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    [MOC] Imperial Outpost On Jakku

    This looks great! Similar to how I imagine part of the Imperial camp where Norra was kept prisoner might have looked.
  2. nimrod6134


    Every model looks fantastic! I really like the gondola, the amount of studs works very well. The crates done with grey logs are also awesome!
  3. Tested different image sizes with this post
  4. nimrod6134

    Cleaning old 12v track

    EDIT: Misread title, I posted a suggestion for cleaning 9v rails. I do not have experience with 12v rails. My apologies (I am not seeing a way to delete posts)
  5. nimrod6134

    Emerald Night train - how to make it run smootly?

    This was the solution that worked for me as well. It ran better with part fixes but would still jam up pretty quickly and derail. Combined with grease it moves much better through corners.