the version 3.1 is going to be the final version and I'm waiting parts to build. I look closer to the original image and measured ration between parts, but it's hard because the image is in poor quality. I'm happy with the result :-) Now the arms \ / are joined to the bridge, you are not viewing the technic pin, because it's behind the center arms | | It's difficult to make in MlCAD , because of the geometry of all pieces, so don't look closer to the image, they is some bugs. Here you can view the same bridge, but the arms / \ are with technic bricks Some picture of the build version with some change, because of missing parts: - The bridge is red - The "legs" are shorter Brickshelf url (not yet public)
  18. Lego technic yellow train bridge from 1993 ad

    Yes it's true, I need to find the good ratio and angle between arms. I need some works to improve the version1
  19. Lego technic yellow train bridge from 1993 ad

    After spending hours on Google Image, I find this AD on Ebay. The release date is 1992. Large picture on my Brickshelf: I've done a first version, my version doesn't match the original version, it's difficult to see details. I will to some improvement
  20. Hi

    Can you tell us which 4.5 Battery box do you have? You can check on brickset: First, I will check the continuity of the cables with your multimeter I you don't know how to do it, this page can help: Sometime current batteries are not the same as they was in 80' I mean the size of the polarity plugs, not the size of the battery itself
  21. Hello, I really like the train poster made by Jeroen De Haan (2003) What do you think if we try to make a complete version with all LEGO trains (maybe 4 posters: "Blue ERA", "Grey ERA", "9V ERA", "PF ERA") ? I'm working to make "Blue ERA" MLCAD files Someone have the knowledge to render a large poster from a MLCAD file? I tried to render from LDVIEW to POV-RAY, but the quality is very poor (I don't know how to render a very large model with good zoom and quality) PS: sorry for my English, I speak/write English like a Swiss-French cow..
  22. Try to make a new version of LEGO Train Poster

    @JopieK Tank you for the software, unfortunately LDD is not the best software to build old trains, because old parts are not available @BrickMusher Tanks for the forum 100steine, I will not start a new project and I will try to help this @tsi Thanks you for this webpage, I will follow it .
  23. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    If you want to use only 80's parts, you can try with 1x2x2 shutter. With only 3 shutters Of course the white parts need to be yellow.
  24. How to fix? 12 Volt remote - Button gets stuck

    If you open it, can take pictures? It will be nice to know how it work inside. For you problem, I bet for the button spring.