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  1. Napoleons Journey of Conquest

    Thank you, Balbo! Yes, I have already done around a minute of the second episode. Just need to add 2-3 minutes of the battle of Battle of Montenotte, Battle of Dego and hopefully Dego. After I finish the Italian Campaign I hope to start another season, hopefully with more exciting campaigns/battles. Ambitious, yes. But it can be done. I have the minifigs. (20 France, 15 Austro-Hungary, 8 Duchy of Warsaw, 15 Russia, 8 Piedmont), I have the battlefield. What I don't have is all the time :( Vive l'Empereur !
  2. Napoleonic Wars/Armies (WIP)

    Hi ! I So this is still happening. I changed my Grande Armee to become more of the revolutionary army of the war of the coalition and changed the helmet styles of the austrians, as well as added more cuirassiers. This is temporary as I am making a series so I hope to start from the war of the first coalition and end it at Napoleons defeat in Waterloo. I'll post pics soon ! Moreover I just released the first episode which could be found here.
  3. So this is it guys ! The first episode of my series where Napoleon will conquer Europe! Or blue coats vs everything coats whateva you wanna call it...
  4. Hi ! This is the first time I actually used extensive effects on my video! This is the lego WWII Invasion ! Enjoy :)
  5. Napoleonic Wars/Armies (WIP)

    haha thank you sir. Yes I am aware of that as well. I think there are the shakos, hussars caps and czapkas that are freshly molded from abs plastic. I forgot where it was from though. I think it was Brickforge or something. I've seen the prototypes two or three years ago here in these forums. Even though clay isn't that perfect as ABS plastic molded custom pieces, I think it gives me a little more freedom. The custom parts cost a bit of money, which a rather pay for more minifigs or muskets to improve the size of these armies. In this case I am fighting against quantity rather than quality. As you can see the clay could somehow replace custom parts but a minifig can only replace another minifig ! Yes the muskets/rifles/and musketoons need improvement. I am rather at a tight budget at the momment that even a couple of pieces of plastic would not be as pleasent on me ! (books are expensive at school !) I've seen the bayonets and I really love them ! I will plan for the future to order a couple. Although I might save on the muskets and just buy the generic lego muskets. As for now the muskets are a little bit ugly as I don't have that much. ( 6 muksets and 5 rifles for 50 * fuislers/footguards/line infantry ! Excellent advice ! I applied this to some of my new units and it works beatifully ! Thank you sir ! p.s. it is not a baldric but rather a coat ! Many armies such as the prussians or russians during the napoleonic wars wore a winter coat over their shoulders. These are some of my reference pictures: Thank you ! The troops what you are refering to are my Duchy of Warsaw Polish line infantry. It was quite challenging to make their czapkas ! Haha, this is not the final stage of my project. For now I am finishing up the troops and making short videos and testing the special effects. After I decide what battle I want to do (I was thinking Borodino or Leipzig) I will look at paintings and map of the terrain and make the actual set. I will add buildings and terrain out of lego but ONLY after I decide what battle I want to do. For example if I am making Lodi I must build a bridge and a town. If I am building Leipzig I must build a town surrounded by mountainous terrain. Do not worry ! The set is only in the "blank" state for now until I decide what I want to do !
  6. Napoleonic Wars/Armies (WIP)

    Haha after making of custom turso decals, research and modeling clay I am coming near to finishing the set and armies. Here is my progress as of now: Now I will be working on scenery ! Hope this turns out well in the end ! I want to make it as massive as I can !
  7. Little Monkey that was amazing ! Smooth frame rate, interesting and funny story, and really creative. Good job !
  8. Napoleonic Wars/Armies (WIP)

    UPDATE Hey folks, I wish you all the best for the 2014 new year !!! I bring you some progress for my lego war ! The begginning ! My Russian infantry soldier, borys, is patrolling the terrain. Bristol board dominates the countryside, and lots of green clay finds its way to the center. Because I do the have enough baseplates to accomidate the entire landscape, clay will be used. It is easier to move minifigs around especialyl during filming without the minifigs tipping over ! The Russians were quick in capturing key stragetic points.
  9. IM BACK !

    HI Im a fairly old memeber but my posts are in so little quantity that I could be considered a not yet known new member. Just wanted to note that I am going to be more active and I wish to be a contributing memeber of the historical, pirate and brickfilm subforums where a constantly lurk. ;)
  10. Napoleonic Wars/Armies (WIP)

    HI ! I am preparing a set and all my little plastic actors for the biggest napoleonic war in lego film production. I care for historical realism and want to make huge battle scenes. Of course in the mean time I am doing historical research, making customs tursos for my soldiers, making custom minifigs etc. I hope to bring the highest quality to my film ! For starters I Will begin my presentaion of my first army. A company of russian Infantry. Historical input would be really appreciated ! STAY tuned for when I will make upload pictures of the set and more armies.
  11. My New Video Released!

    Hey Guys, Its been a long time and I got back to making my lego battle videos. This new one was supposed to be the trailer of the MW3 game before it was released but unfortunately I did not finish in time. I gathered up the footage and compiled it into this movie. I mostly wanted to test my skills in the effects factor of my movies, as I want my WWII lego video perfect. Enjoy!
  12. I think it is about time we had a topic about the Polish Military during the Napoleonic Era. The Polish Contribution had military, historic, and artistic effects to world history such as creation of the 'Ulhans' in almost every military up to WWII after the model of the original Polish Ulhans, the Polish Czapka or later Rogatywka which was later worn as a standard of every lancer regiments in Europe and brilliant commanders such as Poniatowski and just a little prior Koscuszko or Pulawski (father of American Cavalry) the mass paintings which we see of the Napoleonic Era where we can always see some Polish accent in it. After the partitions of Poland Poles joined the Polish Legions and later the Dutchy of Warsaw's army after its creation and took part in every major operation during the Napoleonic Era. My goal is to create a Polish Army using extensive research as well my own made custom tursos and gear. The czapka I must say is the hardest because it is a unique Polish four squared cap, and I would have to have a ABS injection molding machine to get a plastic result. I still managed to get a cool and accurate result with my other methods. This topic will be full of both historical materials and the recruiting of the Polish Army. Anyone could join in and add to the fun research and comment on how I am recruiting my troops. So the first Polish unit will be of course the Marshal of the Empire Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski. made extensive research of his Polish military battle uniform and was forced to do the entire minifigure almost from scratch with a custom czapka, I designed two custom tursos and even his saddle.I tried to make it as historically accurate I could especially the design of the czapka, the medals on the tursos, the zigzag identifications of rank, as well as the overall layout with the collars, buttons, strings etc. I used these paintings AND MANY MORE as my references: My Result How do we make images bigger for the forums? General Staff is next! ;)
  13. Grunwald 1410 -2010 (WIP)

    Hey Everyone! Thankyou for the interest in this project! I am happy to announce that I have released the video today. Since I treat this topic as a ideas and discussion about the history of grunwald aswell as advice about my Grunwald project, I decided to put the final video in the Brickfilms section. The topic is located here.
  14. Hello Everyone! I have released my lego brickfilm which was done for the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald Unfortunately I did not have time to edit it for August 15, 2010 as well as my computer broke down once and destroyed all my work. The Battle of Grunwald was the largest medieval battle fought between the Teutonic Order and the Polish Army. The two large armies fought with each other on August 15th 1410 what would be know as the Battle of Grunwald. For the 600th Anniversary of the battle, a lego reenactment of the battle was done by me. Some people might not be familiar with Grunwald. Grunwald should be more widely known for it was the largest battle in the middle ages. About 70,000 knights participated in this battle. The battle was between the Teutonic Order vs. Poland with Lithuania. The Teutonic knights also invited knights from all of Europe. This was the time when the Teutonic Knights wanted to "Christianize" the pagan Lithuanians. The Teutonic knights also claimed some Polish Lands as theirs. Lithuanians received Christianity from Poland, therefore the knights had no pretext to keep on attacking Lithuania. The Teutonic Knights declared war on Poland and Lithuania. After some hard battles, Poland gathered a massive army along with Lithuania, and that army was to take the Teutonic capital of Marienburg. The Teutonic Knights were not aware of this army until a Hungarian envoy saw the army and told the Order on a diplomatic meeting. At once, the Grand Master of the Order, Ulrich von Jungingen, took a massive army of Teutonic Knights, went out to find a defensive and strategic point to fight off the Polish Army. After a campaign the two armies finally met near a village called Grunwald. There, the largest battle in medieval era, had taken place. The Battle was about 10 hours long, and it resulted in a decisive Polish victory. The Order was totally crushed and it never came because to it's former glory. Comments here or on the video are very welcome and recommended.
  15. Grunwald 1410 -2010 (WIP)

    I know it has been quite a time since my last update. I would just like to inform to people interested in the video I have finished making the pictures a long time a go at the end of August. Since that time I have been editing it and adding audio. The movie is almost complete I it will be released this week.