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  1. Will they fix the colour? Seems pretty different from the original 9v Dark Gray
  2. Arrow

    Cleaning 12v track - PandaCity of Bricks

    How do you stick the "sponge" under the chassis? Glue?
  3. Arrow

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Any news about the release?
  4. Arrow

    Custom 9v curves

    Thanks a lot
  5. Arrow

    Custom 9v curves

    So it is a fast shipping?
  6. Arrow

    Custom 9v curves

    I ve read that MEModels tracks are no shipped anymore. And stopped the production...
  7. Arrow

    Custom 9v curves

    Hi all! I m writing from EU. What are the companies that make custom 9v curves of various radius? I saw some of them, but in USA!
  8. Arrow

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    Add 2 motors, to make longer trains! I did that on my 12 carriage of the 7745!
  9. Arrow

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    What are the news in the next update?
  10. Those white windows cost a fortune!
  11. Arrow

    MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Hai qualche foto in piĆ¹ di questa test station?
  12. Arrow

    Train-mounted camera

    What camera do you use to show in a little tablet/monitor the view?
  13. Arrow

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    Bello! I m from Cuneo, so I know that line very well ;)
  14. Arrow

    12v train green tray differences

    As quite all the changes on packages or on the pieces, I believe that this was made to increase the productivity.
  15. Arrow

    TUTORIAL Replace bulb on 12v light brick