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  1. fabien7857

    [MOC] No Time

    Hi everyone, here is an hourglass with real sand built for the contest "Natural" on BrickPirate french forum. No Time by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Unfortunately, it isn't fully functionnal. Trans clear dishes and round plates don't have a hole.
  2. fabien7857

    [MOC] Castlevania

    Thanks for the replies. Indeed a serie of classic videogames is scheduled ... or was ... or will be ... if i find time and energy.
  3. Here is a second built made for french exhibition Brick A Dole 2017. It's a mix between a mosaïc and a brick built scene of a famous game of the 80's on Nintendo NES Castlevania. The mosaïc represents the introduction logo of the 1986 game. The scene tries to reproduce most of the game features : pot roast in the wall, skeletons throwing bones, zombies and torches. Both are clutched on a 48x48 baseplate placed in a vertical position. Hope you will enjoy it ! castlevania by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr
  4. fabien7857

    [MOC] CrazyKings

    Indeed it's a Tower Defense (TD). I would say Kingdom Rush is funier than Crazy Kings but Crazy Kings has way more levels so way more hours to play.
  5. fabien7857

    [MOC] CrazyKings

    Thanks mate, i've tried to be as accurate as possible, trying to find the perfect part.I'm pretty happy with the witch hat, anyway it was the only one who fitted the original color.
  6. Hello, after spending hours on my smartphone playin a tower defense game called CrazyKings (https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/crazy-kings/id924907196?mt=8) i decided to build it using my bricks. It's not the most known IOS game, but it's the one i'm playin and it's pretty addictive (take care if you give it a try). I've spent a few months on a wip of a tesla tower and then had to hurry up to be in time for 2017 Lug'Est Dole exhibition (if you haven't seen a gallery of this event yet, you have missed something). Eventually i built other towers, a map to display thoses with a few ennemies, avatar and heroes. Each tower can be easily moved on the map, so you can try to play just like on your smartphone. Posted pics on the FB fan page of the game have had a warm welcome from the community. Here are the pics : Tour de Tesla by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Tour de sniper by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Tour de mana by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Tour de poison by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr CrazyKings map by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Hope you will enjoy it.
  7. fabien7857

    [MOC] Jars in a cupboard

    Hello, this was built in june for the FanaBriques exhibition in France. Theme was the water, so i decided to make jars full of water ... and LEGO bricks. Originally the jars were displayed on a shelf. Last october, Lug'Est organized an exhibition in Devecey, France. The shelf was then replaced with a nice cupboard. Hope you will enjoy it. Jars in a cupboard (2) by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Jars in a cupboard by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr
  8. fabien7857

    Angry Birds Micro

    Great. I can guess pigs hiding behind the walls.
  9. Mistake ?? by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr Sometimes investigators (or so called) are wrong ...or ?
  10. fabien7857

    Introducing myself

    I wasn't sure i was allowed to post a link to my personnal gallery. http://www.flickr.com/photos/101025550@N04/ Thanks for the warm welcome
  11. fabien7857

    Introducing myself

    Hi, my name is Fabien and I live in north east of France. I've been out of dark age for about 3 or 4 years and have been reading EB since then; mostly the frontpage and not the forum. I'm also reading and contributing on french forums (as it's my mother langage). I don't relly have favorite LEGO themes and the older i'm getting, the less i'm buying new sets, i started as a collector but now i try to build myself MOCs. You can see my creations on my Flickr (dunno if i already can post a link to my gallery ..). I'm 35, have 2 children and a partner and i need to say that's it's sometimes quite hard to find a little time for bricks. Hope i told everything you wanted (or didn't want ;) to know.