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    Based on 98288 Utensil Wheelbarrow Frame. :)
  2. [MOD 60150] Long PV

    In fact! But not mine. ;) Lego did it in set 60150.
  3. [MOD 60150] Long PV

    With stickers...
  4. [MOD 60150] Long PV

    My version of Pizza Van from parts of two LEGO 60150 Pizza Van sets. Hope You liked it. :) Full Flickr album.
  5. [MOC] Spirograph V2

    Awesome! Thanks in advance!
  6. Misiek. Not Teddy Bear

    "Misiek" in polish means small bear. Inspired by art of Jakub Rozalski
  7. [MOD 911720] Stormtroopers anti-stress treatment

    Next MOD of 911720 in SW theme... R2D2 Ghost_1 by Krzysztof Pusz, on Flickr
  8. Excluding minifigures this is MOD of LEGO 911720-1 The Ghost foil pack.
  9. [MOC] FROG

    Hi. This is FROG. My MOD of 911618 Flash Speeder (foil pack added to Star Wars Magazine 1/2017). LDD Instruction for Frog and original 911618 Flash Speeder is HERE.
  10. Kai to Lasha: I'll have the same as Jay! Big figure Jay is a pen. Full Flickr album
  11. Merry Christmas

    Not so "fresh" movie (2 years) but still nice and funny.
  12. EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Damn! :( I was waiting for real snow...