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  1. kdenty

    UK Sales

    John Lewis online sale currently has: The Council of Elrond set 79006 for £24 (retired product previously £30) I just got mine for £7 delivered as I had some gift vouchers to spend
  2. Looks likes sets became available uk but site has now crashed! correction - wont load on Safari on my iPad but ok on pc so it might just be me!
  3. Hoping someone at Lego tech put 12 pm rather than 12 am and maybe for sale midday! 1 minute to find out! Edit ---> Hmm I'm guess not then! Hard to Find Items = Impossible to buy items
  4. kdenty

    [Review] 2014 AT-AT 75054

    I was pretty suprised to see the little guy in my local Toymaster shop. I didn't think he was out until August. So here are my pictures: Firstly here is the box It gives the dimensions of Mr AT-AT as 34cm height 34cm wide. The box itself is 38x48x7cm so the AT-AT is about as tall and wide as the box. Inside the box are two instruction books and eight bags of parts plus a really cool double sided poster. It is quite a complex build with lots of fiddly 'technic' type pieces to support and allow movement of its component parts. Be prepared for sore fingers! The first part built is the internal body anatomy and the neck. It really doesn't look like anything much at this stage. The legs are next to be built and I built all four at the same time simultaneously rather than building one then starting over with the instructions again. The final part is the external body 'skin' and his head. The main body and top of the head opens. The minifigures sit inside. The legs can be bent simultaneously but it doesn't stand stable enough to lift one leg. There are two spring loaded bricks which hold the 'shooters' under the head. There are five minifigures with this set: I'm not convinced about the Snow Troopers 'skirts' they look a bit funny to me, especially from behind, but I guess it's hard to replicate the uniform. Maybe if they were plastic as opposed to fabric but perhaps it's harder to bend or manufacture. I didn't have the original (I got into Lego too late) so have nothing to compare him to but I've very happy with this set. As I've run out of shelving he may have to share the cat basket with Obi Bengal!
  5. kdenty

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Yes I've been in there today
  6. Welcome and thanks for sharing the catalogue. I had the 'buggy' set it shows, wow memories.
  7. kdenty

    [MOC] Poison Ivy’s Florist Shop

    Very cool. I'd buy the set if Lego made it :)
  8. Me too still in progress but arrived today. Just eating lunch then off to play/build/enjoy (it's my half work day today so Lego timed delivery just right) I'm going to try to post photo's of the 'build in progress' on my Google + page https://plus.google....111047271283601 First shots show the contents of the box (for the previous poster who asked how many packets inside) Edit - have just finished 4, getting tired no so that may be alI today. Bag 1 - builds the minifigures Bags 2 (x2) - micromanagers, sofa Bags 3 (x2) - base of ship Bag 4 - lower ship side deails
  9. Ordered mine...I didn't really look at the price tag it just looked so cool I had to have it! Dear Lego Here is my credit card Have Fun Love Miss TotallyAddictedToLego (must be better than owning lots of shoes/handbag) I may need a loft conversion shortly!
  10. Oh wow love it...Lego are going to bankrupt me!
  11. kdenty

    How do you store your instructions?

    Currently in a 18 litre Really Useful Box but it's really nearly full!
  12. My 1st car was a red Fiat Panda. This is excellent. I want one! I would recommend deckchairs as back seats (that's what my Panda had!) The Simpsons set has good Lego deck chairs!
  13. kdenty

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    I Really enjoyed today, I've become a Lego related Ikea Hacker. Trip to Ikea followed by Hobbycraft, getting high glueing Lego to cardboard. Now have sexy picture frames for my Minifigure collection. Not reunited with my Minifigure collection till Monday as at my parents, can't wait. Just need a few hours to sort out what to put in them! Will probably realise they are wonky when I come down from the glue fix!!! Plus I might have ordered another set from Lego.com which I may have to hide from the boyfriend when it arrives!! "No darling I always had that set, it's just that you haven't noticed it before now"!