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  1. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    Sorry for reviving an almost 9 year old thread once again but I just found this place again and feel a bit like explaining myself. When I uploaded the video review that was posted on page 2 of this thread, and claimed that I got the white boba fett figure inside the box it was actually just me with my limited english skills at the time, not knowing or bothering to explain that they were handed out at the store for every lego starwars purchase over a certain price. But at this time of youtube I could see from what exact sites I was getting traffic from, which I did check out since my small channel suddenly got around 7000+ views on my video, and was lead to this thread. I guess I figured I was getting attention because of my false claim, so I went on here to defend that. 11 year old me was even planning to make an 'unboxing' video to "proove" that I was telling the truth. Anyway I must thank you for your patience of dealing with this dumb child back then, and that my account wasn't removed. I only discovered this thread again by chance, by seeing that I had a registered account here, which I probably wouldn't have noticed if my account was removed. Finding this again means a lot to me since it's such a passage back into my childhood and seeing a place I only remembered so vividly, but now in clear detail. To verify that I am the uploader of the review video I have uploaded this: https://youtu.be/_dZX1E5_xAk You can check on page 2 of this thread to see that it is the same uploader as before. Thank you for being a part of a strong memory of mine! And sorry if I caused any frustration!
  2. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    Well, i made the video but the white boba was not only in EU, it was there first becouse they only make rare promos in denmark acculy, i got it in the set and the white bobas was only in a new wave (150 EX) so if you had bad luck they got out before they reached UK. So yeah . netherlands? lol im from sweden not netherlands! I DIDNT GET 2 IN A BOX 1 IN GRIEVOUS STARFIGHTER AND ONE IN PLO KOONS! Geez
  3. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    Well, i didnt get 2 in a box, i got 2 bobas but there were diffrent sets. One was plo koon, one was grievous sarfighter... Yeah yeah yeah, look at the channel, im from sweden and were pretty young then...*yoda*
  4. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    I dont know how you scould get it becouse i did get it in the box.
  5. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

  6. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    Just give up imformation about the boba fett
  7. Didrik

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    I belive you, becouse i made that clip! i can tell you more about the boba fetts i got 2!