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  1. danthaman11

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Thank you GRogall for sharing the new pics. Always exciting to see the new modular. I am glad it is a corner building as I could use another one in my city. The building looks like a another solid additon to the series. I will wait for higher resolution pics before making further judgements. The car is not very good but I believe I see 1 x 3 x 1 black car doors on it. If this is correct and makes the final version, Lego has brought those back into production in black and that will be nice for car MOCs. This is supposed to be a budget set? Does that mean the price will be lower than the traditional $149.99 for regular sized modulars or is that in comparison to the $199.99 Town Hall which is the new normal?
  2. danthaman11

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    Thanks Hrw-Amen. 2 minifigs can fit side by side with no adjustments to the arms. There is enough space with the seven wide so the arms don't have to be put in a special positon to fit. Great explanation. I've seen a pick up truck on the rails behind my house checking the lines just as you describe. Very nice fleet of rail trucks you have there on brickshelf.
  3. danthaman11

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    Thanks Steinkopf. A U.S. Hi-Rail pick up was my main inspiration for this version of the truck so I'm glad you can see the resemblance. Glad you like the color scheme, I live near a rail line and see a real life one occasionally but they are usually all white which is sort of boring so I tried to do something a little different. Thanks lightningtier. Mery Christmas to you too!
  4. danthaman11

    MOD: Emerald Night

    Very cool effect with the smoke coming out of the Emerald Night engine. Your layout is stunning and the Emerald Night looks great steaming around it!
  5. danthaman11

    MOC: TM III Shunting Tractor

    Great job on the diesel locomotive. It looks just like the real world version counterpart and how you were able to add lights and make it move brings it up to that next level. Keep up the good work!
  6. danthaman11

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    Thanks L@go. I had a lot of comments on mocpages also saying that it looked like a VW Amarok. That truck is not available in the U.S. so I did not even know it existed up until now but in seeing web pics I do see the similarities in the grill.
  7. danthaman11

    MOC: RWB Porsche "Hoonigan"

    Great work especially on the shaping. I like all the different colors especially the red version. Are you going to make the car in any other colors? I know those door parts are available in green, orange and blue.
  8. danthaman11

    MOC: 7 wide Pick Up Truck

    Thanks ER0L for the kind comments and the part suggestion for the side view mirrors. Glad you like the lower bumper area. I thought having the 1 x 2 x 1 1/3 curved top bricks in that area helps fill out the front bumper more espically on the civilian version which is lifted a little more and has more space there. I have seen Lego start to use the Hinge Plates 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger On End on more of their offical 4 wide cars for side view mirrors. I will have to look into that more and see how well that part works with the larger 7 wides. Another part option for side view mirrors would be very nice. Did not even notice the tag to the road rail version until now. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. danthaman11

    MOC: 7 wide Pick Up Truck

    Thank you all for the kind comments! Thanks LEGO Guy Bri. When I got the old highway truck out of the attic it was suprising how small it was even compared to the new 4 stud vehicles. No make and model names for any of my cars might have to think of some. Thanks soundwave_sw. Look forward to seeing your truck in the future. The 1x1 plate with round clip is supposed to be a side view mirror. Had to put jumper plates on the plate level above it to fit the six wide windscreen on the seven wide body so the side view mirror has to be there. Wanted to make those body colored matched but they are not readily available in orange or dark red, maybe Lego will someday bring them back into production. Thanks biG-fM_. The highway version was inspired by my states highway public works pick up trucks. They are orange and have the same color scheme as I used, it also worked well as Lego does some of their construction type vehicles in orange. The civilian version wasn't based on any specific real world car, I looked at a lot of pics of various pick ups on the internet to get the idea of the right shape. Thanks Alasdair Ryan. Would proably require a major redesign of the back end to get the tail gates to open. I thought about doing that but proably would have had to trade off the tow hook and the back end would have had a less cleaner look to it.
  10. danthaman11

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    Thank you all for the kind comments! Thanks LEGO Guy Bri. After I designed the regular version I realized I could make a couple of variations. Good idea with the camper topper never thought of doing one with that accessory but something to think about for the future. Thanks JopieK. Good suggestion with the coupler I don't know if I could fit it in under the bumper but something to look into. Thanks LegoSjaak. Glad you like the blue color. There are some vehicles in blue but overall compared to red or yellow there seems to be a lot less especially in the city line. The blue vehicles I think of in the last few years are the 7990 Cement Mixer, 7848 TRU Truck, and the small 4 stud blue car in this years 4207 City Garage. I think Lego is doing a little better with color variety but I would like to see more. Thanks Wedge09. It can go around the curved rail tracks.
  11. danthaman11

    MOC: 7 wide Pick Up Truck

    This is a 7 wide pick up truck I made this fall. First type is a civilian type and this is the dark red version. Also made it in black, dark bluish gray and dark blue. Second one is one of the service versions and it is a orange highway service truck inspired by 6521 Highway Repair Truck. Last picture is whats left of my original 6521 truck. Thanks for looking.
  12. danthaman11

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    Indexed by Moderator This is the road rail version of the 7 wide pick up truck I designed this fall. The main inspiration for this version was 4546 Road Rail Maintenance. I originally planned it to be yellow with dark bluish gray trim to match the official Lego train vehicles but decided to go with a blue color scheme to do something a little different. Thanks for looking.
  13. danthaman11

    MOC: ER0L's Garage

    Great job EROL! Excellent detailing on the interior and exterior of the building. Really like the brick built diner sign and all the interior acessories. Look forward to seeing the 2.0 version.
  14. danthaman11

    MOC Airport Fire Truck

    Good looking fire truck. Very accurate to the real life counterpart. I like the lime color and the chrome parts. Maybe some custom stickers or decals for the side of the truck.
  15. danthaman11

    Open back buildings, does anyone MOD them?

    I convert the open backed buildings to modular style if I like the building and want to put it in my town. All the buildings in my city layout are modular style so open backed buildings would not look right. I converted all 3 buildings in 10184 Town Plan to modular style and did the same for the red pizza building from city corner. I have seen other mocs where the builder has modularized and expanded different sets such as the buildings from Diagon Alley and the bank from Bank and Money Transfer so it's pretty common.