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  1. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    Nice. I will follow your build. I like your palm trees
  2. PeterPNL

    Modular Police Station

    Hi Wodanis, Would you like to share the lxf file please? It is a beatifull modular
  3. Maybe mentioned already, but is it possible to ad the Train PF batterybox and Train motor?
  4. PeterPNL

    Garden shop

    The lxf file link is dead. Is it possible for someone to repost it? Thanks in Advance
  5. I love this yellow cargo train, but I was wondering what real life train it is based on. Anyone an idea?
  6. PeterPNL

    altBricks: large radius track survey

    I dont mind the radius, as long as it is plastic, and in the correct color. I definitly wil buy at least one circle for my own use. I dont know how easy it is to find ABS in the correct color? Maybe one can melt old lego and duplo bricks...
  7. PeterPNL

    RAILBRICKS #14 Available!

    Where is the article part 2 on PF trains controlled with an Arduino board?
  8. PeterPNL

    New train engines are too powerful

    Thomas already mentioned it. If you had 3 C batteries, that was 4,5V Now you have 9V
  9. PeterPNL

    MOC: Lawyer's Office

    They are both beutifull. I love them. Even the backsides dont need improvements, they are complete
  10. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    Thank you. It works and the shed looks a lot better now. But the extended version is still tricky with all the non existing colors.
  11. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    I would like to use them, but cant find them in LDD
  12. PeterPNL

    MOC: Farmer truck

    Nice. I like it!
  13. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    Finished so far The workshop interior is "stolen" from the 10027 engine shed, but in another color. And the lxf
  14. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    Thanks all. I still need to make the roof detachable and make a workshop interior. If it is finished I will post the .lxf
  15. PeterPNL

    LDD MOC - train shed

    A train shed MOC for my Emerald Night train. She is a tight fit. The baseplate is 48 x 48 , so the shed is 3 straight rails long. At the moment I don't have enough plastic to build it, but when I have I will post a photo. In the meanwile I would like to see your comments and suggestions. See my page on MOCpages for more images