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    <p> Technic </p> <p> I buy parts to build cranes </p>
  1. Nice crane. I'm interested in the boom design if you have some better close ups of that to post.
  2. mobile aggregate processing plant was the B model
  3. I thought for sure this color vomit set was a moc until seeing the YouTube video. I'm very interested in the curved gear racks, and hope they can be used for slewing rings/turn tables.
  4. DoGoods

    LEGO Liebherr Crane Sculpture

    This is a great model! Did you make a digital model? Do you feel like making a digital model or do you care if someone wants to give it a try? I really need this in my collection.
  5. Try looking at It will tell you exactly what you are looking for. 42009 has 62.5% of the parts you need. If you add 42024 or 42006 you will be up over 75% of the parts needed.
  6. Alex, Is there a brick stock file for just the carrier of the 6400 with suspension? I'm trying to figure out what parts I need to go from the suspension version to the no suspension version.
  7. I've been waiting for this, and am very excited to build this model. Some of the parts are rare and very expensive, so I may change some of the colored parts. How difficult is it to remove the rechargeable battery box? I'm thinking to switch it to the AAA box to save a little money, if it's not going to take all day to change batteries.
  8. How is the second winch controlled? Are we going to need an sbrick to control the extra function?
  9. I'm semi new here. Just got back into LEGO after many years away. I'm really only into building large technic MOCs that others have created instructions for. I've purchased a 25 pound lot of lego because it included a couple RC motors. I was planning on putting the other parts in their respective sets (mostly castle and bionicle). I have no instructions or boxes (I'm picking out unique parts and using bricklink to find their respective sets). I have found that many of the sets may be missing a couple pieces. My question is: should I sell the sets as incomplete or just part everything out? I'm not trying to sell lego as a job, just trying to decrease my inventory of non technic pieces. I know this may not be the correct forum, but I can't post in the for sale section.
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of not using lego LAs but instead making a large one from bricks. Though this may also work
  11. I would prefer it to work even if performance is not as good
  12. Efferman, do you think it is possible to brick build a LA to use with your upper carriage and boom? I really like your upper carriage, but prefer a purist creation.
  13. Has it been considered to use a string LA like here: I have been attempting to make it work but I'm not very good, I need some instructions.
  14. Here are some MODS that I have done to the 42009. I started with Jurgens Ultimate 42009. I then added afol1969's Extended Boom. I have also started adding beams to widen the body as efferman did. I had thought about adding another drive axle and after I added the Extended Boom I knew it needed to be done. Here are the results: To hold the Battery Box in place: Move the Infrared Recievers back because the cables are not long enough: I find that this design does not take away the rigidity of the model and functions well (still can't go over uneven surfaces, it would be nice to have all wheel drive). In the future I plan to redesign the outriggers since the originals provided no stability. I would also like to incorporate a stronger turn table since the current one does not seem adequate with any type of load on it.