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    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Thanks for your efforts on taking photos and write the details on the technique! I've always been amazed by the European building and landscape and wonder how they are made. Looks like this is going to be a long post where one can learn a lot - much appreciated and look forward to the upcoming details! Thank you, Derfel!

    MOC: Flower Basket

    This is a very well-thought creation and fine use of commonly available parts! Never had in mind that Technic Liftarm can be incorporated seamlessly for a soft, artistic work. Really appreciated your sharing and do continue to post your other good works!

    Batman Figs Prices going down?

    Although the new Bat figs could triggered interest on the old sets, but given the already high price and the recent economy situation, I guess only die hard fans could have afford the pricey figs? Moreover, I would expected most of the Batman fans would have bought their favorite figs/ set by now - after all, there have been over 3 years since the last release - and demands for these old set are unlikely to rise all of a sudden again in the near future. On the other hand, I hope the price of the Batman figs ain't fall down significantly (BTW, I don't have a single Bat figure on hand ) - cause this would be a signal implying how bad the economy is lying before us!

    [MOC] Garfield: A Hollywood Heroic Frenzy

    Thanks Cero and Kiel for you encouraging words!

    [MOC] Gotham City

    It's really enjoyable to see you peel the Gotham City onion day by day during these few days - something that I've been looking forward to over this weekend. All the buildings have been constructed nicely in the classic Art Deco style - an excellent representation of Gotham! Please keep building and I think everyone is equally excited to see what the final outcome will looks like. Thanks again for sharing your great work with us!

    [MOC] Garfield: A Hollywood Heroic Frenzy

    It's a great honor to receive such compliment from the Grand Duke! Thanks Oky. This is actually my entry to a local LEGO competition on Classic Movie, a build with my own passion and love of Garfield and all my favorite Super Heros. Sadly they were banned from entering into the 2nd round - but never mind, at least I have given my full heart to it and I am pleased with my first attempt to LEGO figuer. Obvisously there is a lot of room for improvement and I do appreciate your frank comments on the work. Unfortunately grey have always been the more expensive color and it's also slightly difficult to source bricks in large quantity in Hong Kong without S@H, but I'll see what I can improve on it! Hee hee heeee ~ Pasta (especially Lassagna) is also my favorite food and this is probably one of the many reason I like the cat! You're right, Odie (as well as Nermal, Arlene & Pooky) is definitely a must for the Garfield family ~ don't you think it would be interesting to have Odie dressed as Robin, Arlene as one of the Bond Girls, and Nermal as Vadar against Yoda? The imagination is endless and I'd love to continue with this project!


    Very exciting and nice creation indeed, Oky! The Toy Story series appears to be yet another movie lagger (together with Prince of Persia ) in Hong Kong and I'd never expect there is anything to do with this series. However, you totally amaze me by creating MOC form it - the Tank really inspire me and fuel me with ideas to continue seeking new ways to brick and build. Th tank is obviously most eye-cathing, however, I am equally impressed by the new Zurg blaster as well as the "Hornet" minions you create - the accurate reassemble does takes a lot of deep thinking, despite its small in size and limited number of parts. Thanks again for sharing your work to us! Think infinity... and Build beyond!

    [MOC] Gotham City

    Wow...although the photo have been treated with a comic effect, it does shows a lot of details of Gotham and features of Art Deco buildings....can't wait to see your final pictures!

    MOC: Bobblehead Figures

    Great work - This can be use as a backbone to build some advance/ complex figuers. IMHO, this looks much smooth and better than some other method which leave a lot of stub in each surface. Thanks for sharing your great creation idea.
  10. HAGGAR

    [MOC] Garfield: A Hollywood Heroic Frenzy

    Thanks Maniac! (What a pleasant suprise while I am still editing the post....!) Cat under the mask is indeed quite difficult to build - but for a first time LEGO figuer, I am quite please about all 5 Garfield Heros. The bigger Garfield you see at the back is still work in progress, as I'd like to build a full size Garfield Cat with movable body parts (assuming I don't get lay-off by my Bank and have the money to continue buying more bricks....) The photos was taken in a nice sunny Sunday morning, where most of my neibourghs is either asleep or going to church, so it starts out OK, but once the model were reassemble and photo taking in place, more and more gather and start taking photos with their mobile phone. (Some of them even ask where is the set available!) But overall it is a happy conversation and I feel happy people general likes this MOC.
  11. This is my 1st MOC post of Movie theme, hope you like it and do share with me you views and comments. ========================================================================================= Front view, from right to left: - Jedi Garfield - Superman Garfield - Batman Garfield - 007 Garfield - Spider-Man Garfield Right View Left view Top View Back View ========================================================================================= Garfield has always had an unique place in me since childhood. I was always very curious to find out how the fat, lazy and cynical cat would looks like if he puts on the costume of a super hero? So this is it, a cross-over between the most famous cat in the world with some of the iconic Movie Heros: 1. Jedi Knight from Star Wars Memorable Quote: "May the Force be with you" The Star Wars series revolves around the rise, decline and revival of Jedi Knights. Yoda is definitely one of the most famous Jedi Master in the series. For this reason, I have incorporated Yoda's pointed ears in the Jedi Garfield. Boots, loose-fitting pants and a cloak typically accompanied the Jedi garment. The non-elaborate outfit mirrored their attachment-free philosophy, as well as showing their requirement to live almost devoid of luxury and also their devotion to service. Three Jedi in variations of the traditional Jedi robes. <Photo sourced from Wookieepedia> 2. Clark Kent/ Kal-El from Superman Memorable Quote: "Truth, Justice and the American Way" Superman is an American cultural icon and the character has appeared in various media aside from comic books. He is commonly seen as a brave and kind-hearted hero with a strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness. Superman adheres to a strict, traditional moral code (attributed to the Midwestern values with which he was raised) can be rather rigid in this trait. My design make reference to the classic style of actor Christopher Revee: wearing a red cape, briefs, boots, blue pants and yellow belt, reflecting "Truth, Justice and the American Way" <Picture sourced from www.capewonder.com> 3. Bruce Wayne from Batman Memorable Quote: "I'm Batman!" To the world at large, Bruce has created an irresponsible, superficial playboy persona to the public. Nevertheless, this is just an aid in throwing off suspicion of his secret identity as Batman. The driving force behind Batman's character is from his traumatic childhood, having his parents murdered before his own eyes. Dressed as a bat, Batman deliberately cultivates a frightening persona in order to challenge his own fear of the night animal. The figure design comes from the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. This pose is based on the final scene, where Batman stands on the top of a building with the spotlight shining the Bat logo behind him. 4. James Bond from 007 Memorable Quote: "Bond, James Bond" Bond is a secret agent who held the rare Double-O prefix – the licence to kill in the Secret Service. He is probably the most famous British Secret Service Agent and always like to dress in his favorite black tuxedo. This figure concept celebrates 007's classic pose: standing in an elegant British gentleman's posture with his right hand holding a Walter PPK. 5. Peter Parker from Spider-Man (a.k.a. "Spidy") Classic Quote: "With Great Power, come Great Responsibilities" A scene from the first episode inspired me, where Peter sad alone on the Eagle Gargolyes of New York's famous landmark Chrysler Building showing his "Web-Shooters" The Eagle Gargolyes of Chrysler Building, New York Legendary writer-editor-publisher Stan Lee, illustrating the famous "Web-Shooters" pose ========================================================================================= Many friends have offer their help to me during the production: Peter Reid for sending lots of orange bricks to me, Arzlan for giving me a lot of special and unique orange parts to me, Any Bear for also giving me a lot of plates in order to finish this MOC.....the name list could go on and on for at least and other thousands word but do let me express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. And, last but not the least, I'd like to also thank everyone who like this MOC and your comments and encourage is fueling me with new energy to carry on this project. As you can see, there is actually a 1:1 Garfield version work in process - right now I only have the face completed and there is much more to work on - but I'd like to build this progressively and share my love with the Orange Fat Cat with you once it is completed, so wish me luck and I look forward to talk to you all soon!
  12. HAGGAR

    My Fabuland display at Brickworld

    Hi Hinckley, that is a FABUlous wonderLAND ~ excellent work! I am a new member joined recently and are currently writing a series of essay to introduce and promote FABULAND in Hong Kong & Taiwan. Seeing such wonderfull work of yours, may I ask for your permission to quote and use your picture as examples for high-quality FABULAND MOC? (I'll definitely mention that's a "Hinckley Production") I am sure fans from Hong Kong & Taiwan will fall in love with you amazing work at once. (BTW, is there a name for your works? Kindly tell me so that I can include both the name and your pictures in my essay.) Thanks again and I have already noticed a lot of buidling techniques by simpily looking at the picture - I do look forward to come to CA and watch your works in person.
  13. HAGGAR

    Hello everyone, this is HAGGAR

    Dear Zenn/ BrickClick/ Milan/ KielDaMan ~ Thanks for all you warm and kind welcome. Let me go through the guideline in detail and start contributing!
  14. HAGGAR

    REVIEW: 3300000-1 The Brick Apple

    Thanks WriteMakesRight for you detail review on the set - I like the way you present with a ninja! A nice little touch on a simple (IMHO somehow boring) set! To be frank, although USD125 may sound expensive, but 125 for 133 piece, it's still less than a dollar per brick, which I think it's in much better value than the creation by the Famous "Dee & Ricky" brother MOC product line (http://www.deeandricky.com/) This cost USD50!
  15. HAGGAR

    FABULAND MOC - "The Kisz"

    Thanks and note LuxorV sir! Sorry I havn't read the guideline before making my post. I shall resize them ASAP. Dear KielDaMan and LightNingTiger sir, thanks for your kind encouragement ~ and I have also made a few other FABULAND-figs size MOC. I'll post them (with proper photo size this time) and share with you all.