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  1. Future Castle Sets?

    I was disappointed to see an ad for Nexo Knights in the new Lego Magizine. I was hoping the new Castle theme would be more in line with Kingdoms, Fantasy Era, and the classic Crusaders. Oh well; it's probably a good thing that I won't be tempted to buy them.
  2. [MOD/MOC] Dragon's King Bahamut (still WIP)

    Fantastic! The original is very impressive too, but your new one is so much more lively.
  3. MOC: WWI Flying Ace

    I loved Johnny Thunder! This plane reminded me of the Adventurers sets too.
  4. Castle Eras and Factions

    I remember when minifigs started having facial expressions besides smiles; it was almost a big deal when I was a kid. "The Lego good guys are stupid!" my brother said to me. "They're always smiling!" "Not the ninja good guys!" I'd retort back. (Those were the grey ninjas, right?) "They never smile!" "Yeah, that's because they all have daggers shoved up their butts!" I then changed my argument by pointing out the Aquashark with the John Conner hair. "Look at him! He's a bad guy, and he's smiling!" *** Castle (LotR included) is my favorite theme; it's what keeps me into Lego to this day. So, I'd like to read a book all about the history and dynamics of the theme over the years
  5. Erebor - final with the movie!

    You're a genius at recreating movie set with Lego.
  6. Dragon Lands: Mythic Machines

    You thought of everything when building the dragon didn't you? Eyes, a saddle, and even a reptillian tongue.
  7. MOC: Egyptian Fort

    I like this. It's always interesting to see historical builds that go outisde the European middle ages, as much as I love that genre. Using a lighter blue for the river makes the whole seen look hotter and sunnier too.
  8. [MOC] White Castle on a Mountain Slope

    I like how you even thought to use technic pins as windows! And, are those lightsaber hilts I see?
  9. [MOC] The Buddhist Temple

    Wow! I can't even guess how you made the roof bow like that, and it took me a second to realize that the real life comparison photographs weren't part of your model too.
  10. MOC: The prancing pony

    This is just the right balance of authenticity and economy to be an official set.
  11. MOC: LOTR Grey Havens City

    This looks straight out of an Alan Lee painting.
  12. [MOC] Royal King's Castle Upgraded

    This is the most innovate use of BFCs I've ever seen.
  13. [MOC][The Hobbit] Smaug's awakening

    I'm so impressed at the detail and Smaug's size and lifelike pose.
  14. Attack of the Daimyo

    Please don't let Godzilla near it!
  15. ''Somewhere in the Shire...''

    Here's a side of the Shire we don't see often. Tolkien stated that, in the time of Lord of the Rings, only the richest and the poorest hobbits still lived in holes. So most hobbits live in houses (like the one Frodo briefly stays in before departing on his quest), which we don't see much in the movies.