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  1. Very beautiful model. However i really dislike the fact Lego just put the instructions and sticker sheet loose in the box. How cheap is that.
  2. XeniK

    [MOC] Modular Building : Book Shop

    Very very nice MOC! Must be the best book store modular i've ever seen.
  3. XeniK

    10185 Green Grocer MOC/MOD

    Nice re-design of the GG.. The tan groove bricks look great on it.
  4. XeniK

    Castor city

    Very very nice !
  5. XeniK

    Cathedral of german town Magdeburg

    Wow that's really incredibuild!
  6. XeniK

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Last week i found a brand new Town Hall in a local toyshop, but it was the very last one.. Feeling lucky :)
  7. XeniK

    Fire Brigade Discontinued?

    I didn't like the Fire Brigade that much so i don't care not having this one in my collection. Just love the Parisian Restaurant
  8. Own all 16 Lego Movie minifigs good luck collecting them everyone!
  9. I have only the Lego store model sealed.. Only buy sets to build them and keep them mint :)
  10. XeniK

    Adam at the Lego Store

    Lego should be giving a bag build out of bricks to every customer
  11. XeniK

    Google Company

    This is so amazing :o very beautiful details.
  12. XeniK

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Sorry kibosh it was just for temporarily use
  13. Itchy & Scratchy with a baseball bat and a hammer, Barney with a glass of beer ofcourse