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  1. All of the multicoloured pets from the Friends Play Cubes are available.
  2. The dolphin was in the beach people pack before the TLBM series 2 figures. I think the cape for Soccer Mom batgirl is a unique cut.
  3. Here’s the full ad:
  4. I’m not sure if this is new. Mini X-wing trench run diorama. It’s an instore build at toysrus.
  5. Is this mini build new? It’s for a toys r us promo.
  6. Set 75952. Part 28270.
  7. Mysterio’s helmet is available: 51283
  8. Rice tile is back in stock.
  9. Looks like there’s the Joker Card as well, under the penny.
  10. Both dragon scale curved slopes from 80102 are available now.
  11. Thanks, the Marceline legs don't show up when searching on bricklink for some reason. The legs from the PaM bin are unprinted though.
  12. Not B&P related (yet), but I couldn't find a thread for the Build-a-Minifig bin in LEGO stores. I found dual-molded dark blue hips and legs with dark red legs there. I can't find anything in the databases about it, it seems to be a new piece.
  13. Merch

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    It's pretty spectacular. I especially like the design of the bubble cockpit and how prominent it is. Great use of colour as well.