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  1. EV3MathBuggy - a fun and math bot

    1/x also? ;) Very interesting project...
  2. U.BER

    Thanks for all comments! BTW. Family foto. :)
  3. I wish You a LOT of ANY bricks! ;) Flickr Album
  4. Laputa Motors Company complete offer. ;)
  5. I the next two models of the same producer (hehe) instead of flex is bar 3L. Better or worst? U.BER Coal Delivery
  6. U.BER

    "Is it based on a real vehicle?" No. This vehicle, the same as two other (Coal delivery and XIX Century Rey's Speeder) based only on concept of LEGO 911727 Rey's Speeder. ;)
  7. [MOC] Coal delivery

    The last of three models based on concept of LEGO 911727 Rey's Speeder. Previous was: XIX Century Rey's Speeder and U.BER . All trucks are from the same manufacturer, just different "types of car body". ;) Full Flickr Album
  8. U.BER

    U.BER ... URSZULA BER. Probably the first woman TAXI driver. ;) Galeria Flickr
  9. Yes, in wheels I used flex. Backpack is in a dark tan. Rey could also be descendant of famous polish poet Nikolaj Rey. ;)
  10. Based on two foil packs LEGO 911727 Rey's Speeder
  11. Neat idea and very nice colour scheme. But where is the video? ;)
  12. TLNM event @ TRU

    Today in Toys R Us in Poland we have The Lego Ninjago Movie event similar to THIS. Buy Lego for 20 PLN then build and take home Your own mini Ninjago temple. :)
  13. To the Millennium Bat! (MOC)

    Great! I would add one od two plates 1x1 for ChewRobin feet to make him taller. Edit. Ooops! Rrrrrrobin of course. ;)

    Based on 98288 Utensil Wheelbarrow Frame. :)
  15. [MOD 60150] Long PV

    In fact! But not mine. ;) Lego did it in set 60150.