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  1. And an other great MOC! This time a Grand Prix Racer: Now I really need to buy one!
  2. TechAd

    Motorised Astromechs

    I understand what you are saying. I have build it from LDD provided by VMLN8R. It was one of the first MOC's I have build, and I have to say, it was a challenge. The LDD is not great in creating sequence build instructions. It creates steps that are even defying gravity . You end up with some sub-assemblies that should have been inside each other. Your only option is to rip it apart and remember how it was before. I also used the 3D model rotating it and removed parts from it to see how it was put together. All in all I still love this MOC . It is very compact and with really nice functions. To get others to build it, it sure would profit from a good building sequence.
  3. TechAd

    [MOC] Off Road Pickup

    Wow, NICE!!! One more MOC of your hand to build! Just finished the PF Buggy 2, and was amazed by the talent with which you connect those peace. really smart build! Looking forward to the instructions of this one!
  4. TechAd

    [WIP] Vampire Castle

    WOW!! magnificent! And the sheer size of it! *oh2* I can't even imagine how much time that must have taken to build and collect the bricks for it. For sure this needs to be on a show!
  5. TechAd

    Hey my nickname is Horse

    I think you need a bigger room :). Nice collection!
  6. TechAd

    Motorised Astromechs

    I will try to, and if I find something I will post pictures. First have to score some more panels and some last bricks. And fight of gravity like LDD building instruction wants me to . floating bricks in mid air.. so easy
  7. TechAd

    Motorised Astromechs

    awesome, I love it, I'm building it! One question: the Four teal flex hoses on the head, what type/size are those?