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  1. @Lego Teacher please find a lot of awersome models by the link:
  2. VerSen

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    4194 Whitecap Bay Review in ENGLISH: Enjoy! :)
  3. VerSen

    Review 4194 Whitecap Bay (part 1 and 2)

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4194 WHITECAP BAY REVIEW Part 1. Complete set pictures The exterior of the lighthouse: Let's take a close look at the set's features.... Function 1 – dumoing of barrel. Function 2 – some kind of barrier (could be found out after movie)... Function 3 – entrance into the lighthouse. There is the table for two and the bottle inside: Function 4 – the lighthouse itself and !attention! – light brick. Function 5 – destroying of the lighthouse tower. Wonderfull feature! The top of the lighthouse is not fixed at all and is kept in place using 1*1 tiles: The front: The back: Pushing the side wall – it falls and... ... the whole structure collapses! It seems that Capitan Jack Sparrow is participating in that... Function 6 – the cannon throwing the net. Excellent working cannon! Function 7 – the cannon moves on the rails and opens the gates of hangar. And a couple more pictures with the characters: Rating Box: 10 (it was very nice to see that box is not big, and free space inside is minimum)ж Packing: 9 (all paper production are in special plastic bag, but the gold outside...); Construction part and the billing: 10 (interesting construction with some unusual and uncommon ideas); Minifigures: 10 (extremely interesting: new torsos, heads, part and minifigures in general); Details: 10 (very interesting and useful for pirate/castle/adventures term); New details and minifigures: 10 (the set has a lot of them); Playability: 10 (excellent!!! many functions for play); Design: 10 (harmonious and impressive); Price: 7.5 (license set...); Quality: 7.5 (bad print on the mermaid beautiful face and on some torsos); Overall: 94/100! Probably this set is the most functional in the new line as long as in the whole 2011 LEGO range!!!
  4. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4194 WHITECAP BAY REVIEW The fourth movie of The Pirates of The Caribbean series named "The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is going be released in May 2011. However, some secrets of the story will be revealed to LEGO fans in April with new licensed theme “LEGO The Pirates of the Caribbean”! Set Information Set Number: 4194 Set Line: Pirates of the Caribbean Release Date: April 2011 Detail number: ??? Minifigures: 6 Links: Brickset; BrickLink; Peeron; Bricker. MSRP: ??? The box and packing The glossy box is sealed with tape - no need to damage the package! One can notice the box is very colorful. The reverse presents set's features and i'd say it has a lot of them. Let's take a look inside... All paper elements are stored in special packet with a cardboard to protect against creases. You asked for it!!! This is everything we receive with the sets: Since the poster is A0 format, it's hard to take the whole picture at once. Here's some scenes from the poster: The mermaid tail is the new brilliant detail of this series!!! These are packed individually in plastic bags. More new pieces - small bucket!!! Such a nice and useful thing: The net for catching mermaids (two pieces included): Minifigures As long as noone has seen the whole movie at the moment, the names may not be familiar. The following characters are presented in the set: One can recognize Captain Jack Sparrow, who finally decided to dress up: There's no way to take the hat off... it's one piece - hat and hair: The absolutely new character is included - his hame is on the box. New torsos are magnificent! And now we'll turn to absolute favorites - the mermaids (sirens?): When compared to previous LEGO mermaids, the new ones more accurate (if one can tell this about fairy creature): Direct comparison: The new mermaid can stand on her tail and she become similar to usual minifigures in height. According to the movie’s trailer "everyone needs a mermaid", so they should be caught using nets: Wow… The Jack’s image is rather nice for the mermaid: Complete set pictures and conclusion you can see in part 2.
  5. ...and it will be blogged for sure (unless someone else posts good reviews sooner.

  6. Hello VerSen! I see you're not a very active member on our forum, but I hope you'll read this soon.

    Somebody put a link on the forum to your reviews of the new PotC theme. The reviews look very good, but unfortunately I can't read russian. So could you perhaps post your reviews (in english) on our forum too? Would be great.

    I think it will get a lot of attention and i...

  7. VerSen

    Cheerleaders hairstyles!

    "Poor children" don't want to get cheerleaders! They all want to find Ninja, Spaceman, Cowboy, and Zombie!!! Thanks for support, Joebot! In my case to find so much cheerleaders was not only good luck... It is really strange and not understandable policy of distribution in our city. About 2-3 weeks from incoming minifigures collection to Russia they disappear from shops and accumulate in one place - hypermarket which don't have any direct relation (or even association) with lego and toys...! In addition, minifigures bags weren't in cash desk area of other noticeable place, but were in very last corner of the store. I even can't estimate the exact number of bags there!!! As we know cheerleaders bag has very simple bar-code, so the search was not difficult.
  8. VerSen

    Cheerleaders hairstyles!

    Wow! It is really wonderful feedback from this topic! Thanks a lot for discussion! I am agree, that "bright yellow" not so good for yellow face... OK! ;) It will be a next part of our discussion! I'm sure that no all of them stay with me forever. But I try to choose most active, smart, energetic and sexy! Sandy is out of competition - she is the best one! Both version are good! :laugh:
  9. VerSen

    Cheerleaders hairstyles!

    Certainly, it is better if them will be in twice more! There are more than 50 female hairdressers (by variation type/colour) and not all in my collection... But the idea of this project was to show that same hair looks more interesting for cheerleader than the original. In the shop, of course! It take about 30 minutes to find all them in one huge container with minifigures bags... I like all of them! ;) Absolutely!!! Yes! Thanks! :) Thanks! :)
  10. VerSen

    Cheerleaders hairstyles!

    Today all cheerleaders from our Lego Town were in a hairdressing salon! It seems if football fans will find them on the pitch they even forget about World Cup final!