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  1. Merch

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    The official reveal will presumably be at Blizcon, which is November 2-3.
  2. Merch

    [MOC/MOD] TLBM Joker Manor with Batcave

    The expansion to the base of the joker manor Would be a great mod on its own, but the presence of the bat cave underneath brings it to a whole other level. The chattering teeth, snank clown and the big gate all look great.
  3. You can search for parts by colour on brickset, and get the part numbers from there. The LEGO designation for bright pink is ‘light purple.’ Edit: The red utility belt piece is now listed as a licensed part. And it’s still out of stock.
  4. Merch

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    I’m thinking it would have to be a dual-molded part, so that would require a whole new mold I believe.
  5. Merch

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    I’m assuming if we ever get Atrocitus it will be in a set, so they could also include his cat. Based on the glut of animal sidekicks in DC sets lately.
  6. I ordered both about a month ago.
  7. These are available online now: Pink Nexo Knights pig - 6194399 Cap with ponytail - 6223056
  8. Tree suit is back in stock.
  9. Toysrus Canada has a listing for the Mini Ultimate Batmobile, but it's available in-store only currently. Not available in any stores near me, but I tried a random Toronto postal code and most stores there had it available.
  10. The Nightwing armour is in stock online. Part 34730, $0.70 CAD.
  11. A lot of new pieces have been added. Most are showing up as sold out, but there’s a few that are possible to purchase online, including the log costume. Edit: All of the joker manor roller coaster track pieces are available. The wheels are also available, the carts are listed as sold out. Licensed parts I’ve found (all are listed as sold out): night wing armour, noghtwing cap, gentleman ghost torso, crazy quilt legs, egg head coattails, Batman guitar, black kayak, firestarter cape, krypto body, krypto cape, lobo hair, Batman stubble head, porg head.
  12. Mastermind toys had CMF series 2 out, as well as the space shuttle and dune buggy.
  13. Could be for a Black Friday promo.
  14. IIRC the early wave 2 leaks/rumours based on prelimary photos had the Harley truck included in the Batwing set.
  15. Arctic Batman was a figure I was really expecting to be in CMF wave 2. Mostly because there's been skiers in some of the previous CMF series. Thanks. I'm not finished with it yet, but when it's done I do plan on posting some kind of instructions.