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  1. Mrlegoninja

    3D Printing

    3D Printing sounds like a great idea, but I don't think that the technology is far enough yet. Personal home 3D printers must cost at least a thousand dollars. In addition, you would have to replace nylon cartridges once they run out. 3D printed parts also wouldn't be ABS. They would by nylon. I am not sure how these would interact with regular Lego minifigures. Finally, a personal one would not be detailed enough. You would have to learn how to sketch in 3D space with programs that are complex, and I don;t think I'd be committed enough to complete a project. I think someday it could even become a part of our everyday lives, but for now, I think I'll stick to actual Lego, and professionals (i.e BrickArms) who know exactly what they're doing. It is brilliant though. If only I had my own Shapeways machine.
  2. Mrlegoninja

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Seeing this... Reminds me a lot of this...
  3. Mrlegoninja

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I do like the look of the flatbed truck this year. Besides that, I don't really have my eye on anything to grand. The new cargo sets look meh to me.
  4. Mrlegoninja

    Collectable Minifigures: Feeling the Packets

    Its been a long time since I posted in this thread, yet I still don't understand the concept of army building, even after reading through the pages and posts of army builders. Rant: ON Why does it matter how many of a figure you have. Collect several of them just so you can put them in a creation to stare at it all day? Are army builders that bored? Can they get out and do something else for a change? And put it [the MOC] on the internet to show 500 people [or more] that you will never meet in your life what a great creation you made? Lego is meant to be played with. I bet every army builder is afraid to play with their figures (I define playing as constant moving and toying with the figure every day for fun) with the risk that they might break a piece. Also, army building deprives what Lego should be used for: playing. And buying a bunch to sell online? I understand maybe 5-10, but more than that is just not right. Driving to a bunch of stores just to buy figures? Are they that desperate for money, want to make more money, or are just that bored? I'm sorry, but army building is just wrong, and something that bored, socially impaired adults do. Rant: OFF I know I'm going to get a lot of crap for this, and I welcome that. I want more of an explanation than "I wanted to make a great MOC," or "I love that figurine so much." I'm not trying to offend army builders. I'm just saying why army building is wrong.
  5. Mrlegoninja

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I honestly hope these are real, but I'm leaning towards fake. why would they just release Nine when there are lots of olympic events? And I noticed that no new parts were seen in the pictures, save the torsos and legs. Someone could've just put decals on regular torsos to make new ones. Also, at the bottom, anyone notice that it doesn't say the exact date, but something like [2oo*]? And since when did LEGO ever release pictures like that, in front of a grey background. And the picture at the side doesn't exactly seem like something The LEGO Group ever do? Finally, it doesn't even seem like the logo at the top is the official Olympic Logo, which suggests that LEGO didn't partner with the official Olympics to produce these. I'm sorry, but I'm calling fake on these. However, if they do turn out to be real, I give you permission to rub it in my face.
  6. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Conclusion

    Wow! I'm saying wow but I still don't understand everything. Honestly, I know I didn't play that much, but it was too complicated for me to understand. Also, when I solved the challenges, I didn't have a picture sharing acount, and when I tried using Flickr, an error occured. Also, I didn't know if I could post if I hadn't PM'd you after 15 minutes. Also, I didn't see what was there to do, because while waiting for a clue, there was really nothing to investigate. I may not be making any sense, but I think it would have been better if it [Red Moon 2] was simpler. That being said, I'm sorry, and I think that I will take a break from games for some time. I still congratulate all the winners. Good job.
  7. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter 8

    Challenge begin
  8. Mrlegoninja

    What are you listening to?

    Don't You (Forget About Me). by Simple Minds. I wouldn't call this a great classic, but it sure does sound amazing.
  9. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter 7

    Challenge Begin
  10. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter 7

    Wait, green means they are trustworthy, or red? And did anything happen to the gems after turning red? Like blowing up or turning to blood? Please tell us.
  11. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter 6

    Well in between Donna and Chris, its tough. But I believe, after weighing and conisdering, that Vote: Donna Falcon (Daddylonglegs) is my vote.
  12. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter 6

    Challenge Begin Ah, its good to be back. It seems like I fell into a coma or something. Glad I'm back and consious! Challenge Begin
  13. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2 Confirmation & Discussion

    I have to be honest. I completely forgot that Red Moon 2 was back up, and so I didn't play. I'll be sure to post the next chapter!
  14. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2 Confirmation & Discussion

    It seems like it has been a whole month since I've posted or played. And I'm ready to start again.
  15. Mrlegoninja

    Red Moon 2: Chapter Four

    You know, I really don't think clues going to the same person over and over again is a good idea.