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  1. I am currently on busness trip. I will try it this weekend. Iso the grey ones you can use the black axle pins. That makes it an ‘allowed’ building configuration.
  2. aefferen

    Technic Lamborghini Countach LP400

    Hello Skyliner, stumbled over your design on Rebrickable. The link to your instruction on Amazon is broken. Can you let me know how to get access to your instruction?
  3. If you search for aefferen you find my building instructions where the cideo one for lockable doors is included
  4. Thanks for the remark. Currently busy fixing it.
  5. Re-issues sounds great to me as well I like that thought. I see I am in favor of more 'historical' sets like 856 or 8860 or 8480 or this small one 8208 chopper or the 8458 just to name a few. What I also loved where the universal Building Sets that would be a good suggestion for next year as well to my opinion.
  6. I saw the idea about voting for sets. I have a website with all Technic sets in one row. I am busy composing a book on 40 years of Lego Technic. Here on this page you can find all Technic sets from 1977 onwards. Please cast your vote here for sets you like to see in this book.
  7. I made a manual where you can find per step from the original set manual what to do for which improvement. You can find it here!...AAHsqH4f-2LZmQ8
  8. Can you give the link I couldn't find the post you referring to.
  9. Before I posted about possibility to introduce 11x5 panels trans-clear. This triggered me to make this panel to give the engine compartment a bit more credit. This is definitely a nice to have mod. Just replace from step 414 the first panel with this mod. This one into this one . New version building instructions available under same link from former post.
  10. Parts list in one of the next releases.The first version of the rear axle steering is a bit clumsy and does sacrificies a great part of the engine. Than I read the article from TG about the Porsche where they said that TLG had a solution for rear axle steering which was not approved by Porsche itself. What I did is I took the rear axle steering of the original Porsche and tried to mimic that one as close as possible. This brought me version 2. This one is working greatly but does not function wel with the turning ration of this car so I need to improve it, but can't find a solution yet. However I wanted to share it anyway for now.
  11. Although not finished yet I wanted to share release one of my Porsche enhancement magazine.!AAHsqH4f-2LZmQ8
  12. The yellow handle is to move between opposite and same direction steering. I am did not find yet a way to have this based on speed like the real one. Yes that is correct, I found out later so in the instructions I added this fix between the two arms. Ok thanks for the hint I will check if that will bring necessary space to make it even more compact.
  13. I finally managed to get the rear axle steering working. It fits with the MODs for rear end HOG provided by didumos69. It took me a while luckily :0. A lot of play fun. I had to sacrify a bit of the engine compartment. However that end was under developed anyway. If I had a choice I introduced trans-clear 5x11 panels to fully show the engine compartment. So I needed the space to get the necessary reduction in. When I was finished I realized I might need less room with a worm-wheel so that will become round number .... next. I had countess tries to get it fit in the model and to keep the sturdiness of the model in. I also first applied the gear shift parts but those give way to much free room while changing directions of turning so not working. I had to turn to old fashioned gear shifting like first applied in models 853 or 8860 from the late 70-ties early 80-ties. This to change between counter steering and way steering like the original has. Next project is the front lift. photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 Currently finishing the building instructions in MLCad.
  14. The promissed teaser <iframe src="" width="476" height="288" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  15. Working on it. Tonight will post a teaser.