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  1. If I end up getting that Hot Dog set - I'm switching out the pink awning immediately. I'm thinking either replace the pink with yellow or white, or just make it all red. Anything but pink.

    Yeah, why didn't they make it a red and white combo like the popcorn stand? The pink just clashes...

    Still waiting to see the Bumper Cars set.

  2. I'm not sure about this. Maybe we saw different pictures?

    In the picture I'm looking at now, it does appear to be a light brick.

    Better question: Why isn't anyone talking about the orca? Must get that for a Sonic Adventure MOC! :grin:

    Not impressed by the treehouse. It mirrors 31010 too much (which, incidentally, I built fairly recently), except that it's detachable and comes with two minifigures rather than one. Wish they went in a different direction.

  3. Thanks for the look at The Fortress, j2g! Digging the Creator-esque, 4-in-1 feel, and I like how they represented the iron bars. I wonder how this compares with The Desert Outpost. Exetrius, you raise a good point about the enchantment table. I can't see anything resembling it here, but I could have missed something (I'm not sure what that yellow part is for). They might be saving it for The Village.

    Hearing that there will be a Minecraft D2C set is unprecedented. Exciting for me, even if the price point will make it unlikely that I'll be able to buy it.

    If the theme lasts another year, hopefully they'll make villagers available in a small set next.

    What I don't think we need at all are any Steve / Alex, zombie, spider or skeleton figures, as we have plenty from all the other sets. I'd much rather have more villagers...

    Personally, I can't have enough skeletons. :wink: More Endermen would be great, though, and I'm glad that they're not exclusive to The Ender Dragon.

    I do agree with you that a library would be a given, although they feature a crude one in 21124.

  4. It's only a snapshot so there's probably more to it once you get into the finer details, but my initial feeling is that the sets from the Arctic line were seemingly more involved and sold the theme better. Aside from the large set, which features the (odd) volcano, I'm not getting strong vibes.

  5. Haha. It could be like a tour bus of sorts, where Hot Dog Man drives the Friends girls around the premises.

    Quoting myself because I wasn't completely off! Brickset reports that the Hot Dog Stand will feature a Hot Dog Suit for the male minidoll.

    They also report that there's a Bumper Cars set! Looks like I guessed right on that one. But if that's 41133 and 41131 is the Advent Calendar, then there's still one set unaccounted for...

  6. I bought this set at Target a few days ago. I liked the printed tiles and got 1 extra of each of them, which was very exciting to me (I'm a sucker for Lego food stuff). This is a great set, and quickly became one of my favorites, though I never expected it to be.

    Nice. It looks like a decent parts pack. I like the balloon, as it reminds me of the Balloon Cart polybag I missed out on. I'll keep an eye out for this one if I ever see it on sale.

  7. ...maybe one of the Batman Vs Supes sets, like the small one that has both main characters.

    That would be my suggestion also, although that too is one I have yet to purchase.

    It may or may not be retired, but if you can get your hands on it, I can recommend The Penguin Face-off (which I do own). Since you're thinking of collecting Batman sets from scratch, this would function as an ideal starter set of sorts.

    Another option could be Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack, which isn't strictly DC material, but it's a good value-priced set if you don't mind that there isn't much of a build to speak of.

    If you want to get both Robin and Batman, the new Batboat Harbor Pursuit might be of interest, as it's the cheapest way to get them in the same set (aside from the Juniors Defend the Batcave set).

    Feel free to ask if you're still undecided.

  8. Went looking for the Antman set, thought I'd get it before it's gone since it recently retired.

    I've noticed there's been a sudden surge of interest in that set, which makes me glad that I picked up when I saw it on sale. Don't get why it retired so soon, though!

  9. Yeah, I believe it's retired. I have that one. The Carnage set is on my list of future purchases, so I can't speak for it. In general, I'd recommend focusing on at least one large set since the smaller ones will be easier to come by. Are you ruling out Batman sets for this particular spend?