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  1. sunnyx

    2 AT-TE MOCs

    Hi guys I just finished my newest project: 2 AT-TE MOCs and want to show you all AT-TE Info Sheet by sunnyxi, on Flickr AT-TE 33 by sunnyxi, on Flickr I started building blue one in summer and finished the red one just a month ago. The blue one is just a simple MOC but the red one is much more complicated as it is motorized and can transform into a landing platform. AT-TE 19 by sunnyxi, on Flickr AT-TE 14 by sunnyxi, on Flickr It also has flood lights for night combat. AT-TE 1 by sunnyxi, on Flickr AT-TE 6 by sunnyxi, on Flickr The blue one has more space to carry troops and kyber crystals. AT-TE 27 by sunnyxi, on Flickr AT-TE 35 by sunnyxi, on Flickr AT-TE 5 by sunnyxi, on Flickr Thanks for viewing at my newest creations and make sure you watch the video! Comment and criticisms are welcome :D Full album and more pictures:
  2. @Tariq j Thanks :D I tried to put more stuff in the inside but all those PF wires really messed it up lol @RetroInferno Glad you liked it!! I don't have the exact count but my LDD version gives about 2000+ pieces! And ya I doubt the CTT will have anymore screen time in the future... and Clone Wars ended so... @dr_spock Thanks for the support! Can't wait to see how yours turn out :p
  3. @joebiwankenobi Thanks so much!! I used some new building technique to improve the shape of the tanks :D And also I never knew that LEGO is making a one this year! @krisandkris12 Thanks! I tried to make this one have better performance so I went with the standard LEGO wheels. But I do agree they don't really look like the real thing haha! @lockdownTF Ya the wheels would've been perfect if they are a little wider and in dark grey! @BigEl Thanks! I'm building this as a future evolution of the real CTT, so I made it longer and less bulky overall :)
  4. Hi Guys! I'm building this new version of the Juggernaut/Clone Turbo Tank for FBTB's Evolved Contest and want to show you too my new model This one is a much newer and better upgrade of my old one! http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=55758 A7 Juggernaut Info Sheet by sunnyxi, on Flickr A7 Juggernaut (3) by sunnyxi, on Flickr Juggernaut (21) by sunnyxi, on Flickr A7 Juggernaut (19) by sunnyxi, on Flickr A7 Juggernaut (17) by sunnyxi, on Flickr Thanks for checking it out! Comments and criticisms are welcome :D
  5. Hi Everyone, I just finished making my model in LDD, the T5-B Heavy Ion Tank which is entered in the Future of SW Contest. Original model link: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=78595 LDD Model Screenshot T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr The LXF file for the model is included as the attachment. Feel free to use it! If you like my model, please vote for it at here: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=79564 T5-B Heavy Ion Tank (Motorized) T5-B (sunnyx).lxf
  6. Thanks guy! I accidentally discovered the color combination when I purchased the wrong blue color. :D
  7. Thanks for the support everyone! I've just updated the background story. If you haven't checked out the video, you should do it!
  8. Video is UP!! The T5-B Heavy Ion Tank is used by the New Republic to neutralize heavily armored or shielded targets. After the disaster at Hoth, the Alliance realized they lacked effective ways to combat heavily armored vehicles such as AT-AT. A proposal was made to manufacture a mobile tank with an ion cannon in order to destroy the circuits of enemy units. The result was the T5-B Heavy Ion Tank, which was a much more agile, but still well armored successor of the T4-B. The new tank had great handling on most types of terrain, but just like any treaded tank, the T5-B had a critical weakness to landmines. For maximum potency, the Heavy Ion Tank was usually supported by infantry or other light vehicles. One blast from its fully charged ion cannon was known to completely depower an AT-AT. WHY THIS MODEL: I am very big fan of tanks in the Star Wars universe(my previous entry was the Clone Turbo Tank), including the Rebel T-series tanks. Unfortunately, none of them were seen in the movies, but I really hope to see a new T-series tank in the new movies. And I think this is how it should look like :D FACT SHEET Manufacturer: Yutrane-Trackata Model: T5-B Heavy Ion Tank Class: Tank Armament: Heavy ion cannon, twin rapid firing blasters, 8 retractable concussive missiles Crew: Pilot, Gunner Role: Infantry support Affiliation: The New Republic POWER FUNCTIONS: 2 medium motors for transmission geared 20:12 1 medium motor for cannon rotation 1 medium motor for cannon elevation 2 IR receivers 8878 rechargeable battery box Here's some pictures: T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr T5-B Heavy Ion Tank by sunnyxi, on Flickr
  9. sunnyx

    My First LDD... AT-AT minifig scale!

    Your model is looking awesome so far! If you are wondering how to extract a part list, you can create a html instruction in LDD and in the last page of the instruction is the part list. have fun!
  10. Most sincere congratulations to kostugrlu and baronsat, Amazing entries! And thank you everyone for voting for me!
  11. sunnyx

    [MOC] The Delta

    Well done, I like the white color especially! Hope you do well in the competition.
  12. sunnyx

    Character Rides Personal Ship Winners

    Congratulations to the winners! However, everyone entered has amazing entries. Good luck next time!
  13. sunnyx

    8070 with some mods

    Excellent mod! Looks much better than the original one. Does it have a motor to drive itself?
  14. Seriously, I am getting nerdchills right now. This is awesome! I always wanted to build one myself but can't quite find the time to do so So I can't wait to see yours in action! Good luck! Btw, have you decided the main color scheme?
  15. sunnyx

    WIP - PF Remote Control Backhoe

    Same suggestion, for the arm, use universal joints and place the motor in the main body, like in the 8043 Excavator. Anyways, project looks good so far, can't wait to see it in action