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    Hull construction question

    Hm. So it's either change of plans or... You could always try to cover the sides up with something. Flexible hoses for example? I guess it's still fine as long as the very front of the bow forms a smooth curvature.
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    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I just hope that there will be a lot of new kinds of dark brown bricks :)
  3. Free_Frag

    Hull construction question

    Hey Guys, I've got a little question regarding hull construction. Would anyone be so kind and explain, or maybe post a photo of two bricks no 64645 fitting together? My point is can you place them one on another to create a bigger and still smooth stern/bow, or do they missfit? I'd like to know that before ordering a few, and apparently this brick isn't available in LDD. Thanks in advance.
  4. Most of the questions asked here will be answered if You just visit this guys page. The posted photos come from two different designs. The original one comes from a gearbox that was a part of a MOC that he was building. Thats probably why some axles are placed in a funny way. The second one was described and build just because a lot of people asked about a smaller version. As I've also said in another topic I've fitted it in a 599 Fiorano which is 1/10 :D Whats also important is the fact that other gearboxes that I've tried to fit in a GTB were just too big (looked funny - especially when they were too 'high'). This one looks OK for me. Oh and one more thing - the driving rings are of course placed on the 'old style' axle connectors which shape allows the gears not to 'jump out'. I've built it and placed it in an actual set so go ahead and ask me some questions if you want. I don't have an digital camera though, so sorry in advance but no pics from me :P
  5. I have actually visit this guys MOCPages account and saw that there are a lot of descriptions about this gearbox. I can see some people here asking questions about stuff that he actually explains in his post, so be sure to check it out. I personally have built a modded version of this transmission: Which is also described on the page. I've managed to fit it in a 599 Fiorino. Looks perfectly normal. It's definitely not too big :)