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  1. Ok, thanks. Tomorrow i will upload some photos.
  2. I tried to place the motor out of the black box and i put the wires on the rails...the motor on both direction is smooth, so the problem is between motor and rails...
  3. yep, slipping. The motor is in its position, no movements on it. And all the wires are on it, on the top and not between the wheels...i don't know man. I used the originals 9v gears.
  4. I've got a problem: i have replaced the motor. In one direction it is working fine, not very fast but it is working... the other direction, I hear some strange noise from the motor, and I don't know why...
  5. Question: upper wire goes down and so the other opposite?
  6. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    Perfect!! Thanks a lot!!
  7. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    Yes, resolder the connection (or just put together turning the cable with it)...take care not to cut off the thermistor...
  8. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    Because I read "RC motor", and i was crying like a baby :D Thanks a lot...the box will arrive few days...too i will work on it soon.
  9. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    I bought via BL a motor... the code is 87574c01. Is it the right motor to use?
  10. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    I found that the brand of the motor inside the 9v motor is a mabuchi...
  11. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    I was thinking to put a tamiya motor...i don't know if it will run...the only problem is that motor has not the 2 final gears..can I take the ones from the original motor?
  12. Motor of a 9v Lego Motor Train

    Thank you very much!
  13. Hi all! I need to change one of my lego 9v train's motor. I saw that tamya motors for 4wd are perfect for them. Do you know how to put them in it? And what type of motor I need? Thank you very much!