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    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    CUUSOO isn't a good name for (what I assume is) the target Lego demographic: kids. How do you pronounce it? What does it even mean? Kids can grasp "Lego Ideas." Some other comments: I like the one year time limit. If a set can't reach 10,000 votes in a year, I can't imagine it will be that successful once made. Related to that, once Lego Ideas is integrated with the Lego website, I think more people will check it out and more people (already registered to the Lego site) will support projects.
  2. Herbnosis

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Someone speculated that the rod Mr. Burns is holding is a radioactive one, but it could also be the Inanimate Carbon Rod. I suppose it doesn't really matter either way. I'll buy a few packs; I'm not really up or really down on this series either way.
  3. Herbnosis

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Are you referring to the Downtown Disney store in Anaheim? I was just there last week and got a PAB cup. The wall seemed well stocked, though I noted a few bins were duplicates of others (I think there were at least three bins that carried 1x4 orange bricks, which was fine with me because I grabbed plenty). But I've only done PAB twice now--maybe I don't know the standards for low or well-stocked.
  4. First off, apologies if I'm breaking any rules--I'm a new member, I read the Member Guidelines post and I think I'm OK, but if I missed something, apologies in advance. I'm just coming back to Legos now that my kids are almost old enough to get into them with me. I don't have a ton of elements but I'm buying new sets and have picked up a couple of PAB cups to increase my collection. I've also made a couple of purchases on bricklink.com. I'm having a lot of fun. When I recently learned that instructions for Lego sets are online, I thought it would be fun to try and build a set from the instructions but with the limited pieces I already have (well, first the idea was to buy the actual set pieces individually but that turned out to be way out of my price range). My first attempt at this is The Knight Bus from the Harry Potter collection. Here are some pics; I also blogged about it and that link is here as well. http://herbnosis.tumblr.com/post/80235929605/lego-experiment-1 http://herbnosis.tumblr.com/post/80325842425/lego-experiment-1-part-2 I know it looks nothing like the Knight Bus (that's covered in my blog); in fact, it looks pretty bad all around and I don't plan on keeping it built now that I've taken photos. Still, it was a fun learning experience that I plan on repeating.
  5. Herbnosis

    Returning to Legos with my kids

    Thanks Shayd! I have a Lego store about two hours away in the Phoenix area, and I go there often enough it's not trouble to swing by and fill a PAB cup. I did my first one there a few weeks ago, and just filled my second PAB cup at the store in Disneyland. That pricenbricks link is fantastic!
  6. Herbnosis

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    My first PAB. I got flower stems but forgot flowers, in part because the Lego employee brought out some blue translucent 1x2 tiles and I forgot about everything else after that. I didn't count out how many pieces and of what I got, but I had a lot of fun.
  7. Herbnosis

    Quality of service at LEGO stores.

    I just visited the Chandler, AZ store today and did PAB for the first time (pics tomorrow in the PAB thread). The staff was fantastic, talked to me the whole time, knew I was interested in tile pieces and checked in the back for me... and pulled out some great clear blue 1x2 that I went totally overboard with (even forgetting to pack in some flower petals to go with the stems I already had in there :(). Fantastic experience; looking forward to going again.
  8. Herbnosis

    The LEGO Movie - Create and Combine

    Thanks for the link, this looks like fun!
  9. Herbnosis

    MOC section?

    I'm still new here, and I apologize if I've overlooked it, but is there an MOC (which I assume is "My Own Creation," just like I'm assuming AFOL means "Adult Fan of Lego," but not sure of that, either) section on Eurobricks? If not, where do people go to peruse and post their MOCs? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, new here, only my second post, feeling a little like ordinary Emmet right now! Contributing a tiny bit of useless information here: my two-year-old checked out a Lego Friends book ("Friends Forever" by Helen Murray) from the library, one that I had the pleasure of reading to her before bedtime. Within the first few pages, the reader learns that Olivia, the new girl in Heartlake City, wants to be a scientist, inventor or engineer when she grows up. Later, we learn her mother is a doctor. Does the backstory of a Lego minifig (are the Friends people really minifigs? A discussion for another thread, I suppose) in a book separate from the set add anything to this conversation? I don't know, but I thought it was worth mentioning that someone at Lego (in 2012, per the year of publication of "Friends Forever") approved the idea to create that backstory somewhere.
  11. My name is Herb, I live in the U.S., and my daughter is turning three in a month. I played with Legos into my mid teens, still have most of my Legos from then (two younger brothers probably made off with some of them). I started acquiring sets a couple of years ago with the hopes of buliding them with my kids once they were old enough. It's worked out great so far! Apart from playing with my kids, I also want to start doing some creative stuff, but don't really have enough Legos to do that yet. So I joined here hoping to get some advice about how to acquire more Legos (saw Bricklinks, that looks promising), both for my kids and for some creative stuff. Glad to be here!