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    [MOC] The Artists Home

    Realy nice one. Looks like a happy place, trees, a water and I quess sunny wheater. Looks a nice place to paint there on the balcony Like the whole picture. Lot of nice details too like the statue and all those chisseling tools.
  2. neonic

    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

    I think it's indeed 'typical' Amsterdam. Very recognizable It's a great scenery. Alone the houses and stuff looks great already. And then there are a lot of details to see too. Some are very funny also like that hippie smoking and that ufo on the roof "or are we seeing things from all the smoking" I think I know what smoking the Renovation of the Heineken building is great too with that tube leading to the container.
  3. neonic

    Carbohydrates's Speed Champions Scale Cars and Mods

    Don't much a fan of that jeep but the rest ... Most are looking cool and some are even cooler There are a lot looking cool but those muscle cars are one of my favourites, especially the older ones. And all those cars are so recognizable.
  4. neonic

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Great Looks a bit weird those colors, a bit strange architecture but it's a great combo.
  5. neonic

    [MOC + Instructions] 6364 Paramedic Unit 2.0 Revisited

    Too cool, no way. It is a coo car. Think the nurse will be always on time to help. Looks like a fast car Like the rest of the set too. Nice to see it's the 'same' size and stuff and all the doors and windows are on the same place. Nice update.
  6. neonic

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    Nice one Indeed, people think it's the end (of the toiletpaper) Looking funny / hilarious.
  7. neonic

    Newbury High School MOD

    Nice Great architecture / color combo also
  8. neonic

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    It's amazing, and huge Looks like you need a bigger table. Do you have place for it? It's realy big.
  9. neonic

    [COR ChIIICatA] Lotii Pagoda

    Looks great the Roof, the stony base, the cherryblossoms, the little lanterns, the colors ... cool, looks really asian to me. Also like that little ornament.
  10. neonic

    Lego stores

    Last saterday, unfortanly it was closed (logically) the Whole street looked a bit extinct. At least it was good weather. and ... in better days and a picture, taken during the midsummerfair, last year, with a model of the cityhall of Gouda (sorry if the photo's are too big, I tried smaller but than I get a black square)
  11. neonic

    Space Force!

    Nice creation, looks good. Think I have to steal your telescope idea Only the name ...
  12. Just ... wow impressive It already was looking great, but in real it's looks even better. Besides the whole thing I like the colors of the building too. a Bit strange combination maybe but looks really great,
  13. Looking great Great photo's / photoshopping? Nice background.
  14. neonic

    [MOC] Abandoned Barn

    Realy nice Like the barn itself with all those plants and those details. Looks realy like it's falling apart (positive way) Inside is great too, all those equipment, spare parts and stuff. And ... cool car.
  15. neonic

    [MOC] Classic Castaways Raft Reimagined

    Looks great the Raft looks more like a piece of ship, very nice. Also like those transparent piece as transition between the beach and the water.
  16. neonic

    Lego stores

    In Gouda, the place I live, there is big Lego store. It's in a shoppingstreet. There you'll find more nice stores and restaurants.
  17. neonic

    [MOC] The Hills Sanctum Sanctorum Corner

    It's indeed a great building. With the Italian colors and the 'sandwich' above the door there is no doubt you can get nice pizza's and sandwiches. If I live there I think I'll be an regular customer Also like the 'steps' with the flowers. Only the sitting area seems to be a little bit 'tight'? Anyhow, it's a nice place to sit enjoy your lunch.
  18. neonic

    Train door mechanism

    Very nice That it fits in such small 'scale', cool.
  19. neonic

    [LEGO IDEAS] Return to Volcano Island

    Looks really cool, this 'grown-up' version of the original. the Lookout looks great too, brings also more color, especially with all those flowers. Gives it also a more tropical feel. And I see you also changed the teeth, much better and like the teeth in the sand. Maybe an idea to add some dark grey bricks in the skull, to blend in a bit more in the rock?
  20. neonic

    [MOC] Krusty Krab

    I don't know much about Spongebob, but I know people of my 'generation' seems to like it when they are drunk/stoned, or both? (No experience with it). So ... don't know much about it but the interior looks realy nice. All those things (details) gives it a underwater 'feel', also all those colors. It represents that coral thing ... Also, like the details like the doors and cabinets.
  21. I think I choose the camper. I like trucks but I don't have much with boats and besides the trailer looks really simple. Looks like nothing. For the camper. the Car it's not really my style but the camper itself looks pretty cool.
  22. neonic

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    First of all, nice car looks very iconic (or how you say it). Red stripes, and all those characteristic things like that thing in the middle with the flashlight.and of course the three exhaust pipes. Nice one with the wings indeed. About improvements ... well I don't know. Only a few tiny things. Maybe you can do something about the front, some headlights and what do you think of a hose end with tabs as an exhaust, and a flame?
  23. neonic

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    Weird looking creation. That;s why I like it Cool ship, great combination of colors. Looks like two carriers combined? Nice planes, a lot of guns, always great too see, all those details in such a 'small' creation.
  24. Realy cool build, especialy the boat. So tiny, and so much detail, cool
  25. neonic

    [MOC] Pirate Headquarter

    I think the second tower is a bit too much? For the rest it looks great. Nice colors too. Looks good with that greenish color. Nice photo too great color water.