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    Future Superhero Set Ideas

    Attack On Stark Towers: Jan 2015-1690 Tony Stark Pepper Potts Aldrich Killian The Mandarin (Film) 3x Extremis Soldiers Iron Man Mark 1 The Hulk Buster Iron Man Mark 7 Iron Man Mark 37 Iron Man Heart Breaker Iron Patriot Sportscar Jarvis Mainstation £150 Asgardian Attack: Jan 2015- 460 Thor Odin Loki 2x Frost Giants Thors Mom 2x Asgardian Warriors 2x Asgardian Hoverboats £45 X-Attack On The Brotherhood Of Mutants: Jan 2015-778 Wolverine Cyclops Archangel Magneto Sabretooth Mastermind X-Jet Sabretooths Helicopter £70 Mini Sentinel: Daily Mail Promotion: May 2015-5 Mini Sentinel Ironmans building station: Daily Mail Promotion: May 2015-34 Iron Man (Mark 6) Iron Man Peril: June 2015-134 Whiplash Iron Man (Mark 4) Destroyed Racecar £14 Hawkeyes Deadly Run In: June 2015-278 Hawkeye (Classic) Leader 2x Hydra Agents Hawkeyes Motorbike £28 Galactus: Destroyer Of Worlds: September 2015-1177 Galactus Emma Frost (Glass) Wolverine Ms. Marvel Black Widow (Purple) Punisher Iceman Silver Surfer Shield Jet Punishers Jet X-Copter Ms.Marvels Car £100 The Cosmic Attack: September 2015-211 Green Goblin (classic) Psylocke Captain Britain Green Goblins Surfboard £20 Spiderman Vs The Sinister 6: Sep 2015-1207 Spiderman Spider Woman White Tiger Rhino Kraven Mysterio Beetle Ock Lizard Sinister 6 hideout £120
  2. Themadpatter

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    We have a LED green lantern light? It's like lego is torturing us
  3. I really want Marsha, Gail and Larry Edit Just got Marsha, Larry, Lincoln and Wiley Fusebot! I'm so happy
  4. Themadpatter

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    @eldiano Please review them, I'm dieing to see the electro, hydra, modok and Ock set
  5. Themadpatter

    REVIEW: 10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout

    It's not really about intelligence, but sanity, riddler basically kills for fun whereas Cateoman doesn't kill and the other two kill only those who get in their ways. Riddler is also really like, obsessed with riddles and question marks, and utterly destroying batman.
  6. Themadpatter

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    If you really look you can see cyclops :D
  7. Themadpatter

    Non-physical Lego Characters In Physical?

    @ Jared I think they can, if they get it from the comics, like the doc ock
  8. Themadpatter

    What The Simpsons character do you want as a minifigure?

    I really hope they put Edna Krab-Apple (as homer would say) in. Not just because I love the character, but as a tribute to The Voice Actress
  9. Themadpatter

    What is your favourite Super Heroes set?

    I love the Daily bugle set. Brilliant build and minifigures
  10. Themadpatter

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I supported, I want this so much.
  11. Themadpatter

    Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO set Discussion

    In England the love for this show is massive. Wether lego thinks it enough is the main thing. Personally I would love a Sherlock set. My 3rd favorite show ever
  12. Themadpatter

    71006 The Simpsons House (Press Release)

    Thanks for the Reply. I guess that's fine now, because since Homer has a normal face, everyone else will :D
  13. Themadpatter

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    YES! I was so unhappy with the homer at the house. Now it's Classic and Happy Homer! I guess that means Normal Marge, Bart and Ned! I could not be more happy
  14. Themadpatter

    71006 The Simpsons House (Press Release)

    I can't get this till April but I'm so looking forward to getting it, I do have a question though Are the heads that wierd?
  15. Themadpatter

    Future Superhero Set Ideas

    I have quite a few ideas I've planned like 10 whole waves for lego Varied prices Pieces Even Release Days: X-mansion Attack: Summer 2014-3213 Wolverine Jean Grey Cyclops Beast Magneto Emma Frost Prof. X Juggernaut Mystique Wolverines Motorcycle Magneto 2 Seater Jet Beasts Car X-Mansion £300 X Vs Toad: Summer 2014-278 Toad Gambit Rouge Havoc Havocs Car £30 Ultron Attack: Summer 2014- 311 Ultron Captain America Hawkeye Thor £30 Guardian Gate : Summer 2014- 498 Rocket Racoon Gamora Drax Groot Starlord Nebula Thanos £50 Fantastic 4 Peril: Summer 2014-1233 Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Mister Fantastic (stretched) Human Torch (Flame On) Human Torch (Flane Off) Thing Silver Surfer H.E.R.B.I.E The Fantasticar The 4 Building £130 Ship: September 2014-891 Rocket Racoon Nova Corps Commander The Collector Starlord Gamora £90 Avengers: The National Bank Sand Attack: September 2014-1040 Iron Man Hulk Sandman Giant Sand Figure (size of two hulks) 2x Policemen Police Cars £100 Doom Hideout Break-In: September 2014- 230 Dr.Doom Mister Fantastic (arms stretchy) Invisible Woman (Invisible) £20 These are just my 2014 ones. Tell me if you'd like to hear more