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    60081 Pickup Tow Truck

    Thanks everyone for your posts and opinions. I do appreciate that! Regarding the pickup size, I really glad that TLG did not take this one as example ;-)
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    60081 Pickup Tow Truck

    Review 60081: Pickup Tow Truck Details: Series: City Qty of bricks: 209pcs Qty of minifigures: 2 Qty of bags with bricks: 3 big bags (1 smaller inside each big) Bricklist: BrickLink Price: ~16€ (Internet) ~23€ (in local shops) Brickset BrickLink Tow truck(s) it's a well known topis in TLG. Example is not far away 60056: Tow Truck released last year. Looking at the first pictures and previews of 60081 I was not impresed. Not much as during with 60056 - I still consider it's one of the best Lego sets! Pickup is confusingly similar to a Jeep from 60045: Police Patrol[/ url]. Am I right? It is also oddly overgrown, as if swollen compared to "traditional" sets and vehicles. Broken blue car also is nothing spectacular. It seems to be an average set. TLG in 2015 series of City rather not charmed me like a year ago, while during premiere day I was one of the first customers waiting for his copies of 60056 and 60059! This year I saved some money waiting for good discounts. BTW: Of course I was not wasting my time. I put much more effort to restore some classic sets and moste of the money I decided to spent buying separate bricks. Box: The traditional rectangle, quite high but thanks to the width and height can be significantly reduced. It looks neat. The dimensions and proportions are not stinging the eyes. As always, dominated by blue. Design has changed slightly, there were steel shells around photos and images cut lines are more angular reinforcing the feeling of "austerity" and industrialization. FRONT & REAR TOP & BOTTOM LEFT & RIGHT Instruction: Two traditional books. The first describes on 20 pages construction of a blue car. The second is almost 70 pages describes the structure of a white pickup. BTW: Inside the box we have three bags of parts, two booklets of instruction, template labels and pickup's chassis brick. Minifigures: The two men. I have a strange feeling that both look like two warm dumplings ;-) The Lord in a green sweater V-neck and service personnel. Mediocre in plain trousers. BTW: In my opinion pickup driver should have clothes in white/green colours to be in line with the pickup. Bricks: I did not notice anything in spectacular. One caught my attention because somehow I had no occasion to hold it in your hand. I think about 30125]30125[/ url] but I can see that this is nothing new. In total set does not contain any "special" bricks, what I treat as an advantage! Work in progress: A: BLUE CAR B: PICKUP FINISHED SET: BENEFITS: + pickup's construction is on a very high level; + it has a lot of details: antennas, hammer; + remarkable but simple design solutions (rearheel arches, front of the car, half-stud distance between front of the car with the lights and bumper); + perfect colours combination; + a lot of fun in kids hands; + simple construction of the tug "fork"; + interesting labels, nice design; WEAKNESESS: - lack of doors in white pickup; - oddly swollen and almost off the scale (see last photo with 60056) - seems to be in American style; - tug "fork" is too loose; - oversized and massive tug construction; - too many labels (I really don't like them :-/); Summary: I admit that during building of a set it positive surprised me. At the beginning, my attitude fluctuated within the limits of desire shooting more than build. However, with time, and especially after opening the bags with numbers 2 and 3, my attitude was changing. Pushing the limits into a positive feelings. Finally, pickup looks like a monster truck and distorts the proportions of the Lego city, but as a model on your shelf it pleases the eye. For sure it won't be a star of anyone's collection, because it leaves unsatisfied. I wonder if instead of blue car could be something else in this set, something what more would increase the attractiveness set as of model, and not toy? Maybe this blue car pulls down a general assessment?
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    MOC - 4wide foam tanker truck

    I like the longer one. Especially, details like taps, lights and the rest of fire stuff. BTW: Nice photos.
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    REVIEW: 60035 Arctic Outpost

    Thanks scottwb2010. If you have some spare time check out my small blog where I'm describing a couple of my sets (new and old) and of course taking some photos. Unfortunately blog is in Polish but the language of photography is universal ;-) My Lego Corner That's my target. Push you to buy and assembly by your own hands. BT: I'm not a TLG employee :-) And this is what I like in this set. Wheels in tractor are unique for all Arctic 2014 sets. On the other hand they do not look ridicioulous. For sure, real Arctic vehicles are using wheels. Would be funny if TLG will propose us typical Lego wheels, as in ATV, but here we receving large wheels with open space under the tractor which is looking great and correct solution taking it from the engineering point of view. I also like vehicle which is in set 60036 but that's the only part which I like in 60036 :-( I bought and already posted my review of Arctic Ice Crawler: 60033 (I remember your post there!). Of course I also agree with you that this design should be copied and implemented for the next heavy duty trucks. I'd like to see it as a Lego Paris-Dakar race truck.Thanks for posting, everyone !
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    REVIEW: 60035 Arctic Outpost

    Review: 60035: Arctic Outpost Details: Series: City / Arctic Qty of bricks: 361pcs Qty of minifigures: 3 Oty of bags with bricks: 4 large bags and 5 small (2 small bags in bag#4) Bricklist: BrickLink Price: ~40Euro Brickset BrickLink It's time for the biggest and in my opinion the most interesting of expected sets: Arctic Outpost. Tractor with coupled Arctic base, or I should wrote a part of it. The first pictures, when day-to-day were discovered some secrets series, it immediately captivated me. Tractor seems to be non-trivial, but simple modular design. On one side tractor, on the other "scientific camping skiing", ie mobile arctic base. The original idea! Oh! Somewhere between the skids yet intertwining small wheeled vehicle, such ATV ;-) Okay, let's tearing of the box ! Box: Typical rectangular around 40cm x 25cm. Quite big. Traditional, Lego City colours: blue, white and orange. On the back side a couple of several scenes featured set. No more surprises. Below pics of the box. FRONT & REAR TOP & BOTTOM RIGHT & LEFT Instruction: Two nearly 70-page booklet. The first describes assembly steps for tractor and small quad. The second is for base. Standard size. Minifigures: Three of men, including two drivers (quad'a and tractor) and a mobile laboratory worker. Two drivers are already well known to me the employees Arctic series. They're almost like twins, distinguishes the colors goggles. Worthy of attention is a lab worker. Cool peaked cap, interesting outfit, goggles and still preserved colors. Minifigs in a series of Arctic are really very good! Interesting bricks: Just a couple, looking from my point of view: Landing Gear 1X6 W. Hole Ø4.85 Right Door W/Knob Hinge 1X3X3 Left Door W/Knob Hinge 1X3X3 Plate 2X4 W.Snap/4Xø4,85 Rock Crystal "No 1000" WORK IN PROGRESS: 1. QUAD: 2. TRACTOR: I can not pass by. Tractor is simply amazing. Great design. Designer, departed from the well-known concept truck City. Forced is a certain sense, the environment in which machine works, but on the other hand prefer to convince myself that this innovative approach. He picked up the chassis, increasing the clearance by the use of wheels with large tires; the same that were used in the 60027. Entire chassis of the tractor is confusingly similar to the monster truck of 60027. A lot of special lights, headlights hidden behind shields, four additional headlights on the front hood, another four at the roof. Yeah! Behind the cabin great and simple storage. Holders for the tools on the side of the tractor and small stairs to reach the toolbox. At the back, small yellow crane. One of the best Lego design ! It is a pity that the vehicles do not have a registration, can anyone of you know the 'father' of this set? 3. BASE: Finished set: BENEFITS: + tractor - is simply out of space ;-) ! There's always something which I may found, but this time I do not want, simply because it's surprised me totally ! + cool minifigures (especially guy from the lab) + colours, as always + a lot of playability + not much labels, but I think that the logo Arctic could be printed as done in the scooter: 60032 or for the quad WEAKNESSES: - the quad's driver grossly smiling ;-) - protruding black antenna, much beyond the height of the entire structure, (I know it need to but but it do not help my for storage), - If I looking correctly, on the packaging orange stud on the pile hand, is on the other side than in instruction, - runners in the trailer, after lifting themselves, twist to much, Summary: The set is successful. Everything is tip-top. Nothing to be disappointed, expectations from the packaging were fully transferred to reality. Tractor bomb ! For this trailer, which could be a little better IMHO, but what we get is good too and fully allows you to enjoy an Arctic base. Small quad, go around there somewhere "under the feet" will be a great element to lose, sooner or later. Especially in child hands But who will be bothered that ATV, after all, the boss is bigger and waiting somewhere else! You can see that the model is well thought out, used every free space giving a lot of fun. The tractor is one big, compressed lump, which in the hands of a child survives a lot. The trailer can be more in case of emergency, but whatever... I'm going to ride truck :-]
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    REVIEW 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler

    Thanks everyone for replies. Lyichir, do not be afraid, I'm not angry on you. I may even write that I'm happy that Experts like you may fullfill my lack of knowledge about the Lego :-) I'm not a hardcore fan. I'm only collecting sets which I like. During building, I'm taking pictures and publish them in reviews on Polish LUG, I also started my own blog with me Lego sets pics. Summary, I'm not good with details about what has been release in which year, the same as I do not know details about parts/colors and combinations. Moreover, I do not know to rember this and know all facts and numbers about sets :-) I'm just having fun bulding vehicles choosen by me (and taking photos of course). So please feel free to add or even change infos in my reviews.
  7. REVIEW 60033: Arctic Ice Crawler Details: Series: City / Arctic Release year: 2014 Quantity of bricks: 108szt. Quantity of minifigures: 1 Quantity of bags with bricks: 2 bags (1 big + 1 small) + 2 tracks chains Bricklist: BrickLink Proce: ~15Euro Brickset BrickLink Summer 2014, over 30 degree heat outside, and you need to incorporate into the skin of the Arctic explorer, where it is also 30 degrees, but less than 0, and review the latest edition of the Lego City - Arctic. It's the reactivation of the same subject from the beginning of the millennium. There already appeared snow creepers, scooters and base. I wonder what was the "response from the market"? I'm trying to understand what was the spark for that decision, why Lego decided to return to the monotonous Arctic topic? 2014 Arctic gives us also a banch of snow vehicles and main base. What precisely incldes whole set ? 60032: Arctic Snowmobile 60033: Arctic Ice Crawler 60034: Arctic Helicrane 60035: Arctic Outpost 60036: Arctic Base Camp 60062: Arctic Icebreaker 60064: Arctic Supply Plane Yes, I remember about 30310 but I do not treat it as a part of whole set. I do not like polybags, at all. Sorry. :-/ Today's set is the second largest, but the least on my personal list of Arctic sets, which I would like to have in my collection. And how in the details presents 60033? Box: A small rectangle measuring approximately 20cm x 10cm. Leading blue colors are of course, a spin-off series Arctic City, white and blue as arctic white and orange and blue and shades of gray as the main colors of bricks. Tempted to say that the color has not been drastically altered from the sets of the 2000 ... FRONT & REAR TOP & BOTTOM RIGHT & LEFT Instruction and additionals: Small 40to page booklet, which describes the 36 steps of the submission of the model. On the last pages advertising the latest sets: Arctic and trains. inAnd ... big bag of parts (without number) and smaller, cha tracks and a template with labels. Minifigure(s): ... but the quality of minifigs, vehicles and proportions of the models stand on a much better level. Good example is the ice crawler's driver. The body has printed a lot of details: 2 x Arctic logos, zippers, pockets, fur and a transmitter? Complemented well as refined pants and blue hood. Bricks: Not much new stuff here, which is a strong argument. From my point of view, only these two things, listed below, I treat as "new". Black Tread Small (20 tread 'links') Light Bluish Gray Plate, Modified 2 x 4 with Pins Work in progress: Finished set: Last two pics made with 60032, which I bought for my daughter. BENEFITS: + track chains – had carried out a car with this element. You get the feeling that this is how the original works. Lightly tick. Cool! + nice and I think a good return to the topic that seemed to be so far now, as the Arctic land, + minifig, + set of colors, + set skillfully reflects, or at least gives you feeling, how work machines on research expeditions, + playability, + relatively not much stickers, but I think that the Arctic logo could be printed as it was done in 60032 set, WEAKNESSES: - price – in extreme cases, you can buy twice time bigger set from Great Vehicles series,, - distance between axes could be a little bit bigger..., - ... that's the main reason, IMO, why ice crawler looks less in comparison with a similar vehicle from 60036, Summary: Ice Crawler, strikingly reminds me of my first sets bought over 25 years ago. Subject simple model also, lack of additional interest in a set (only vehicle), a small box, over a hundred parts and as a result a lot of joy and fun that fits in your hand. Vehicle that is worth noting, was built based on existing blocks. Great for a small gift or a gift from a fan of Lego and of course must have in your collection !
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    REVIEW 60027 Monster Truck Transporter

    No problem, andythenorth :-) That's the reason why I decided to buy 60027 instead of 60025, when I was standing in front of shelfs in shop. I also do not understand why this set is not available anymore in 2014 ? His "brother" 60025 is listed in catalouge for 2014 but 60027 not. BTW: In my country, Poland, this set is still available without any problems. Price ? From ~ 30/35€ depends where ?
  9. Prezes

    REVIEW 60027 Monster Truck Transporter

    andythenorth, do I understand you correctly. You think that price wrote in my review is incorrect and you feel cheated ?
  10. Prezes

    REVIEW 60056 Tow Truck

    fasolaks, it means that you have to buy two sets. One for son, one for you ;-) I do not have that kind of troubles. I have a daughter (3,5 years) but I'm bulding and taking photographs when she's sleeping. Maybe this is a solution for you ?
  11. Review of 60027: Monster Truck Transporter Details: Series: City / Great Vehicles Release year: 2013 Quantity of bricks: 299pcs Quantity of minifigures: 3 (monster truck driver; truck driver; mechanic) Quantity of bags with bricks: 4 bags Brick list: BrickLink Price: ~25Euro (promotion in local shop) Brickset BrickLink There was a promotion, a former desire, I had the money, so I bought. I choose 60027 because I did not see it coming in catalogues and announcements in 2014. Was it a potential candidate to expire in 2014 ? To not puzzling and do not overpay for a few months, I made the purchase. Willingly took to build, because: large model, a lot of blocks, a lot of minifigs, interesting design, my first truck with a long front and this my favorite series. Historically, there was/is a lot of transporters with a long trailer. Most transported vehicles -> helicopters, excavator, but there is one set of which is my number # 1: 7747 Wind Turbine Transport, which was not carrying any other vehicle. Probably not able to replace my all, so I immediately turn to the facts and photojournalism from the construction. Box: I think the best selected basis of the number of blocks in relation to the size of the package. Neither too small nor too large. These 35cm for nearly 20 pouches ideally located 4 bags with blocks. FRONT & REAR TOP & BOTTOM RIGHT & LEFT Instruction: Two books, which first describes step-by-step installation of the monster truck. The second shows installation of a truck. Traditional instruction. There's nothing extraordinary. Bags As previously mentioned 4, but more importantly was my surprise when in addition to labels, long plate'a wide on 2 studs and plates to the ramp dropped out. Nothing more. Where’s long trailer ? Minifigures: Three men (from left): monster truck driver, mechanic and truck driver. Their strengths are nice costumes, detailed print with a provocative inscription AIR BORNE (can be read as an AIR BORN or AIR BONE). If I had a chance I’d like to do smiling mechanic, not such a ... Polish employer – always dissatisfied ;-). Truck driver is a twin brother of the guy from 60018 mechanic has a new headsets. Headphones are a little underdeveloped, but I assume that this is the 1st edition, and probably time will fix shape and will not need to have large ears to fit ;-) Interesing bricks: 45590: Damper 2M 11402: Tool Wheel 14045: Headset W. Shaft Ø1.5 56891: Tyre Balloon Wide Ø 37X18 14520: Brick 1X4X1 2/3 W. V. Knobs 11303: Figur Head Clothing No 6 50943: Motor 2X2X1 1/3 55981: Rim Wide 18/14 W. Hole Ø4.8 Work in progress: Bag#1 monster truck and his driver. I have to commend the constructor. A nice, simple, robust design. Minimum elements and yet very nicely preserved line, color and magnitude of the vehicle itself. Great matched tires ! What unfortunately has been changed in the set 60055. Someone pointed out that the wheels in 60055 are too small. Here are perfect ! Massive, in the shape of balloons. The only drawback is the fact that the chassis is stiff, there are no springs, and the possibility of tilting / rocking structure, but the rest deserved for a big plus ! Bags#2+3: whole transport truck My first truck with a long lead. Extremely heavy this front. The whole built. Bag#4: trailer 8 studs wide. Unfortunately curve. The front part rises to the top. Take a look at the second picture. Tractor straight, minifig also and part pulls upward :-/ WORK IN PROGRESS: Finished set: Efficient eye and attentive reader will notice that in the last photo does not really have shown the whole set, because missing ... tools. They are packed in a separate bag and I did not want to unpack them. BENEFITS: + truck (as a whole: size, color, construction) + monster truck (as a whole: size, color, construction) + compact construction + lack of multiple colour bricks in chassis + whole bag of tools for the minifigures WEAKNESSES: - curve shape in the front of trailer - too many labels – 17pcs ! - ramp – it’s unnecessary IMO - connection between truck and traile is weak SUMMARATION: Interesting item even two: Long truck and extraordinary monster truck. The whole is maintained in an interesting color-climates. Few moving parts give more realism. Several interesting and new blocks. Ratio of blocks to the price atractive. I am happy with my purchase and I can honestly recommend it to fans ... wheels :-) BTW: I wonder if 60055 will fit to 60027 ?
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    REVIEW 60056 Tow Truck

    Review of 60056: Tow Truck Details: Series: City Release year: 2014 Quantity of bricks: 227pcs Quantity of minifigures: 1 Quantity of bags with bricks: 2 large bags + 2 small bags + 1 box with string Bricklist: BrickLink Proce: ~20Euroł (local shop in Poland) Brickset BrickLink Awaited. For many, one of the best in the first wave CITY for 2014. I admit that I also gave the bear his charm and eagerly looked forward to this position on the shelves. As has already appeared, I took one and rush into the house. I was patiently waiting for for the best moment to, as usual, in a good mood, sit quietly for the construction and reviews. 60056 is a wonderful subject to photograph ! Anyway, check out what I made. Box: A perfect fit to the set. Not too large (26cm x 19cm), bulky because of over 7cm high. Coloration, typical for CITY representatives. The dominance of blue with a picture of the truck on the front. On the back is the new bottom bar of the representatives of this year's series. Not bad, and certainly better than the previous solution. FRONT & REAR TOP & BOTTOM LEFT & RIGHT Instruction: Here's a surprise, because I have not met before, in a different set of Lego. Here’s no trailer or extra vehicle on a trailer but instruction consists of two books. Moreover, the first instruction does not have the end cover. It looks like a plucked from a larger instruction. This artificial division fits into bags of blocks, where we have two in set. The first instruction and first bag includes bricks for chassis, the second is the aisle. Bags and labels: Minifigures: Smiling truck driver with a beard. It does not look like he had other family members in the previous sets, but I do not penetrate the subject. Unfortunately, the driver hass probably the biggest drawback of the whole set. Orange print on the chest does not fit the glaring orange color of trousers. Too bad, because it’s an outstanding set. Interesing bricks: Set, contrary to appearances, doesn't have a lot of interesting pieces. All are known for builders. Of particular note, in my eyes, deserved two parts and this is mainly due to the size: 6055330: Telescopic Arm 2X1 1/3X16 4614746: Brick 1X12 Work in progress: Finished set: As I have written, set looks of the best on the pictures. There is no sense of the written word here. I threw a lot of pictures below, even though it is not the best solution, but I like this set VERY much, and during the entire construction period I took over 80photographs. Please forgive me that, but I think that at the end you will understand my admiration for this set. I give smaller thumbnails to not get tired when scrolling. === === === === === === === === === === === === === === BENEFITS: + EVERYTHING - everything should be boast: colors, solid, size, aspect ratio structures, + construction is one big and massive block – let me explain this, in traditional truck sets it’s easy to identify three main parts: chassis, cab and crate. Here, all three elements are an integral part. They are like one big brick, + remarkable construction without special bricks, + front of truck - large, simple in construction, but it’s “making terror on the highway" + no multicolour bricks in chassis, + every place in the structure is used - best to see it is behind the cab, where it is placed spool reel, + lift arm does not drop after lifting, + technical solution of pick up fork, + hook + fork - designer skillfully reconciled both solutions, + mirrors assembled to the bottom part of the cabin, WEAKNESSES: - orange color on the torso driver differs significantly from the orange color of pants, - place under the arm lift seems unfinished, it will be good to add several plates to slightly mask the harshness of the structure, SUMMATION: The set is phenomenal ! Solid construction, great colours, size, technical solutions. Sleek design uses widely available blocks to create a hell of a good toy. These 227 blocks gave me great fun and showed how sophistically and original we all may build LEGO trucks. This is what I call thinking "out of the box"! A set of fully deserves the title of being one of the best, if not the best, with this year's series Great Vehicles. I enjoyed the fact that the CITY series is growing so rapidly and would stay that way. And out of jealousy, "I wish, I’d like build this way." :-)
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    REVIEW 60061 Airport Fire Truck

    Good point. I didn't know about this. I saw one of fire truck on my local airport but not in the action. Now it explains why we have control panel between minifigs.
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    REVIEW 60059 Logging Truck

    SeanM, you're right. I'm critical, almost always. Maybe because I'm an adult and I'm looking on it not only as a toy but also as a market product. I prefer that kind of view, it's pushing always for updates and searching for new solutions. It's a continous improvement cycle. On the other side I can imagine that designers from TLG are looking for the most optimal construction. The balance between price, qty of brick, qty of new bricks, qty of colours and labels. It needs to be on acceptable level, for both sides, to release the set and earn on it. It's searching for the gold path, why we can not help TLG to find it ? :-) Thanks everyone for replies !
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    Town Forum Review Requests

    Here you are !