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  1. plokoon 4 life!

    Spanish treasure Galleon Corredor del tesoro

    hello I havent been on EB for about 2 years now, and around 6 months ago my computer died, causing me to lose all of my files however luckily i uploaded an older version, so at least this isnt completely dead I will be updating periodically over the next 2 weeks (when holidays finish)
  2. plokoon 4 life!

    Viper MKII

    Hmmm. no, this moc is done for now. who knows, i might come back later to change something:) So say we all!
  3. plokoon 4 life!

    WIP LDD "The Vasa"

    damn straight, Tobbe. Damn straight. this is wonderful. the stern is especially excellent. is this to be illusion scale or minifig scale?
  4. plokoon 4 life!

    WIP-Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde

    I agree, you can look at Build a Frigate Here, or you can use 3x2 slope bricks. you have lots of choice and this is looking great, by the way
  5. plokoon 4 life!

    Mars base

    This is an impressive WIP. I especially like the Modified gunship Have you thought of building the Interplanetary Shuttle? it would be interesting what your impession of the mars shuttles will look like
  6. plokoon 4 life!

    Viper MKII

    A couple of days ago I was cleaning up my LDD MOCs when I found the MKII, after viewing the creation again I found it was not accurate at all. the wings were too small, the rear section was too big, the tail was too big and the colour scheme didnt make any sense. So I now give you The Colonial Viper MKII, MKII An overall shot of the ship, with four of Galactica's Crew. From left to right: Apollo, Galen Tyrol, Saul Tigh and Starbuck As you can see the ship is visibly different. New engine design, different tail, larger wings, landing gear etc. and one last picture of the stern. C&C welcome
  7. plokoon 4 life!

    Mysterious Lego Ship

    could anyone please provide a link, I would really like to find out more about this amazing ship
  8. plokoon 4 life!

    WIP Phantom MkII

    impressive! you never cease to amaze me Z, and this proves it. ive noticed how this is much shorter than the old version had, as that had more guns on the bottom gundeck and had about 65 guns all together. i prefer this version
  9. plokoon 4 life!

    MOC: My Redcoat Fleet

    Universe tutorial
  10. plokoon 4 life!

    WIP-Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde

    Well, I am rather flattered that someone used my idea A very ambitious project, and im rather looking forward to the finished project.
  11. plokoon 4 life!

    MOC: A busy shipyard

    hmmm this would be an interesting technique to try out on a larger scale. say, a galleon? ill give it a try on LDD, if thats ok? and a very nice MOC/WIP
  12. plokoon 4 life!

    (MOC) X-309 deep-space fighter/interceptor

    EDIT by Erdbeereis:
  13. plokoon 4 life!

    (MOC) X-309 deep-space fighter/interceptor

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since i have posted in these forums. So here is my latest. I was reading about the X-301 on Stargate Wiki, and i decided that i was going to make a fighter capable of inter-galactic voyages. here is a background story... When SG-18 came back from Dakara on a routine mission, the found a cartouche of 80 Zero-Point Modules. Upon this discovery, SGC authorized a new generation of fighter, one capable of intergalactic voyages in a matter of hours. its power source is a small Neutrino-ion generator and one ZPM. earth commisioned 50 of these to be built, and more are in production, due to another cartouche found in the Ida galaxy. C&C is welcome, and please feel free to comment on my story
  14. Indeed it is! I'm a huge Stargate fan. Given you know the BC-304 designation I'd assume you're a fan of the series as well?

  15. Nice name. A tribute to the BC-304 Class Daedalus i presume?