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  1. this is amazing! with all the details, it could very well be a real life park it's also nice to see other Malaysian AFOLs making great builds. keep it up
  2. TomatoSoup

    [MOC] Sawblade Speederbike

    "Whatever I cannot catch on foot, I will seize with the Sawblade." - Darth Cil Ah, finally, more time for MOCs! After seeing Bob's speeder, I just knew I had to make my dream of a single-column speeder be a reality! It's also heavily influenced by Darth Maul's Bloodfin, and I tried making it the slimmest I could Darth Cil is quite fond of the Sawblade, as he is with all fast traveling crafts.
  3. TomatoSoup

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    i've been interested in joining for some time now, but i never had time to do more reviews that being said, i just got some sets, ready to be reviewed and i would very much like to join the academy!
  4. TomatoSoup

    [MOC] Darth Severus speeder bike

    the MK2 is so sleek and pretty neat! loving the shape overall and red is just perfect. don't think i've seen those kind of windshield before.
  5. TomatoSoup

    [WIP] UCS TIE Variants (All of Them)

    They're just remarkable! that TIE Droid has me in a state of nostalgia of the Rogue Squadron game
  6. TomatoSoup

    [MOC/MOD] High Altitude Airspeeder

    Thanks for the compliments! i for one have never played KOTOR before, but i'm fond of the Old Republic era, and since i'm playing SWTOR, i'm looking forward to make more MOCs based on that era. Whoops! seems like i forgot the picture of the underside Here: It's not much, but it does have an exhaust! as for the altitude issue, i should've noted that it has 2 models, one for civilian use (not that high of an altitude, same as normal airspeeders) and another for official uses (alternate colors, and higher altitude adjustments) and this one is the civilian model. Hope it clears things up
  7. We meet again, EB! I present to you today my first (true) MOC i've built, a High Altitude Airspeeder or HAAS. It was a fun build, but i cheated a bit as i used the cockpit of the Geonosian starfighter, so you might call it a MOD instead. But as obvious as it is, most of the parts are taken and made from the same set. Without further ado, the pictures: Here you can see my friend John, modeling as a pilot or driver for the airspeeder. Front-top view (i have no idea how to explain this angle) Front view. Kinda menacing, isn't it? Side view. A view of its behind. A view of the 'engines'. Side view of the 'engines' And a view of the cockpit. That's all folks! and thanks for viewing. comments and criticism are definitely welcome! oh and John bids goodbye as well
  8. TomatoSoup

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    I believe so, if only the colors. it's a much darker blue than the previous ones. Great eye there! looks to me like an imperial insignia with opposite colors. foreshadowing, perhaps?
  9. TomatoSoup

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Thankyou for all your feedbacks, they're all appreciated! It actually is much more detailed and larger compared to the last yellow Eta-2 that came out in 2005, which i believe was in both 9494 and the Ultimate Space Battle. Thanks for the feedback Lightning, and i bid both you and your son to keep bricking on too! True, just noticed the exclusion of the droid socket of the older model. and this one is way more larger and detailed. And i really hope they release Obi's red Eta-2 because it's an exclusive to only one set, and it's a shame because it's so gorgeous
  10. TomatoSoup

    Future Star Wars Sets

    They would be mindblowing considering the rumors of separated helmets and backpacks of Snowtroopers. Though i'd like to see a Ki-Adi Mundi figure in a non CW stylized face, along with the marines.
  11. TomatoSoup

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Hello Eurobrickers! I've been a longtime lurker here on the forums (not the creepy kind ) and i'm here to present my first post, which is a review of a set i recently bought. Here's a description from Lego S@H: Without further ado, here's the front of the box: Has the new Vader logo on top, and no piece count since i bought this set in my region (which is Asia) but it has 223 pieces according to S@H. The top, has a nice little note concerning the new spring shooters we get this wave and NEW! tags for the minifigures. The back, shows the features of the set and again showcasing the new spring shooters. Note: the background seems to be incorrect, since it depicts Mustafar and this isn't the interceptor Anakin uses to get there. Not nitpicking, just pointing it out But please correct me if i'm wrong. Enough of the box, lets get into the set itself! The numbered bags, instruction booklet and the infamous dreaded sticker sheet. A close-up of the DSS itself, with stickers of the solar panels, controls and the Open Circle Fleet insignia. Opening the first bag! Here we see the new trans-green spring shooter ammo which we seem to get in all the republic-related sets this wave, and a printed piece of the cockpit window as well as the Chosen One himself, in pieces. The first minifigure we get is none other than Anakin Skywalker! Now i'm excited, because this is my first figure of him to not have the CW-stylized face. Not sure if the face is new, with the commlink printed but the box does state that the figures are, which may just be the torso and leg printing. He also comes with a matte-chrome lightsaber hilt and a trans-blue saber. He also has a double-sided head, with this one showing the more cranky side of the Chosen One Halfway through the first bag, and we have Annie here helping out constructing the set with the Force Done with the first bag, Annie seems pleased with his work! Now onto the 2nd bag! Here we have the pieces sorted out again, and Annie can't seem to stay out of the spotlight Halfway through the build, here he is again helping out with the Force. The 2nd bag is done, Annie seems to like what we've built so far. Now onto the 3rd and final bag! There is another printed piece for the canopy of the cockpit, and it looks like Annie is building something over there himself... Ah! It's R2-D2! He has an updated head/dome piece, which we can see much more clearly in the next photo. Great printing on the body as usual, and the dome has great printing all over! Keep in mind, it's also the first R2-D2 minifigure i've gotten with these prints on the dome, the previous ones seem to only be printed near the top of the dome IIRC. The 3rd bag is finished, but little Artoo seems to have some problems getting into his socket The finished build! Top view of the Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor or Jedi Interceptor for short, it looks pretty neat and solid! Note the little Republic insignia is also printed, and this is the set without stickers applied Side view. Back view. Here you can clearly see the misprint on the canopy, and it annoys me And finally, the bottom view. Not too pretty to look at, but no one will ever see it as long as Annie doesn't crash the ship upside down. There are also 2 clips where you can store your lightsaber hilt and...blade? Doesn't seem too safe. And that's it for the whole set! Annie and Artoo bids you farewell, and hoped you enjoyed the review the three of us put together! And the spare pieces from the set, for when you lose some or need some. A good number of lightsaber hilts The Verdict: Pros - Great build, and a much swooshable set - Detailed minifigures - A nice addition to any Clone/Jedi/Republic fleet Cons - Another set with Anakin and Artoo. Some other exclusive minifig would've been nice - Stickers, not particularly the number, but the application especially on the solar panels are easily messed up. Conclusion It's a great set for me, though it doesn't really stand out enough to be nominated for the "Set Of The Wave" award, it's still a nicely built albeit repeat of a set we've already seen and even that set had more minifigures and of course, costs much more. I can't see people buying more than one of these sets, as they contain an already existing minifgure as opposed to exclusives, which IMO is the true draw of most sets. Did i mention we've seen these minifigs and the vehicle in other sets as well? Being said, i'm not complaining, i like this set since i just love the yellow, while the previous set was green in color. Still a great set for the (low?) price $25 as opposed to earlier and bigger sets. Rating Build: 8/10 - I had fun building this set, especially the tilted wings and cockpit, and i can only hope others do too! Design: 6/10 - We've seen the Jedi Interceptor before, and there's not much of an upgrade as far as i see. Minifigures: 5/10 - Again, we've seen these guys before, though Anakin i believe has a new head with the commlink print. Playability: 7/10 - IMO a sturdy build, and can be played around with with no fear of pieces falling off, but the panels are hard to adjust symmetrically and the new spring shooters shoot far enough to poke your neighbor's eye out Parts: 6/10 - Some interesting parts, like the solar panels, but nothing we haven't seen before. Overall: 32/50 - It's a(nother) Jedi Interceptor! You could've gotten a similar set in the years before, but the lower pricing seems to make this set for me. You can buy this as a gift to your nephew, niece, children, yourself or whoever because it's affordable, and because i recommend it. Not for army building though, obviously. Extra: "Seemingly frustrated about the DSS, the young Jedi has to go through the test of patience as he now has to put them all by himself. Careful not to use anger, and goodluck Vader Annie!" Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions!
  12. TomatoSoup

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    anyone has their hands on the Coruscant Police Gunship set yet? really want to see the size of the set as a whole and if it is (possibly) the last CW set?
  13. it already looks marvelous! doing a great job here, can't wait for the final touches!
  14. TomatoSoup

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    looks like a Cathar! maybe a possibility of more SWTOR sets coming out to include this species? variations of them would be great.