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  1. mystus


    Awesome build this! Well done!
  2. mystus

    Finding Nemo

    Very clever and well done!
  3. mystus

    Cemetery Showdown

    I really like this MOC. Well done! So much time must have been put into getting this to look the way it does with all of those fine details! Very impressive!
  4. mystus

    Pillaging Port Royal

    I love this whole scene. It's just so classic. Well done!
  5. mystus

    Bamboo Hut

    This. You've got my support. I think this is an amazing build and I'd say it's the right size to be submitted to Cuusoo. On top of that your water technique is brilliant. Something I am definitely going to try although I'll need to do some shopping around for both the clips as well as the trans-light blue plates. I also love the way you put together both your tree as well as the individual bamboo trees as well - very clever.
  6. mystus

    Spanish court life

    I like this. Simple yet very effective and the way that the minifigs are put together is simply great. Some great ideas especially the reversed and separated legs to give that down-on-bended-knee effect.
  7. This is truly awesome! An amazing piece of work. Well done!
  8. mystus

    The Pickle: Now under sail

    This is a great re-creation. I especially like the rope work.
  9. mystus

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    It is easy to see how much time, effort and research went into this build. It's really fantastic and full of fine details that make this all the more amazing. Well done! From the pictures posted I can't see if there is an interior to this ship - if there is I'd love to see it!
  10. mystus

    Rock Island Fortress

    I love this. Really a nice build. And the shipwreck is a classic addition!
  11. mystus

    Lonely Pylon

    This is an awesome piece of work! Well done!
  12. mystus

    First Ship MOC

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the final end result of this ship comes out. Nice job so far!
  13. mystus

    Pirate Shops

    Love the concept. It's a fun and not-very-serious take on pirates. But even pirates need a place to buy their birds and hats...
  14. mystus

    Hello all - New to the Forum

    I love the way you put those canons together. Brilliant idea and concept.
  15. mystus

    Macaw fortress

    Awesome! I love everything about this MOC you've put together. Especially the finer details - for me that's what makes the difference in a MOC.