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  1. Arrow

    TUTORIAL Replace bulb on 12v light brick

  2. Arrow

    Space efficient storage of train tracks

    This method is useful also with 12v tracks ;)
  3. Arrow

    12v cable "substitute"

  4. Arrow

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Thats a part of my collection displayed at a local exhibition.
  5. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Ok, in a recent event here where I live, I linked all the motors together. It works, A LOT. See the video.
  6. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Thnaks a lot man ;)
  7. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    ah yeah! I use 2 motors in trains like 7740 7745 7755, the buffer is on the motor anyway.
  8. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Yeah I know that, I was thinking that the 12v's method of picking up the power has some problem instead the 9v. That one picks up ALWAYS power, the 12v suffers of gaps and bad contacts. Yeah, we need to take some measures from the end to the last motor till the first contact of the first motor. But if we connect 2 motors and we create the isolated power rail, if the first motor go over that isolation, the last motor continue to pull all the train alone due the contact under it (takes the electricity not from the first motor but from they contacts). So, IMHO the wires only needs for bad contacts of 2 motors throught the normal use, the motor that have the best contacts can help the other one. But if I need to use the "traffic light set", I need to increase the speed of the train, to help the only working motor to pull the train for that few cms missing to the interruption rail with the inertial energy. Correct? Its not correct, both motors runs until the last motor go over the interruption point. I dont understand that part
  9. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    But a 9v motor take always electricity, instead of a 12v motor...
  10. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    If I use a wire to connect 2 9v motors, could we consider it useless?
  11. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Yeah, I was thinking about it right now...lets make some wire!
  12. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help.
  13. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    If I connect with a wire, does that create a electrical problem when a motor has current both on pickups and wires?
  14. Arrow

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Hi! I was reading some stuff on the forum, and I read someone that attach on a single car 2 motor linked each other with the wire. Whats the purpose of that? Each motor can take electricity through their contacts. Could someone explain if there are some pros about connecting 2 motors with a wire? Thanks all
  15. Arrow

    [How to:] Fix frayed wire on Lego 9v track connector

    Thanks. I only need to know how to open that 2x2 black wire brick without damaging it =(