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  1. I think he was talking about the image specifically but you are correct, Imageshack is only for image file types.
  2. messiah1

    LXF-files statistics

    What I do when I start a new model is this: I insert about 6 1x1 plates and then as I come to a color I need, I color 1 of the plates. That way, when I need to switch colors, I just use the color picker on 1 of the plates instead of searching through the palette. Sometimes, I pick right off the model but usually I'll use my squares. Saves me a little time. Btw Suerkalle, glad I could save you a bit of time and thanks for the work and data. Little tidbits like this are certainly interesting.
  3. um, does anyone know who won the 2010 Technic Challenge? Off topic but seriously, sometimes I think signatures should be limited to a certain size. We can't quote images because of real estate issues but signature images take up just as much if not more. I think it's great that people are passionate about what they like/have done/etc. but at time, it's a little over the top.
  4. 7181 - UCS TIE Interceptor - Theme: Star Wars This set is already in the index by yellost: clicky The instructions call for a piece for the wings that is no longer in LDD. There seems to be a "kinda" replacement for it but it's 1 stud thinner and doesn't have the notch. The replacement sort of works, as you can see in yellost's post but I didn't like the look of it. I modified the wings, making them longer and more appealing to me. I know it isn't "official", which is why it won't be indexed, although technically yellost's post is modified too. I like the way this turned out. Download the .LXF I may need to change my gray colors around, but I don't trust the inventory just yet due to a question I had a couple posts up...
  5. hmmm, I might try my hand at this. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. I have a question about the colors of set 7181 TIE Interceptor. The colors from the Bricklink inventory clicky show Black, Dark Gray and Light Gray. When you go to page 10 of the instructions from TLG clicky, the difference between the dark gray and the black is clear in step #2, but the inventory shows those two pieces as both being black. Advice?
  7. Total drool over here. That looks more like something rendered in a 3d prog like c4d or max to me...although how wicked would it be for LDD 5.0? Get too many sweet features in there though and TLG might want to start charging for the software...which I'd probably buy anyway.
  8. 10175 - UCS Darth Vader's TIE Advanced - Theme: Star Wars This set is already in the index: clicky But I wanted to build it so things were connected. I had to modify some of the instructions to get it to work but I am very pleased with the outcome. Download the LXF
  9. Updated this set: 10134 UCS Y-wing Attack Starfighter
  10. 7672 - Rogue Shadow - Theme: Star Wars This model already shows up in the index, ( however, that one isn't complete/correct and it uses parts that aren't in the directions. This is not an update to that set, it's a new build from scratch. .LXF Issues: - 32072 Technic Angular Wheel won't fit properly between the two 58846 Circle 90D 10x10, WRY 18D (make up the engine). It makes it so those two pieces don't connect properly with the middle portion of the element. (Look at the indexed Rogue Shadow and check out the engine head-on to see what I mean.) It's been left off to the side. - 52028 Arrow 8M W/Soft Upper P. doesn't seat all the way into 57029 Release House 6x2x2 when 32075 Release Housing, Catch is attached. It's been left off to the side. Also, this piece is supposed to be two-toned but can't be colored that way. The head is supposed to be black. - The minifigs are limited to what's available in LDD as far as prints and pieces go. Edit I added the 6090 Frogman Visor for battle-damaged Darth Vader to the lxf file. The screenshot doesn't show it though.
  11. I have this same error, no matter what .lxf file I tried to open. OS is Windows XP SP3 Running Office 2010
  12. The Power Miners sets I did above have been updated.
  13. *With a mighty thanks to Aanchir, these sets have been updated using the correct colors. Thanks for the help mate. 8188 Power Miners Fire Blaster A pretty easy build overall. .LXF --- 8189 Power Miners Magma Mech The only thing that I couldn't get to work was the gear, which is off to the side. It fit fine on the shaft but the drill wouldn't mesh up with it. It looked wonky so I removed the gear and seated the drill all the way on. .LXF
  14. messiah1

    LDD 4 is released!

    Oh man! I love the new brick outlines and advanced shader mode. Looks so much better. I found myself opening all my models last night just to check them out with the new look. SWEET!