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  1. Glad to see you guys got the job done! I know some folks are disappointed in the timeline, just know, that no one else picked up this challenge, let alone put out product.
  2. Nifty, good use of space.
  3. v6TransAM

    10254 Winter Holiday Train

    So a leak is a leak and news it is. Why does Eurobrick bend over for Lego? Was this a test to see how much we all actually hate it?
  4. v6TransAM

    10254 Winter Holiday Train

    Yuch............. This is what we get for trains and the creator label?????? Pretty sad. Went from having my hopes up to "Oh look an overpriced underwhelming train.." Sad part is my 6yr old and 3 yr old like it, thought I taught them better than that lol
  5. v6TransAM

    2016 Lego trains

    Interesting, something new for around the tree perhaps?
  6. v6TransAM

    Pacific A4 got an upgrade

    Expensive trains getting more expensive! What system is that? I don't recognize it.
  7. v6TransAM

    NMRA National Train Show, July 6-10, 2016

    It was 2 hours away from me and I had to work nights all thru the weekend at the end of the turnaround. I wanted to go and take the 6yr old with me.
  8. I won't defend them for being late on all fronts with both styles of track. I will defend them for having the balls to go through with this project in both metal and plastic track with the amount of kickstarter losers who welched on pledges! They put a lot more of their money into this project than was ever planned and that resulted in delays from the get go and them selling product to use money for next phase of the project. Admit it, the market is limited on plastic or metal and they are not becoming rich people off of this. I will say the communication could have been better. I will admit I like seeing things getting done rather than answers to emails, but a quick post here or there could have done the same thing
  9. v6TransAM

    Pride cometh before the blah blah blah EMD F7

    I see that and the Chuggington theme song plays in my head and I hate Chuggington with a passion.
  10. v6TransAM

    Double stack well cars

    Nice! Awesome looking. Getting back in HO with the boy makes us do a little less Lego train, although both are expensive as @#!%@!$
  11. v6TransAM

    2016 Lego trains

    Hope it's something good..... We can dream, doing more HO scale since I joined a club with the 6 yr old than anything else. Working 12/14 nights for 3 mths isn't helping.
  12. v6TransAM

    650 Ton Coaling Bunker

    I think that is awesome.
  13. v6TransAM

    Finer details

    I think it has a lot more to do with the extra stuff associated with it being pneumatic rather than the deflectors. Pneumatic stuff ruins the line of the FEF-1 - FEF-3 class, which when seen without smoke deflectors tends to have a narrower boiler than most.
  14. v6TransAM

    Rechargeable AAA's

    Eneloop from ebay or Amazon. I no longer waste money on other rechargeable batteries.
  15. v6TransAM

    WIP SD-70

    Semi-passable and good are two different things. No offense meant. We need some kind of Lego actual 3 axle truck(that will prolly never happen) The brick built truck side frames only look decent once u get in to the wider MOC stuff. I've spent too much time around the real stuff and model stuff, I can't get past it