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  1. anakin066

    Suggestion, mod of gunship

    Hi everyone, after watchin the recent Jurrasic World trailer, I have realised that lego has relased a clear bubble spherical canopy previously. I aproximated it to be around 8 to10 studs wide, but has anyone tried fitting a pair of those to the gunship? Thanks if anyone can pose some picture. If it is feasible, I might try to find them to moc my gunship
  2. anakin066

    Who is the bad guy here?

    Star Wars Execution by liyukhim2009, on Flickr I made this diorama after I found some of the newest episodes of the Rebel series disturbing. With more and more Star Wars movies and media being released, I think I am suffering from a Star Wars overload. Perhaps everyone can have their own Star Wars, where one can believe in the legends or the canon storyline, or even the one your fantasy and imagination created. Maybe I can pretend episode 7 never happened. In my very own Star Wars universe, Han Solo and Princess Leia lived happily ever after. :)
  3. anakin066

    MOC: Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster

    Will you build another hand for the hulkbuster? Your use of mixel joint can accomodate the 'binding' hand used on the hulk, though I am not sure how to build one. :p
  4. anakin066

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Lu kwok, fom Hong Kong I guess, made the hulkbuster and kindly provided the instructions Password: nd8y
  5. anakin066

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    WARNING SPOILERS (although you won't have a clue what am I talking about if you haven't seen the rebels' season finale) If lego is going to release sabine's TIE fighter, I am so gonna get that set, even if it has more stickers than the piece count!
  6. anakin066

    Improving the Batmech Not my creation, I apologize to the original creator in advance, but really worth a look
  7. anakin066

    [Moc] Fred. unlimited - motirzed wheelchair

    Awww,this is the warmest, sweetest sibling thing I've seen since I watched Frozen.
  8. anakin066

    Disney Princess 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    I simply googled elsa palace lego 41062 and there is it
  9. anakin066

    Best Minifigures of Each Theme

    I have to say Vader is the best minifigure in star wars for me. Iconic and decently made, definitely the best minifigure. (can't wait to buy the santa one )
  10. You are really going too far, but I LOVE it!