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  1. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    With a flying super cycle Please put a bit more into your posts - this is spam by itself. - 3D Brickthing
  2. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    To many good robits gets boring.
  3. BTK

    Review: 7165 Natalie Breez

    Personally, Lego would barely get money from me if it wasn't for these sets. I'm a big fan of Hasbro's Transformers so they gobble up most my money. What do I spend the rest on? Bioincle and now Hero Factory. I like the action figure feels.
  4. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    Or maybe as someone underocver EDIT: Nah, he's just some random angry person to me. Surge is that inside dude.
  5. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    I gotta think o Surge as a traitor, or else he sucks. Traitor in traitor training. Without knowing it. Traitor.
  6. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    I got enough for another hero. I think I'll get one next Saturday...
  7. BTK

    Transformers 3

    In TF3 Optimus should have a trailer! ... WAit... HE DOES BITCHEZ!!!
  8. BTK

    What did you buy today?

    See? SOMEBODY knows what to do. I guess I can be halfway on topic, as today I bought "Preston" Stormer. I also got War For Cybertron Optimus Prime.
  9. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    "Preston" Stormer is really cool. Who cares if his arm is hollow? He's compatable with any Bionicle, or any other toy because you can just act like he was dropped there for beat down time! IT'S EPIKK ... Edit... Apperently megablocks is replaced with megablocks
  10. Date Night. Tarix, Vorox, and I thing the White Glatorian showed up in it, along with Voyager Animated Optimus Prime!
  11. BTK

    Review: 7169 Mark Surge

    Personally, if I go to the store and see a new transformer, I think I'll go for the Hero Factory... At least at first...
  12. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    Pretty nice vid. I've always hated advertising joints that aren't there, but whatevz. The motorcycle physics were a bit shotty, but overall they did a nice job :)
  13. BTK

    What did you buy today?

    DO I look like one to read descriptions and stickies?
  14. I wish the "active" sign wasn't a smiling face....

  15. BTK

    Hero Factory 2010

    It helps with color. Would you want some crazy batshit neon colored orange toy? Black helps.