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  1. yeomanry_trooper

    Lucky LEGO Train Finds

    In my local area there was a gentleman advertising an unboxed Metroliner and the Red Crocile Loco.. and didnt want a penny for them, just wanted to give them to a good home... Missed it by half an hour!!! But then I did pick up a 10kg lego collection and buried inside was the Yellow Cargo Train and Red Passenger train. £90 plus driving 30mins to collect...
  2. yeomanry_trooper


    I've wanted to have a go at this, my Dad used to take me to see Sir. Nigel Gresley when it was near our house, years ago now :-( Carl is it okay for Lazarus to upload his LDD file? Quite new to the MOC scene so am trying to understand the way people do things..
  3. yeomanry_trooper

    Power function questions

    You'll find that Power Functions takes a little more effort than the old 9v system, but there is so much more potential.. If you can afford the rechargeable battery kit rather than the AAA box it makes things a little easier as well, no more dismantling models to change batteries, and about the closest thing you'll get to having mains powered..
  4. yeomanry_trooper

    I need some advice for my track layout

    If you don't mind modifying two pairs of points you can have a layout that will allow you to run two engines at once.. There are some really useful ideas about doing this on this previous topic