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  1. Black-Build

    4x4 Jeep TJ Wrangler

    The real can also switch between 2wd and 4x4, are you gonna make that aswell?
  2. Well, if someone will make an awesome well working 1:8 Hummer H1, I probably wil buy those instructions. Same goes for a Wrangler...
  3. Black-Build


    Well when you google on Lego Tumbler you'll find enough usefull pictures.
  4. Black-Build

    [MOC] Jaguar XJ220

    On 5:22 the drag race starts.
  5. Black-Build

    Small SUV WIP

    You'll defenitely need to redesign your rear suspension, other than that, it looks good.
  6. Black-Build

    Hummer HX concept

    I love Hummers, and this one is no exception!
  7. Black-Build

    [MOC] Noble M12

    Good work!
  8. Its really cool, I think we need more pics
  9. Black-Build

    [WIP] 2016 Ford GT Supercar

    Sure its not a hyper muslecar?
  10. Black-Build

    [WIP] 2016 Ford GT Supercar

    At least the the new Dodge Challenger is a musle car, right?
  11. Black-Build

    [WIP] 2016 Ford GT Supercar

    I like the 05/06 GT and the GT40 better, but it doesn't look bad...
  12. Black-Build

    [MOC] Custom 4x4 Pick.up

    It indeed looks like a Karin Rebel! Nice job.
  13. Wow, your Alfa looks amazing!
  14. Entry #1 Name: ''The Terrorizer'' Group: Dark Hunters Note: He lost his eyes link to the foto's:
  15. Looks great! I love the cabin!