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  1. InvincibleEagle

    Fright Knights

    The theme reminds me of a time when my brother's friend said that Fright Knights were too scary for me.
  2. InvincibleEagle

    Considering extra pieces when selling used sets

    Thanks for the clear answers. So I can use the parts inventory to reliably include everything then. I was slightly worried because, while I have been keeping my newer (post dark age) sets' extras in ziplocks separate from my main bin, I have not been organizing by individual set.
  3. Dragonlance needs it. Myself, I'd love a Stephen King cinematic universe centered around The Dark Tower. A real Dark Tower movie with real Dark Tower characters, not whatever we got in 2016. Movies like based and/or series based on Salem's Lot, The Stand, Insomnia, Eyes of the Dragon, It, and more won't be crucial to the Dark Tower movies just like the novels, but they'll be rewarding for those who keep track.
  4. InvincibleEagle

    [MOC] Seven Towers

    This gets more and more epic the more angles I see. I envy people who can build like this.
  5. InvincibleEagle

    Black Falcon's Fortress Updated

    The modesty of classic Castle meets AFOL elaboration.
  6. Hello, I'm considering selling a few of my LotR/Hobbit sets on eBay (or perhaps bricklink) one day. I am wondering if it's expected to include all extra pieces when repacking sets or just the 99.9% of pieces required to build the feature set. Are the extras included in the part quantity sheet in the back of the manual? Thanks.
  7. InvincibleEagle

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    First thing I do is shake them.
  8. InvincibleEagle

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    This fits extremely well with the commercial line, but isn't afraid to step beyond its bounds. 10/10
  9. InvincibleEagle

    The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    I love this so much. It really looks like an Alan Lee painting in 3D.
  10. InvincibleEagle

    Future Castle Sets?

    I was disappointed to see an ad for Nexo Knights in the new Lego Magizine. I was hoping the new Castle theme would be more in line with Kingdoms, Fantasy Era, and the classic Crusaders. Oh well; it's probably a good thing that I won't be tempted to buy them.
  11. InvincibleEagle

    [MOD/MOC] Dragon's King Bahamut (still WIP)

    Fantastic! The original is very impressive too, but your new one is so much more lively.
  12. InvincibleEagle

    MOC: WWI Flying Ace

    I loved Johnny Thunder! This plane reminded me of the Adventurers sets too.
  13. InvincibleEagle

    Castle Eras and Factions

    I remember when minifigs started having facial expressions besides smiles; it was almost a big deal when I was a kid. "The Lego good guys are stupid!" my brother said to me. "They're always smiling!" "Not the ninja good guys!" I'd retort back. (Those were the grey ninjas, right?) "They never smile!" "Yeah, that's because they all have daggers shoved up their butts!" I then changed my argument by pointing out the Aquashark with the John Conner hair. "Look at him! He's a bad guy, and he's smiling!" *** Castle (LotR included) is my favorite theme; it's what keeps me into Lego to this day. So, I'd like to read a book all about the history and dynamics of the theme over the years
  14. InvincibleEagle

    Erebor - final with the movie!

    You're a genius at recreating movie set with Lego.
  15. InvincibleEagle

    Dragon Lands: Mythic Machines

    You thought of everything when building the dragon didn't you? Eyes, a saddle, and even a reptillian tongue.