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  1. camberry234

    Latest Chima Purchases ?

    I brought almost all of the fire vs ice wave excluding craggers fire striker and the flying phoenix temple
  2. camberry234

    Legends of Chima Photography

    I've been busy taking more photos, I really like the look of the Fire vs Ice wave DSCF3753 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3756 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3752 by camberry234, on Flickr
  3. camberry234

    Legends of Chima Photography

    Here's another one, I just got the ice mammoth stomper and this is my new favourite fig Vornon by camberry234, on Flickr
  4. camberry234

    [MOC] Book Store

    I really like the colours of this modular , It looks really fits in with the modulars. What is the modular next to it?
  5. camberry234

    [REVIEW]: 75080 AAT

    Thanks for very nice review, When I first heard there would be a AAT I was hoping it would be a recoloured 2009 AAT. In my opinion it looks plain ugly and over simplified.
  6. I created this topic so people can share pictures of Chima I recently bought the eagle legend beast DSCF3612 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3619 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3621 by camberry234, on Flickr This ones my personal favourite
  7. camberry234

    MOC: (Almost) Everyone Loves Pizza

    I really like how you used the pizza shop from city corner
  8. I think in the TV show the vultures can't fly with their wings due to them being frozen for so long
  9. camberry234

    MOC: Chibi - Laval's Fire lion

    I love how you kept the fire chi power up thingamajig
  10. camberry234

    Confidential 2015 GWP and Main Set List

    I'm interested to see how the kwik E mart will turn out like
  11. Let them feel our freeze!

  12. camberry234

    The "What Lego did you get for Christmas?" thread

    I got three legends of chima sets: Maula's ice mammoth stomper Sir fangar's saber tooth walker Laval's fire lion I also got some money, I'm thinking about some more chima sets
  13. camberry234

    Review: 60054 Light Repair Truck

    ​Lego City has many street lights that must be well maintained but what happens when a bulb blows? Call in the new light repair truck to fix it! DSCF1995 by camberry234, on Flickr Basic Information Item: 60051 Pieces: 95 Ages: 5-12 Minifigures: 1 Year Released: 2014 Price: £7.99/€9.99 Theme: City (Great Vehicles) The Review The contents of the box DSCF1996 by camberry234, on Flickr Pieces of interest DSCF1998 by camberry234, on Flickr ​The instructions DSCF1999 by camberry234, on Flickr Random instructions page The instructions have the same light bluish sky colour that is used in all of the city sets, the colours were easily distinguishable DSCF2001 by camberry234, on Flickr The Build The build at step 12 DSCF2003 by camberry234, on Flickr The build at step 24 DSCF2005 by camberry234, on Flickr The Finished Product DSCF2007 by camberry234, on Flickr The Minifigure DSCF2011 by camberry234, on Flickr This a plain standard city workman, no leg printing and a very nice head print DSCF2012 by camberry234, on Flickr No back printing on this figure ​The Lamppost DSCF2013 by camberry234, on Flickr The lamppost is a pretty standard lamppost with an interesting traffic light combo The Vehicle DSCF2014 by camberry234, on Flickr The truck has two clips to attach equipment, this set includes a wrench and a hammer. There are two small cones included to put beside the truck while the man is fixing the blown bulb. There is also a nice little light bar on top of the roof DSCF2021 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF2015 by camberry234, on Flickr The front view of the vehicle shows how much the tires stick out, a lot of city vehicles suffer from this problem. Another thing that bugs me is the stickered bonnet, I think that is an unnecessary sticker as the detail could have been done with bricks. DSCF2016 by camberry234, on Flickr This side shows the ugly visible Technic pins , at least they could have changed the blue pin for a black one DSCF2019 by camberry234, on Flickr Here is the cherry picker fully extended DSCF2022 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF2023 by camberry234, on Flickr Our little guy may have to stretch to reach the blown light bulb The Complete Set DSCF2026 by camberry234, on Flickr Totals Design: 8/10 I like the design of the truck because it looks like something that could work in real life, although it is smaller than the previous light repair truck I prefer it. The only thing that bugs me about the design is the Technic pins Parts: 9/10 I like the parts selection especially the orange parts Build: 9/10 The build was very simple, then again it is designed for children aged 5-12 Minifig: 7/10 I think this set could had another minifig e.g.; a citizen to ring the the light fixer guy maybe? The figure you get is also a bit bland Playability: 10/10 This set is great for playability because you get a truck with a movable cherry picker and something to fix! Price: 8/10 With 10 cents per part I think this is a good price for this set: Total: 51/60 I think this a great set to get a child, but so much for MOCers, this set does not include many parts most of which are specialized. If you want a lot of orange I recommend this set!
  14. camberry234

    [MOC] Mount Tantiss - Cloning Chamber

    This build is absolutely beautiful! How did you do the lighting inside the clone capsules?
  15. camberry234

    REVIEW: 40910-40193 Shell Ferrari Cars

    Awesome review! I'm not a car person either