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  1. TotalAfol

    Selling Lego Collection - Advice Needed

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll do just that! :)
  2. Hi I have a moderate sized lego collection that I need to sell. Over the space of about 18months I accumulated quite a collection of bricks, but sadly circumstances prevent me from storing such a large amount. I would say it amounts an investment of over £1000. Selling it brick by brick isn't an option (I would go insane). What is the best way to sell a collection like this and get a good price for it? I do realise I'm not going to get anything near retail, but I don't want to take it to a flea market and get pennies. It's all loose bricks, no sets or minifigs.
  3. TotalAfol

    The Mecha Townhouse

    hahah terrifying
  4. TotalAfol

    [MOC] Alternate models from LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set

    Love the pickup truck
  5. TotalAfol

    Argos Friends Set 6029277

    Hey guys At the weekend I noticed Argos have these on special: Now, call me stupid, but what's for sale here? I can tell you that Argos think's it's a lucky dip and will send you 1 of the sets at random. But is that really what they are advertising? Or am I missing something?
  6. TotalAfol

    Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO set Discussion

    YAY! Love this! Def. looks a better build than the delorian. I suspect I'll be adding one of these to my wishlist! Well done Lego Cuusoo, this is an awesome facility that more companies should adopt. Listen to your customers, build what they want. Simples.
  7. These look great IMO. I have been put off by the modular buildings as I don't have the space for all of them. This scale means I can have more in this style. Put me down for 2! ;)