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  1. It's kind of my first time coming here, and I hope it's alright to post this here as I did- Please correct me if there's anything I mistook! I've recently, due to my free time (Christmas vacation, yeehaw!) tried working with LLD, which I previously only used to toy with the Hero Factory line. (And Bionicle, for the sake of good memories :") ) I've been to Lego World in Zwolle, Holland a few times years ago, and since then have gotten and am still interested in the art of Lego MOCs. What struck me a while ago when I was viewing the Power Miners line, was that there'd never been a train of any sorts. A work train seemed somewhat like a fitting idea, no? Something to carry their supplies deeper into the tunnels from the surface, but defenitely not just a simple train- Something with guts, ready to take on the vicious rock monsters if any come by to wreak havoc! And so, I puzzled with some parts and ended up with this- This beastie is composed of three different segments; the locomotive and drill segment (the drill has the same mechanics as the Thunder Drill, AKA dark grey and light grey pieces spin oppositely) whose drill can be moved with the black cogwheels situated only just in front of the second segment- The armed segment! Able to both ride on the rail tracks and roll around on its outer wheels, It can also separate from the other two bases (of course) with the trusted old magnet connection system. The four drills (I may still change them to have flamethrower tips, to give some explanation for the two powercore tanks per drill!) pack quite a punch and can be used to fend off any playful Rock Monsters that may come by! The final segment is used to transport gas for the machines, both in the two large tanks and in smaller ones with no need for cargo cranes to transport them- Both sides have small fence doors that can be opened to enter the carriage and remove any cargo on board. From the other side; Then with the segments next to eachother; I'm also working on a little oil tower/station, but it doesn't feel too finished yet. (the train is just there for comparison, sorry) That's about it, thanks for your attention!
  2. Some more closeups of the gear on the sides, for the workers. I like to think of Thor's hammer as a real rock-smashing maul here. Repair tools on the other side. Thanks for the feedback; and I do agree! I altered it a little, to this- It's not a humongous change, but I think it serves its purpose, for now. If you have any advice on certain building techniques or pieces I could use here, please do tell! Also, thanks! The rig was quite fun to build, though LDD's camera positioning made it somewhat difficult thanks to the build's height. I think I might work on a train bridge next, since I've always liked industrial-ish/steampunk type structures like those. I just don't quite know what support structure I should use for it yet...hmm.
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