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  1. rockethead26

    Doctor Who Diorama

    This is what the 1st Dr Who set should have been. Really well done!
  2. rockethead26

    Haunted Mansion Disneyland

    This is simply amazing and an incredible work of passion.
  3. rockethead26

    [MOD] Pet Shop Modular + Big Bang Theory

    This is the wife. I love the mini head flower pot. At least I didn't use a mean guy's head. :) Who doesn't love smiley faces? HA! I actually forgot I did that. Now I like it even more!!!
  4. rockethead26

    [MOD] Pet Shop Modular + Big Bang Theory

    Funny. You know, after each one of the guys got a girlfriend, the girls started ditching the guys a lot more often to hang out together and drink wine.
  5. rockethead26

    [MOD] Pet Shop Modular + Big Bang Theory

    Yeah, it bothers me a little that my wife came up with that. I agree, at least in the size dimensions, but we have other buildings in our Lego Town that are as large or larger. We think that it provides a mix of building sizes more like a real city. We also had a spare Petshop kit that was just asking to be used. We really pondered this one, but there was so much furniture in the Big Bank kit, especially wall shelving, that it really left us no options without eliminating some of the Big Bang pieces which we really liked. We found it more fun to build bathrooms and kitchens than bedrooms.
  6. rockethead26

    [MOD] Pet Shop Modular + Big Bang Theory

    Thanks for the encouraging words, folks. BadBob, I mentioned the lack of bedrooms in my first post. Really no room to do it right, so we didn't.
  7. Hi folks, Haven't been around for a while, but my wife and I just had a lot of fun modding the Petshop Modular to include the Big Bang Theory set. We did the vast majority of the modding to the apartment side of the modular making it much larger. To keep within the standard depth of the modulars, neither Penny's nor Sheldon's apartments have any bedrooms as we couldn't make it work. They did each get a kitchen and a bathroom, though. We thought they were much more important than a place to sleep. We also took a lot of liberties with the color schemes on the interiors, but it all seems to work for us. Anyway, here's the pics and we hope you enjoy them. Exterior 2nd Floor - Penny's Apartment 1st Floor - Sheldon's Apartment
  8. rockethead26

    Double vip points

    Yep. Confirmed. Double bonus!
  9. rockethead26

    1 August - new sets

    Received today for my wife's b-day, the Friends' Grand Hotel and the Big Bang Theory set. Got the little free pirates set and the free City astronaut rover.
  10. rockethead26

    Typical Bricklink Experience?

    Most of muy orders were invoiced and shipped within a couple of days, but I've had a few that took a week to invoice and then another few days to ship. I've received all of my orders and just needed to exercise some patience.
  11. rockethead26

    MOC: The Brick and Stud Tavern

    Another "Well done"! The tree is absolutely brilliant, too.
  12. rockethead26

    Steampunk Modular Workshop

    Outstanding!!!! I want one.
  13. rockethead26

    MOC: Police Station

    Great build with really nice details and techniques. Inspirational.
  14. rockethead26

    First MOC - WIP - Lord Business HQ with Evil Lair - LDD

    I decided that the entryway needed some work as it was a bit boring.