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  1. The local Lego store smartly didn’t put the C3PO on the display of the store’s Landspeeder.
  2. I really don’t like the price of Cad Bane’s ship with that thin minifigure lineup. On the other hand I like the price of the Inquisitor ship a lot better with that set’s minifigure lineup.
  3. The keychain is indeed really nice. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. The box it comes in is a little quality box too.
  4. Depending on how common that misprint turns out to be your minifig could be worth a lot of money.
  5. All new and recent Star Wars sets other than the Landspeeder were completely cleaned out at my local Lego store. Zero dioramas, no tanks, no Darktroopers, etc. Lots of sets are on backorder or temporarily unavailable on S@H already. Other stuff that released today like the plants and Muppet minifigs was almost sold out as well. Anyone who really wants all the promos better go get the sets you want asap or they might not be available.
  6. Is it $160 in Star Wars sets or $160 in (all) Lego sets? I’m keep hoping for General Calrissian & Nien Numb in the next Falcon set whenever that may be.
  7. Very ballsy of Lego to give us a woman in a kitchen as a promo in 2022. Let’s hope the woke folks won’t notice
  8. Besides being iconic it has to be able to have a build that can carry the $530 price tag that is way higher than the Cantina, Hoth and Cloud City we have had. This would eliminate things like the Geonosis Arena or Lars Homestead Imo.
  9. It seems a weird choice to give us a UCS of that ship now since it’s not featured in the show anymore, but anyway if this turns out to be true that’s a $530 I can keep in my pocket then
  10. It was a rhetorical question statement. I just think they look bad. What they should have done is make them like they did the arms of the Marvel collectable minifigures Wanda, bottom half white (and with white or brown hands, not black) and then put the print over the underarms like they did with Gamora’s arms. Now thát would have a proper representation instead of this half-baked thing that makes it look from the front & back as if Mace’s bracers have shrunk in the washing machine. Maybe my standards are too high though.
  11. The arm print on Mace Windu looks pretty bad Imo only going halfway like that. What is it even supposed to be?
  12. In what way are the SW and JW quotes sets similar other than being dioramas and iconic moments in the movies?
  13. I never said that potential set-exclusive minifigures in higher end sets necessarily would have to be ‘better’. Just different in a unique way.
  14. I wouldn’t mind if they’d put more exclusive versions of minifigures in these display sets as a selling point. If I knew the back-print R2D2, Han/Luke’s Stormtrooper bodies and C3P0’s arm print were limited to this set that would make this otherwise way too overpriced set worth it a lot more all of a sudden.