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    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Oh man! You should be building MY Xterra! I already have: I also happen to know that exact Xterra you're modeling from! Haven't met him in person but we frequent the same online social circles. He's been informed. And for Aleh: The Xterra is an SUV derived from the Nissan Navara pickup truck (called the Frontier here). Almost exactly the same except for a shorter wheelbase and obviously the body styling.
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    MOCk the Police!

    Every season, a new Lego City subtheme is announced, and every time somebody makes a joke about "(subtheme) Police!" So, I took that idea and rolled with it for a while. These are all mods of existing City sets, most contemporary but I've thrown in a few classics. I've also drawn on past City Police color schemes for some additional throwback goodness. There are definitely more themes out there I haven't touched on (Airport Police!). Feel free to contribute your own silly police builds :) Coast Police (Based on 7726) Who watches the watchmen? Patrol the seas and find the corrupt coast guard! Fire Police (based on 60002) Anarchy has consumed the City! Good thing the cross-trained Fire Police service can extinguish their firebombs AND arrest the hooligans! Cargo Police (based on 60020) Make critical shipments of standardized equipment to all of your City Police services! Special delivery! Shuttle Police (based on 6007) When the Space Police fail, who is Lego City's last line of defense? Lock up the criminal in the shuttle jail! Farm Police (based on 7636) There's trouble a'brewin' in the countryside! Help Constable Cornfield and Cow Cop sow justice! Bonus: Bonus: Deep Sea Police (based on 60090) Sharkbite and his underwater minions have stolen the Atlantean treasures! Octo-Cop and the Deep Sea Police to the rescue! Potty Patrol (based on 60073) Beat the Party Pooper at his own game! A clever trap by the Construction Police saves the day!
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    MOCk the Police!

    I was deeply considering Ninja police, but TLG themselves beat me to it...
  4. ThePlasticWerks

    MOCk the Police!

    I just missed the boat on this's my unofficial Winter Village Police entry! Elf Cop sagely watches over the prisoners. It wouldn't be a police station if a crook wasn't pulling something with a chain! Stop the robber from stealing the police Christmas cards! Sled Cop and Dog Cop are 10-14. Who's a good dog? The only nuts roasting on an open fire should be this crook's! The Riot Suppression/Command Center Vehicle comes to the rescue! Everything you need for a cozy day of crimefighting.
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    [LDD] Datsun 720 King Cab

    The Datsun 720 is one of my latest vehicle obsessions and I've built a few real model kits of it recently (and casually tried to track down a real one). In a fevered midnight fury I put one together in LDD, utilizing some new-to-me SNOT techniques for the sides and interior, and some crazy angle work to make the distinctive top of the bed with some kind of tie-down detail. Most of my vehicle builds are off-road oriented and so far my Real Brick Builds relied on illegal connections to make articulating rear axles. This time, I've come up with a fully legal and actually pretty convincing, articulating rear axle with driveshaft and transfer case! I'm playing around with ideas for shocks and leaf springs but nothing useful yet. Front uses Mixel joint steering, as per my usual. You can also see a quick experiment with a snorkel here as well. Not sure if I like the larger tires or not. I ultimately inverted the front bumper to get the look I wanted. How does it compare? (Revell model kit) I'm falling in love with this thing, so expect to see a Real Brick Build soon!
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    Why does LEGO not make skyscrapers?

    1. Cost (to pack parts) and affordability (for end user). 2. Lack of dynamicism for target audience (children). The building itself might be cool, but imagine an eight-year-old building the same floor six times over, maybe varying the insides. To make a skyscraper set exciting, it should either be on fire (thus making it a Fire set) or come with a lot of interesting accessories, both of which adversely contribute to the first point. Conversely, to include those things and remain cost-effective the detail on the building would have to be immensely simplified, and thus become boring. 3. Lack of appeal for target audience. Kids want Lego so they can act out being a volcano farmer or arctic police scuba officer, not a salaryman (President Business roleplay aside). It's also not easy to play inside a Lego building anyway without taking the roof off, and most children aren't as interested in static display. 4. Practicality for target audience. A six-story building at standard City scale with, say, a modest 16x16 footprint would have a high center of gravity and, barring a very large base, could easily be knocked over (or off its base, etc.). It's one thing if you're pretending to be Godzilla, but it's not always fun when your baby brother knocks it off the play table and it shatters from the drop, or you whack your knuckles on it. It would be about twenty inches tall, and for best stability should probably sit on a true baseplate. That's a lot of real estate that's not easy to carry around..
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    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Loving the bold color choices. I'm always an offroad nut so the more the merrier (even if I'll end up modding them anyway) and it's exciting to see the rectangular fender already available in four colors. To me, the new 4x4 really smacks more of the Toyota FJ Cruiser than a Landy (but those new fenders will nicely accent a Defender MOC).
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    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    These are somehow the most innovative yet least appealing City designs I've seen. Maybe it's just too much rehashing of previous designs - the bulldozer in the bank set, however, is absolutely ace, and I've always wanted to see the Lego City Undercover concept police SUV in real bricks. I also like the police truck in that set, though it's hard to say if it's meant to be an SUV or something larger. I'm quite excited about those rectangular fenders (prepare for an onslaught of updated Jeep Wrangler builds). The increased diversity in prisoner bodies is excellent, and I do think the new blue tactical jumpsuit that Chase is wearing looks nice. The transition back to four-wide greenhouses on a six-wide chassis does mean that the Speed Champions will fit better into a City display.
  9. ThePlasticWerks

    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wave One was European, Wave Two was American. I'm going to guess Wave Three might be Japanese-themed, so that would likely give us Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, and Toyota/Lexus as the top contenders, and if we're lucky a bone might get thrown to Subaru, Mazda, and/or Mitsubishi. I'm thinking Acura NSX, Nissan Fairlady/Z, GT-R, and/or GT-R LM Nismo (Le Mans car), Toyota 86/FR-S and/or TS050 (Le Mans car), and Subaru Impreza for the main lineup. For the "support vehicle" set I'd love to see Lego tackle the new Nissan Titan Warrior concept, but it's very much an American pickup and they really put themselves out there with the Raptor, so maybe we could hope for a Toyota Hilux or, willing, a Land Cruiser. Or they'll go to left field and give us a Mitsubishi Fuso cabover. A Dekotora would be amazing and an acceptable support vehicle choice. Long shots/maybes: Toyota S-FR concept, Mazda Miata/MX-5, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Navara (support vehicle), classic Subaru Impreza (in proper World Rally Blue with the neon yellow highlights). I also wouldn't put it beyond Lego to dip into one of the many racing subcultures Japan has to offer for the head-to-head set...likely a pair of drift cars, but I'd love to see some racing vans or something suitably wacky. What would Wave 4 look like? Korean? Global supercars? Classics? I don't think China has enough cache in their homegrown manufacturers to really have any recognizable designs.
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    MOCk the Police!

    Well, I figured Paradisa is a girls theme, so I wanted to play up the Girl Power. Found these (relatively) oldies-but-goodies. I actually did these a long time ago (back when the first Arctic Police jokes were dropping) and forgot about them completely. Arctic Police...and bonus Arctic Fire!
  11. ThePlasticWerks

    MOCk the Police!

    How about...PARADISA POLICE! Welcome to Country Club Station! (based on 6418) All inmates are privileged with supervised outdoor time. Don't lose it! Here's Constable Cindy on our new harness unit! We take care to place our inmates in secure, monitored, and comfortable settings. Chief Candace runs the show! Vocational rehabilitation is available to all inmates. Constable Christy keeps us safe!
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    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Exclusive minifig from the Official Book Guide to Minifigures. I guess he should have worn a helmet... Does this increase the value of the original skateboarder Minifig? Did Lego actually kill off one of their characters?
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    [MOC/MOD/LDD] Bro Tractor!

    I apologize this isn't in real bricks yet, but I promise it will happen as soon as I can do it. This is a mod of the truck from the just-released 60085. I've been wanting to do a bro-tractor style truck for quite a while and gathered up tons of references to do my own design, but I felt this platform was just right to mod from. Here it is: Features include massive investment in forward-facing light apparati, sweet paint job, chromed-out front clip (to be special-ordered for the Real Thing!), janky front lift... ...False stacks in the bed (and Real Exhaust under the chassis), multiple sets of lift blocks above the rear axle, aftermarket tail lights and tailgate illumination strip... ...Retained gooseneck hitch, plus plenty of room for, uh, energy drinks... ...and an epic drop hitch that I am very proud of (and some weird green berries). I was going to create the minifig piecemeal, but I may as well just put the standard-issue Rapper minus his mic in the cockpit. (though the windsurfing print does look more appropriate than the chain) Enjoy, and stay tuned for the Real Thing as soon as I can afford to build it.
  14. ThePlasticWerks

    [MOC/MOD/LDD] Bro Tractor!

    It's finally here, bros! Obviously some embellishment has happened due to parts availability/last minute ingenuity. Check out this sweet rig bro! Sweet bro-scheme. Chill bro-mods. Extra-large light bar, fully extended tow mirrors, and slick shades for maximum brovision! Steering, bro! Bed rails for increased bro-laxation, bro! BRO FLAPS BRO. BRO NUTS BRO. EURO SPEC BRO LIGHTS BRO. More steering brah! Drop bracket lift, brah! Drop hitch, bro! Versus the overland nemesis, bro! Bros will be bros, bro. A more sensible vehicle comparison, bro! #bro
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    [MOC/MOD/LDD] Bro Tractor!

    Coming as soon as my Bricklink order arrives...
  16. ThePlasticWerks

    [MOC/MOD/LDD] Bro Tractor!

    Quick update. Front has been redesigned to simulate a drop bracket lift (the bro-est of front end lifts). Berries have been retract-...uh, tucked...relocated to dangle inside the bumer.
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    MOC: Nissan Xterra(s)

    Hello! This is my first ever post here. I have recently started getting back into Lego - my childhood pile was donated a few years ago (but for a few vintage printed pieces and chewed-up 1x4 plates that I saved). This project mostly came about because I wanted to build a Lego version of my beloved truck, a 2010 Nissan Xterra, which I have heavily modified: I have done all of the modifications myself, including fabricating many of my own parts (I'm a welder). We'll come back to this in a moment :) For those of you not in the western hemisphere or a market where the Xterra is sold, the Nissan Xterra is a 4x4 SUV based on the Nissan Frontier/Navara platform, designed and primarily built in the US. My first attempt at a Lego Xterra was a modification of 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter; you can see the results of it on MOCPages here. I decided to make it a police truck, mostly because I wanted an excuse to buy some BrickArms weapons. The first major revision of this model saw bigger tires with working suspension, along with a lot of fine-tuning in the bodywork: See more here. I was pretty happy with this one, and then decided to order parts to build a model of the actual truck I own. This version features representations of the stock bumper and tires I had at the time, as well as the rear hatch ladder. Its latest revision has a better roof fairing, as well as the mud-terrain tires, custom-painted rims (and yes, I committed the cardinal sin of painting Lego to match), and tire carrier: See more here. I could help but build one more, this time inspired by the City Elite Police: See more here. And I pretty much left that there for most of the year. I bought a few sets in between to help flesh out my off-road vehicle collection, but I had an itch to do something unique. I thought about making a version of the Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept, then about a civilian SUV version of the SHIELD truck from 6867. I pursued the latter option and it evolved into a concept Xterra that I call the X3 "Super Xterra": See more here. This MOC has all the bells and whistles I could think to put on an off-road SUV - live axles front and rear with differential detail (both articulate as you can see), hidden winch inside the front bumper, which also has a prerunner stinger bar, built-in lighting all around, intake snorkel. Here it is compared to the previous version (latest revision): And that's a custom decal for my face. I'm sure I'll be pushing them as I discover better elements (or Lego comes up with better ones - I need a windscreen with much more rake!). I have a few other MOCs, of course, which will be showing up in due time, but I thought I'd kick off my membership with a doozy.
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    MOC: Nissan Xterra(s)

    Check out Version 3.0! Here's a rundown of the updates, compared to the Elite Police which is still a 2.0. Wheelbase lengthened by one stud, "belly" filled in to accomodate - note the reduced rear overhang. Major redesigns to fender flares, rear reconfigured and roof rails lowered. Roof fairing is held on by an illegal connection (green sticker). Minor details overhauled. Incorporation of Mixel joint steering (see: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=104589). Rear axle articulation retained. New coilover detail. Trying to incorporate an articulated design. New drop-down tire carrier (the Real Thing has a horizontal swing arm). Also note that rear hatch articulation has been sacrificed for build stability. Hi-lift jack It's always had the ladder, but I've never shown a minifig using it... Ready for offroad action. New bag/fuel can accessories by Si-Dan Toys.
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    [LDD/MOC] Boston Blizzard Blues

    I have shoveled my truck out of massive snow banks about once every three days for the last month and watched other cars get completely buried to the point of no return. People are cross-country skiing to work. On days where there isn't a citywide parking ban for snow removal, the sheer amount of snow piled up has basically eliminated street parking. Local mass transit has been down so long, they're literally paying anybody who shows up to shovel snow off the aboveground tracks. Of the literally six days I've been able to get to work this month, my half-hour rail commute has stretched to as many as three hours (and yes, I simply walked at some points). I think this quick little ditty sums up how we all feel at the moment. (By the way, this is my first-ever vig) Aiming to build this IRL some day (if the Post Office ever shovels themselves out). .lxf attached for those who want to explore a bit (I have to say, those new Mixel "teeth" bits are great for snow detailing! Stay warm out there. SNOWVIG.lxf
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    31206 - style City Buildings - LDD MOCs

    Before the opportunity slips by: Benny's Spaceshop, Spaceshop, SPACESHOP!
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    Nissan Navara. Police car.

    Excellent, although I think it more resembles a Pathfinder: Love the grille technique!
  22. ThePlasticWerks

    Nissan Navara. Pickup.

    Excellent. Join forces with me - I build Nissan Xterras (which are Navara-based SUVs available in North America and parts of South America and the Middle East):
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    [TECHNIQUE] Mixel Steering!

    Behold, six-wide steering based on Mixels joints! I am upgrading my fleet of Lego Xterras with this neat technique that I thought up early last week. For more info, see them here: http://www.eurobrick...topic=90846&hl= So, it's pretty straightforward: Technic friction ball/pin connector and Mixels 1x2 socket plates. On the Super Xterra, retaining the solid axle articulation! See below. On the regular Xterra, which is based on the Great Vehicle build style, there's much less room to move and the effect is very subtle. The joints have enough friction to stay wherever they're set. Again, subtle effect with a semi-standard City build due to lack of clearance, but it can steer! Utilizing the other axis, the Mixel joints coupled with the solid axle in the rear give a pretty convincing impression of independent suspension. The steering effect really shines when your vehicle is lifted to the heavens: Somebody needs an alignment! Oh dear. (another very convincing independent suspension effect :p) And coupled with some extra articulation... The one downside I've found is that, due to the friciton pins, the articulated wheels don't spin very freely (though it's advantageous for posing). Enjoy, and spread the word!
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    [MOC/MOD/LDD] 60068 Forest Ranger SUV

    I think the Swamp Police SUV in 60068 is one of the best out-of-the-box minifig scale offroad vehicles Lego has ever designed, looks-wise. It's a marriage of a Land Rover Defender and Dodge Ram with a lifted Jeep's proportions. I took the design and pushed it just a little more. I was inspired by the US Forest Service's and Border Patrol's paint schemes, as well as then open-sides look of the Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Concept: My mod is probably 95% similar to the original model. The front end has been played with, giving it a contemporary LED-style light bar in place of the original model's four round lights, and a winch in place of the original bumper's tow hook. The headlights and grille are more generic (or perhaps closer to classic Nissan/Suzuki shapes). Aside from the obvious replacement of the rear windows, the rear is identical to the original build. The roof rack was an interesting sketch that plays out beautifully. I will be making this for real at some point soon, I have near total confidence that all the dark green elements exist. I'm torn on which windshield to use though. Any thoughts?
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    [MOC/MOD/LDD] 60068 Forest Ranger SUV

    Go ahead - this is just a mod of a Lego design, so I lay no claim to originality here. I've done live axles with other builds: http://www.eurobrick...topic=90846&hl= Would love to see if the new Mixels ball-and-socket joints would make my designs more stable though. I got axles popping off every which way.