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    [MOC] The Clanking Drawbridge

    Well... it was a rendering error :P Not really meant to be white shields. And the white rope was because I couldn't get any other colour with a long enough string :) But I agree that it does look rather nice! Thanks :) Trying for a castle now.
  2. The Castle: The Clanking Drawbridge LDD 4.3.9
  3. legoboyvdlp

    [MOC] Simple Bus Station (LDD 4.3.9)

    Glad you like it! Going to try to add another brick to the walls to make it 6 bricks high, and then maybe try for a really detailed bus :) Maybe a luxury touring coach, with air cond, TV, and a toilet?
  4. legoboyvdlp

    [MOC] Simple Bus Station (LDD 4.3.9)

    Simple Bus Station A Product of LDD 4.3.9 Download it now at my BrickSafe account!
  5. legoboyvdlp


    Awesome! I love the detail :)
  6. 30347 - Fire Car Theme: Lego City LXF File (LDD 4.3.9) Missing Parts - 74967 (wheel interior): closest patching part found - minifigure: closest matching clothes and head used - 15068pb052 (red curved brick w fire logo): separate 1 x 2 curved bricks used w/o logo
  7. Gentlemen, is there a list of sets that need done? I was wondering about 30347 'Fire Car' (City), instructions of which are at
  8. legoboyvdlp

    Hello, Lego is back!

    Hey folks, this is legoboyvdlp. Some of you might remember me. I kind of went away from Lego what with high school and all, but now I have more free time. Glad to be back, and can't wait to start using LDD again! Cheers, Lego
  9. legoboyvdlp

    Review: 10242 - Mini Cooper Mk VII

    I would love to see this in .lxf format. Anyone have the file? On the other hand, a great model and review.
  10. legoboyvdlp

    Discussion Should LEGO make a Military Theme?

    I say Yes, and be subdivided into: World War 1 Aircraft Tanks Trenches World War 2 Aircraft Tanks Battles I would love a P-51, Spitfire, ME109, and FW190.
  11. legoboyvdlp

    MOC: LDD Frigate

    No-one likes this ship?
  12. legoboyvdlp

    MOC: LDD Frigate

    So... what does everyone think of this? So... what does everyone think of this?
  13. legoboyvdlp

    MOC: LDD Frigate

    The Wikipedia definition of a modern frigate is: "In modern navies, frigates are used to protect other ships, especially as anti-submarine warfare (ASW) combatants for amphibious expeditionary forces, underway replenishment groups, and convoys." This ship is similar to the Royal Navie's Type_23_frigate. Armament: 1 5 inch deck gun 6 torpedoes 1 large AA gun 4 small Multi-Purpose guns 1 Depth Charge Rail Armor: Waterline: 3 inches Bridge: 2 inches 5" gun: 2 inches Deck: 4 inches The ship: ASW radar and anchor chains: 5" gun and searchlight: M-P guns on bridge: Radar, Radio equipment, and flag: Depth Charges: Whole Bridge: Download File: http://www.mocpages....1404578624m.lxf
  14. legoboyvdlp

    legoboyvdlp says HELLO!

    Hi Grum64 and jluckhaput It is now officially finished: a very small destroyer; maybe a frigate. :D Thanks for your welcome!
  15. legoboyvdlp

    (Moc) Battering Ram

    Brickshelf doesn't work for me for some reason. I now am a vassal, so I have more room. Also, I use TinyPic for pics.