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  1. madball

    UK Sales

    If it was something that you were interested in let me know. No idea of postage costs etc
  2. madball

    UK Sales

    Whereabouts are you based? I've one that I was about to list on Gumtree at £160 (RRP) as I'm clearing out some sets before moving house that I've decided I'm not going to build, but if you wanted it would save me the hassle . It's BNIB and been stored in a cupboard in my bedroom for a while.
  3. Got Simpsons S1 Burns x3 Maggie Lisa Bart Marge x2 Series 12 Fairytale Princess (0 remain, in process of trading) Swashbuckler x4 (3 remain, in process of trading 1) Video Game Guy x2 (1 remains, in process of trading other) Series 14 Square Foot x2 Wacky Witch x2 Skeleton Guy Monster Rocker Series 15 Shark Suit Guy Disney Ursula Syndrome Want Simpsons S1 Nelson Muntz Chief Wiggum S12 Hun Warrior S12 Prospector S12 Jester S12 Rock Star S12 Pizza Delivery Man S12 Genie Girl S14 Gargoyle S14 Zombie Businessman S15 Frightening Knight UK based, but happy to trade further afield
  4. madball

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    For those located in the UK Aldi are selling cheap storage drawers from next week if any use to anyone for storage
  5. madball

    What 2016 Themes/Sets Are You Most Hyped For?

    Ghostbusters is first on my list, and then will add Bank at some point over year as will be available longer. Will also likely be gettting Elves sets for Daughter depending on how she likes the ones that Santa is bringing (and when deals are available in either UK or Europe)
  6. madball

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I like that as an idea, shipped a tub to some previously from UK. Would need to build up a list of the stores that have members near them in order to understand what each store has in stock. I'm up for this idea... I work in Glasgow UK, so have a store 10 minutes from my office.
  7. madball

    Where to find cheaper LEGO City roadplates?

    I tend to wait until they are reduced at and then put it through Flubit. Usually get them a wee bit cheaper still. I set a price alert on camel camel to see when they are reduced. Did this with the blue and green baseplates too recently when they were £5 each. Think I got them for £4.50 each delivered.
  8. madball

    3 Side Modular?

    Is there any standards that are applicable to building a modular that connects on 3 sides? Currently we obviously have the standard modulars that are connected at either end. However has anyone seen a standard spacing for connections on the rear too? My current constructions involve building a train station and railway tunnel... but was wondering if there was a convention for connections at the back as well as the sides.
  9. madball

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Picked up my 3rd at the weekend... now have Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium, and Pet Shop. Will wait to next double points to get Town Hall. Then Parisian Restaurant next year. None of them built yet... waitng for my daughter to be a wee bit older then we'll build together. Starting our own modular buildings to incorporate into town... train station is the current one and will feature hopefully a modular tunnel too. Next out the box should be one of the following in my book... Police Station, Museum, or Bank.
  10. I used an Ikea Lack coffee table to make a Lego table for my daughter...3 x 4 size on standard baseplates and roads. I've not glued these down, but connected thenm together via bricks so they don't move around at all. I've a train set too, but there wasn't enough space on the table to make it work well, so we decided to put it up on the floor when she wants to play with it.
  11. No worries. Drop me a PM and we can sort things out
  12. Just back from the store and they do indeed have the 1x1 Transparent Round Blue They do also have a 1x1 square transparent if that was of any use.
  13. The threshold for postage seems to be 750g, so some leeway in this to post the tub too. Looking at some of the estimates for fitting in 1x2 bricks theses seem to be around 650 if well packed, so extrapolating this out would mean that 1300 1x1 bricks should fit, and taking it further the round 1x1 plates are a third of the height so around 3900 would be a good guess.
  14. Will take a wander up today at lunch (I work in the City Centre so the store is just a 10 minute walk away). Will report back later. Tub cost is £11.99 here According to weight if it is 5000 in a tub then it would weigh approx 600g, but not sure how many a tub holds... checked the Royal Mail postage costs online and it would be £6.60 delivery for that (or £11.60 for tracked and signed for) with delivery in 3-5 working days. Would suggest emptying tub into sealable ziploc bags for posting to avoid weight of posting, unless you wanted the tub posted too.
  15. Think they have these on the PAB Wall in the Glasgow store at the moment. Could check tomorrow if they do. No idea how many would fit in a tub though. If they have I'm happy to send.