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  1. it has to have functions :D and I can only imagine the presentation picture of that "thing" :))) Also : I'm in!
  2. Anathaema

    Lego at risk of 'genericide'

    Just the other day I was passing by a mother with her 2 kids (about 5 & 6 or so of age) and they were looking at some LEGO replicas. One of the boys said that he wants a LEGO from there. Overhearing and knowing that the store sells only china crap, I stopped, got the boy's attention and told him : Those aren't LEGO, just cheap replicas that will break when you least expect it. You can find LEGO at Carrefour". And then I left, quite satisfied !
  3. I really love 9392 it's so awesome I bought 3 :D
  4. the creator line, bought a few, messed around with them then bought every technic set I could lay eyes on :D
  5. I'd get : 2 x 42009 1 x 9396 2 x 42006 and the IR from bricklink starting from there I'd see what I'm missing for my MOCs and order spare parts from bricklink
  6. "I'll only get these few pieces from BL" "I hate mindstorms" "This new MOC will be done by tomorrow and I'll start working on it today"
  7. Maybe a new franchise ? They've done Ferrari, Mercedes, Volvo, Lamborghini (?) What else ? I'd love a new bike with a franchise behind it, like a flagship Ducatti or something.
  8. Yeah, I know that 2014 isn't even at its mid but I'm curious what kind of machines will we be getting as I don't find the remaining 2014 sets that appealing. I hope we get a new bike type and something that flies, even if at low range
  9. All of my sets are in trays and bins as spare parts xD I build the nicer model of the set and then off to the "brainstorming tray" with it !
  10. Anathaema

    A Request.

    1. Being a LEGO fan is something that is part of me. I grew up with LEGO, I've recently came back to it and the community is great. Being able to share and to receive information is invaluable ! 2. It makes me think in new perspectives, it has helped me overcome difficult times and it relaxes me more than anything else. 3. As a child I really juggled between pirates/castle/technic, nowadays I am mostly a technic/creator fan and builder
  11. ha, very nice little moc, would love to see more of these "mini" type of mocs
  12. The wall behind it :))) I building on a 50x50 cm IKEA table, surrounded by different toolboxes and depositing trays. All of the connectors and pins are safely stored separately
  13. Anathaema

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    When I play, I play Diablo III, DOTA 2, Hearthstone When I work, I play Photoshop :)
  14. Anathaema

    Hi, I'm Owen.

    Welcome! I am also transitioning from studded to studdless and some things work out better, others not so much :))